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Problems viewing recordings on Samsung Smart TV

I have a Samsung UE32ES5500. Connected to the USB port marked (HDD 5V 1A) I have a fairly ancient, but hitherto reliable, Maxtor 80Gb hard drive. Using this arrangement I have been successfully recording TV shows for the year or so that I have had the TV.

All of a sudden, I am having problems viewing recordings. Sometimes I can view OK so long as I don't try to fast forward or rewind through the recording. Sometimes it fails just on normal speed viewing. The symptoms are always the same, though. The picture will freeze. There is then a delay and sometimes I get a message box with the heading "Mode not supported" followed by the message "Resolution not supported. Change the resolution of the external device."

This stays on screen for a few seconds before being replaced by the message "Failed to play. No content found". It then goes on to the next recording. If I return to the recording that failed it has forgotten how far I had got and restarts from the beginning.

On other occasions, I don't see the "Mode not supported" message and it goes straight to the "Failed to play. No content found" message. Thereafter the symptoms are the same.

The TV has a second USB port and to that one I have a memory card reader attached. I can play recordings (prepared on my computer) off a memory card and I don't get any of the above problems.

This has only been happening for the last week or so but seems to apply even to recordings made earlier than that.

Any suggestions? Could this be the result of a bad software update from Samsung? Is my hard disc on the way out? Unfortunately I don't have the budget to go out and buy a new disc on the off chance that the external disc is the cause of the problem. Any advice gratefully received.

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Reporting: Problems viewing recordings on Samsung Smart TV
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HDD is probably Tom 'n ****

Agree with both Bob and Willy. HDD possibly starting to fade, index corrupt or bad sectors accumulating. Is the content valuable or can you reformat and retest (will destroy your content obviously)?

The problem with the TV formatting in an encrypted manner (to protect digital rights), is that it could be tough to run a systest on the platters. I logically partitioned in two a 3Tb USB disk (£85) using shareware Partition Wizard (the FAT32 standard used by Samsung is limited to accessing 2Tb - by splitting the 3Tb in two, it can be used i) to record as a PVR and ii) have a FAT32/NTFS partition which is accessible by your PC and thus you can upload your own mp3 and mp4 media to pay on the TV if so required).

What is key is that Partition Wizard can view/manipulate/surface test both the Samsung-formatted area and any other added partition. In other words, you can use this to test your disk without destroying your data. Because of the Samsung format technique, not all the application's actions are available to implement (if you look at your PC HDD versus the Maxtor HDD, you'll see what I mean, the options change). But it will give you a heads up if the disk is poorly or not.

Worth a punt. And perhaps a reformat (if data can be sacrificed) could rescue full functionality?
p.s. I've no allegiance or association to Partition Wizard people...just think it's a very good shareware tool which works well!

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Many thanks

Thanks to J and all the others who responded.

I did have some different problems a few weeks back that prompted me to reformat the disc, and it then seemed to work OK. As I said, the latest problems have only been around for a week to ten days so perhaps I have just started to hit bad sectors again.

It sounds like I need to add a new disc to my Christmas list.

Thanks again

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The story points me to an old HDD issue.

I don't know if the HDD maker has a non-destructive (to data) test app but that's what I'd look at next.

PS. Let's see what others reply with but that's my thought here.

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You have a Maxtor HD, this is also an 80gb, it has seen better days. You can try another HD that hopefully newer as well. But, when Maxtor was brand new, it would not last as long as other brands, though that' IMHO. They seem to have problems far quicker than other drives, so take that for what its worth. Plus, you could be developing a bad spot on the HD, because its so old, wear&tear have taken their toll.

tada -----Willy Happy

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Samsung TV recording fast forward / rewind

I have 2 Samsung TVs both same generation - both developed the same problem within days of each other. Have changed recording media (justa 32GB USB memory stick) - same problem worked perfectly for the last couple of years until just a few weeks ago.

Basically can record TV fine, and playback also seems fine. Problem is that when skipping forward or backwards in the program anything over 1x normal speed flashes green/red/black/lines and an occasional still picture. This must be a problem with a Samsung update. Cannot be media.

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Always call in bugs.

Be sure to check one thing before the call. Unless Samsung has changed recently, recording was always to hard disks and not USB memory sticks. I don't see the full model number but check the specs before you report the software bug.

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Fast Forward/Rewind

Did you ever find a solution to this? I've got exactly the same problem with a corrupt picture and random flashing colours when fast forwarding or rewinding recordings saved on a USB Hard drive with my Samsung UE46F5300, 2012 model. I've had the TV for 2 years but only just started using the pvr features after buying a brand new 1TB Western Digital Passport drive. Sure it's not the drive as it's brand new and is the model designed for TVs (AV-TV edition).

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