Problem with my repeater (router)

Hi,I am using TP LINK TL WR840N dsl router as an repeater to extend my WiFi range. I have a ISP provided modem downstairs which has a poor WiFi latency so I use the repeater for better WiFi connection.
The issue is when I play clash of clans it takes too long to switch my Google accounts. It just keeps loading. But meanwhile the same process is instant on my main modem. Why is this happening?

I have already tried reinstalling Google play game centre, contacted my ISP with this issue and they have no ideas. They won't even let me access their router settings.
My internet connection is fiber 2mbps.
Speed test on both router and repeater are pretty much the same (wired and wireless)
Ping 2ms
Download speed 618 kbps
Upload speed 649 kbps

Thanks for your help

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Reporting: Problem with my repeater (router)
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Clarification Request
That WR840N....
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Not v2 it's v4

Oops my bad it is a v4 not v2. Yes it has a repeater mode function. I had to upgrade the firmware to get that new feature.

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Repeaters are too often flaky.

Try other than repeaters. Or, call the maker and ask them for fix or refund. It's so bad that our office hasn't sold or fielded a repeater in over a decade.

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I have contacted the tp link customer support

The support is too slow, they contact via email and takes days to get a reply, I guess it's ticket system have to wait for my turn.
Do u have any suggestions on any better connection then a repeater?

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When we need WiFi in another location

We'll setup one of the powerline links with WiFi. Picture of the setup.

By the way you mention you upgraded the firmware but even on a version 4 I didn't find a repeater function in TP-Link's docs on that version.

Are you using something from another source? Maybe you have to find the forum that talks about that firmware.

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Clarification Request
(NT) contact from tp link support
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Clarification Request
response from tp link support

the support said to switch the main modem connection (from LAN) to WAN,try different width channels,and use repeater mode on the router settings which i did. but the problem is stil there.
doesnt anyone have any clue? or does my explanation of the situation unclear or dificult to understand?

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It's very clear.

I was the one that was unclear. The problems we encountered with repeaters was reliability. You would set it up and in a month the owner was calling in for us to fix it. It didn't take long to figure out that it doesn't always work. If you feel it should, take it up as a warranty issue.

For us, we don't deploy repeaters as we must keep our clients happy and working. Let the makers and others take the hits.

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PS. Just the other reason why I think repeaters have a bad
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yes i understand a lot of interference is causing this issue
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Wait, you have the WR840N(EU) model?

That changes the available bands. I still won't tell you can fix this since it can be too crowded in WiFi space.

-> But let's check the most common repeater gaffe.

Is your repeater here or there? (ASCII drawing follows.

Internet source-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Repeater---You.

Internet source---------------------------------------Repeater-------------------------------------------You.

Also seen:
Internet source------Repeater----------------------------------------------------------------------------You.

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I'm Here

Internet source-------------------------------------------------------------Repeater---Me

sorry i accidentally pressed enter.

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I think you can guess where repeaters should go now.

Post was last edited on September 6, 2017 2:29 PM PDT

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i think that did it.

i just had to move my phone 5-6 feet away and that did the trick. will try keeping my distance from the repeater.and will let you know if i run into any trouble.

once again thank you very much for your effort and wisdom.I thank you from the core of my heart. i am really happy with the current situation.

Thnak you.

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If it acts up again, move the repeater

Closer to the middle. I think you know why now.

Good it works, but you can imagine why we don't deploy these.

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Thank you, but I am confused

The repeater is extending the WiFi range through WiFi connection in the above diagram, but my repeater is connected to the main modem through LAN, dose the position of the repeater make a difference in my situation? Just for knowledge. Thanks again.

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Position matters.

I added a graphic and a link to show why. That said, even if we leave it working for reasons I can't get into, they often fail and we are blamed. So our choice is to never deploy these devices. Too finicky.

Post was last edited on September 7, 2017 5:27 AM PDT

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Thank you, you have been very kind.

The issue is solved, no more hassle switching accounts. Thank you for all your valuable time and effort. Now I can use the WiFi without any headaches.

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