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Problem with intermittent connection with Comcast Cable

For the last couple of months we have had problems with our cable interent connection with Comcast.
We have a desktop PC which has the cable modem, linksys router and a digital phone adapter, all of which are relatively new and were working fine until a couple of months ago. Comcast have been out and replaced cable ends and spliter, but when they were here it was working. Its irregular with its connection, it could be working for 5mins or 5hrs and the go out for who knows how long. I can reboot modem etc, it might work or it might not. Comcast dont know whats wrong and neither do I.
Anyone have any suggestions or fixes?

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Reporting: Problem with intermittent connection with Comcast Cable
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First you have to go without the router.

This is an area where we remove what we can do without to narrow down the possible bad parts.

If it is the router, new or not does not matter. New routers arrive with out of date FIRMWARE. We also see a lot of people follow some pundit's advice and disable SSID broadcast. Sorry for WIFI I find that enabling this helps and for security we use WPA.

Good luck but given so little to work with I have only this to share.


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Im not sure what info I should give you

I have done that and had just the modem connected to the pc and it still went out. Todays been a bad day, it was down most of the day. I have contacted motorola and are waiting on a replacement modem under warranty as I can only figure that is what is causing the problem. I also noticed that Motorola make a modem and digital phone adapter in one, would this be a better option?
How often a nd how should the firmware be updated.
Thank you

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Sorry, the only new information was "motorola."

Given this is all volunteer efforts please think about supplying what information you can. Without make/model/firmware versions, connection setup, settings from stock and a story all I can do is share a guess. Given so little I'm usually wrong.


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Some of us are still learning

I dont know much about cable connection, modems, networking, firmware etc. thats why Im on here asking for help and advice. I understand you need more info to help with my problem, but I need to learn more to know what info I need to provide.

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not just comcast

I'm having the same problem and it's really beginning to get under my skin as school starts soon and I rely on the internet for classes. My internet is through Charter cable and was working very well until the last month. I'm having fits getting connected. Sometimes it will connect well, other times it won't connect at all. The time lengths you described are exactly what I'm experiencing. I have called Charter a few times and all they can tell me is to 1. unplug modem from power, 2. unplug cable line from modem, 3. plug power cord back in, and 4. wait one minute then plug in the cable cord to the modem. This fixes the problem for a few minutes then I'm back at square one.
The only thing I can figure is that I need to change back to high speed dial up and tell Charter bye-bye. This all began after my one year special expired. Now I am being charged regular price and they are trying to get me to upgrade to a 5m modem. Sounds kinda fishy to me. Are you just out of a "special" contract? Is Comcast trying to get you to upgrade?
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Its driving me crazy

I have been with comcast for about 5 yrs and at $42 a month I expect it to work every day without issues. I own my own modem which is a Motorola SB5120 and it is about 11 months old. Im waiting on a replacement from Motorola, luckily under waranty. If this fixes the problem then I know it wasnt an issue with Comcast. I too go through the reboot proceedure, sometimes it will work sometimes that doesnt even work. Comcast have been out but of course it was working when they were here, but they went ahead and replaced the cable ends and the splitter which resulted in a stronger connection. I thought it was fixed but later that same day it went down again, so right now Im just hoping the new modem does the trick. Ive never had dial up but know its slow. How much are you paying? Do you own or rent the modem? How old is the modem? Its frustrating isnt it.

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I'm going to try high-speed bellsouth

I give up; yes it's very, very frustrating! I pay far too much (around $55) and I can't have this nonsense happen while I'm taking an exam just to receive a zero for THEIR inability to keep my connection decent. Way I see it is they're ripping off a large part of their customers. As soon as I get my modem (I'm buying) I'm switching to Bellsouth high-speed. It's through the phone line and I'll have a 3g modem, which is what I have now, so I'm not sure if it will be any slower or not. Shouldn't, but then I don't know. I'm a bit computer illiterate. I know how to use one and all, but know very little technical stuff. Hopefully this will be a better solution. If not then I'll have to travel to take my exams and that's just not feasible for me.
Good luck to you. I'll try to let you know how the new arrangements go.

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Modem problem

I have the same problem. My Motorola SB5100 would stay on line for a few minutes or several hours no prob. Then just disconnect w/o explanation. Bought new modem and same thing still here.

Help if ya figure it out.

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Mines working now

After having no luch with the techs from comcast, my huband went up in the attic and replaced a splitter and some cable ends and we have had any issues since.

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I just put in new splitter and it doesnt help. Now I guess I'll replace the 20' cable and see if thats the problem.


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(NT) Your cable modem is not the proplem
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The problem is not with the modem

The common cause of intermittent is poor connection
Frist check the modem connection
Second check the wire from modem to the splitter
Third Check the splitter this is very important make shore there no sign of damage and you are using the right splitter.
A good splitter cost from $5-$10 with the cable company trying to do so must through a copper wire you need the right splitter
I recommended the one you can use on satellite and digital cable.

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