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Problem with typing in a limited Windows XP Products

When I start Internet Explorer in my computer, I can type the name of any website to open it into the address bar; but I then I see that if that website has any boxes etc. like the search box of; then, I cannot type anything in it
I am facing the same problem with Windows Help & Support. But, it is a matter of fact that I can easily type in the box of 'run' & every other fields.
All suggestions will be the most welcome except for the support from Microsoft. Beacuse I have tried my best from Microsoft.

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Reporting: Problem with typing in a limited Windows XP Products
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More Information Needed

If the problem is only happening in Internet Explorer, you'll need to tell us which version of IE you're running.. Which Windows XP are you using? Pro or Home? Which service pack on Windows XP?

Tried a different mouse?

Maybe Internet Explorer is broken.. Have you tried a different browser such as the free Firefox from the link below.. Install it and if things work right, then maybe you need to repair IE.

In addition, because malware can cause such issues, please download, install, update, then run a full system scan with both of the free tools below:

Malwarebytes Antimalware

SUPERAntispyware Removal Tool

Hope this helps.


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Re: Problem with typing in a limited Windows XP Products

I am using the pre-installed version of Internet Explorer i.e., 5.5 in Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 Version 2002.
I didn't understand why are you asking about using a different mouse if the problem is with typing from keyboard?
I am already using 3 other web browsers- Chrome, Opera, Firefox & they work correctly. But I need Internet Explorer as it is essential for many tasks. for example: Windows Update.I don't know about repairing IE. If you can please tell me.
Well, your hopes are wrong as I am already using Malware Bytes from 3 years & there is no need to install the II one as it is the best listed at and can find just & every malware.
Thanks for support from you. But I think you cannot do anything after knowing my operating systems' specifications.

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Re: IE5.5

I'd download IE8 for XP from and see if that works.


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Internet Explorer 5.5 Hasn't Been Supported In Years..

...and since you've now given us some clues regarding your computer, it's operating system, and the extremely old version of Internet Explorer you have installed, I'll suggest the same as Kees. Update to IE 8.. Since you've not indicated a problem with any of the other browsers you have installed, it's time to get current with Internet Explorer as well. And update to SP3 which also will allow you to keep XP current as to security and operating system fixes.

Click on the link below to download the IE8 installer to your desktop.. Once it's there, install it. Generally though, it's recommended to install XP Service Pack 3 BEFORE installing Internet Explorer 8. Installing IE8 before SP3 is installed makes it tough to remove IE8 at a later time, should you need to uninstall it later. Either way, IE8 should install before or after SP3 is placed on the machine.

Hope this helps.


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Don't want to update IE!

Grif Thomas,
Thank you very much for taking my general problem as a matter of your own. But I wanna tell you that you should give me every other advice except updating the version of Internet Explorer.
I planned to mention this condition in the original thread, but then I forgot.
There are a lot of reasons I cannot install IE 8. I have installed it before and I had to remove SP3 before removing that, & many other issues are also there.
I have tried installing Internet Explorer 8 again. That was working! But, you can suggest me how to repair IE 5.5; but don't tell to update it to 8.

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I think I see the problem.

I recall that SP3 required IE 6 or later so this means IE 5.5 is going to be broken.

I think in this case it would be best for you to reinstall the OS as you like it and then turn off updates and let it run as-is.

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RE: Dont't want to update IE!

Dear BOB,
I think you usually reinstall your operating system within a short gap. Many people can't do that. But sorry, I am a network administrator. I can't reinstall my operating system for any short reasons.
Thank you for your kind support.

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Re: Repairing IE

Can be done from Control Panel. But don't be disappointed if it doesn't help.

May I remark you're not very clear about IE8. You say
- there are a lot of reasons I cannot install IE8
- I have tried installing it again. That was working!
Seems contradictory to me.

Finally, we certainly won't recommend our members to contact you for tech support. This thread clearly shows you're not up to that task at all. However, the spambots will find your e-mail address now you've been so kind as to post it here. Be prepared to get a lot more spam from now on.


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Several things...

1.) Windows XP came preinstalled with Internet Explorer 6, not Internet Explorer 5.5. In fact, IE5.5 does not exist for Windows XP, which makes your claim of having IE5.5 preinstalled on XP SP2 quite curious. How did such come to exist, as Microsoft never created it? Who invented this preinstallation?

2.) Since IE5.5 was never designed for Windows XP, and can only be 'hacked-in,' so to speak, your problem is self-evident; you need to either use a version of IE designed for Windows XP or downgrade to an earlier version of Windows (95/98/ME/2000) that supports the obsolete software you desire.

3.) Your said, "There are a lot of reasons I cannot install IE 8," but then went on to say "I have tried installing Internet Explorer 8 again; That was working!" That's contradictory; if you have successfully installed IE8, then you can indeed install IE8. Perhaps you mean that you do not want to install IE8 for some reason? Perhaps IE6, which came preinstalled with Windows XP, would meet your needs?

4.) No security software "can find just & every malware" as you claim as no security software is perfect, nor can any security software be updated with definitions for every piece of malware the second it is created. As a self-proclaimed network administrator and Norton help center representative, you should understand this inherent limitation and be open to 'getting a second opinion,' so to speak, with a secondary malware scanner.

5.) Please refrain from using offensive language and insulting fellow members. In addition, we have a general policy that members assist each other within the forums so that all may benefit from the discussion, and n the future. For that reason, we ask that you not repeatedly attempt to solicit email support both to (you helping others) and from (you looking for help) our members.


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Several replies!

Dear John,
I see your points. I am replying for each of your claims. Please read every word carefully.
1.) You are wrong. XP is never preinstalled with Internet Explorer 5.5 or 6. Internet Explorer is preonstalled with Windows.
It is only said that Windows XP comes with Internet Explorer 6 preinstalled. Actually, it is 5.5. But, not to be exact, it is only said to be casually that it is IE 6. You may contact Microsoft support & confirm this.
2.) N/A or see reply to point 1.)
3.) Actually I am confused with you as you are writing reply for the last section of POST 11 and have not read the starting lines of the same post. You should definitely see Post 11 again and try to understand my words. I have cleared that issue there.
4.) I was asking for any other suggestions except for updating IE. I have not asked for II opinion about secondary malware scanner.
5.) For the language that I used, you should see the post that I have posted right before posting this one as your reply. There, you will find your answer.
I have nothing as a problem with you. You posed for me everything pleasent & I liked these manners.

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Let's say you must use IE 5.5

That's going to be a challenge that you may fail since SP3 replaces parts of the OS that 5.5 will now crash on.

While the reasons to stay with IE 5.5 are unclear in this discussion it's becoming clear that you may have no choice but to restore your systems to the way you need them and then shut off any updates.

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I should not use IE 5.5

I hoped that I will get useful tips from this thread. You guys are just posting normal tricks. I have contacted my NORTON senior yesterday and he told me a useful idea. I have not tried yet, but I think that it will be useful. He suggested me to enter my Windows XP CD & use the Install Windows optional Components option.
Please make sure, it;s not because of crashing etc. It is just an error. Thank you for spending your useful time for me.

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