let me ask first if you have had any shocks that may have hit the router, mine went out cause of this, replacing it might be the LAST resort. But let me say this first, if you are not getting a good connection and speed first make sure the least amount of walls are between each and the distance, then make sure they are close on the same level and the antennas are straight up. As for wireless cards there is not much difference except for router and card must be the same group ( router B/G, card B or G. N1 with N1. and so on ) The best card I have found is from Ralink, pcmcia card is from Proxim w/i ext. antenna. Best router I think built is Belkin- good range, speed and if I blow it up it is replaced for a lifetime. Not to get you confused, but you can go on-line and find out what the address is to your router and check to see if it is in high range and tranmitting the correct letter code ( Belkin is ) plus you can change its' name. Use caution when upgrading a router, you can knock it out. Hope this helps and I will check back when I can to see if I can help anymore.