Unfortunately, you've not given us much information about your computer. Operating system? Make and model?

You stated: "I DOWNLOADED EXPLOR 8". If you're referring to "Internet Explorer 8 causing an issue, please explain clearly exactly what the "problem" is. Please note also that IE 8 is a MICROSOFT program. Although you downloaded it, did you also "Install" it? What "tab" is having the "OPEN AN RECLOSE" program..

Were you able to get on POGO before you downloaded EXPLOR 8?

And since POGO tends to use the FLASH player, have you tried uninstalling the old version, then reinstalling the new version using the steps below?

First uninstall your current Flash by downloading and running the standalone Adobe Flash Uninstaller from the link below:


After that's done, then download the standalone installer for Internet Explorer from the link below:

(Please note, clicking on the links below will immediately bring up a download dialogue window.)


If you also have Firefox, Opera, or some other browser that doesn't support ActiveX, download the standalone installer from the link below and install it also.


Once that's done, then visit the site below using all your browsers, just to make sure Flash is working.. If it works correctly at the site below, showing "Successfully installed", then the other sites should also work.


Hope this helps.


Hope this helps and let us know more.