problem with closing an excel file.

Hi everyone,
I'm working as an IT Support in a company.
I've got some excel files which when I try to close them, they hang and whole the excel sheet page turns into black color and I've to close the program from task manager. This problem only happens in some of computers I've already tried with, not all!

Also there's an exclamation mark on each excel icon. Are these marks because of too many Macros on each file?
What can be the problem of closing?..

Any help would be appreciated.

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Reporting: problem with closing an excel file.
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Re: Excel

That's strange indeed.

Probably it won't help to get a solution, but some more info would be nice. Such as:
- What OS?
- What version of Excel are you running?
- What file extension (xlsx can't contain macro's, xls and xslm and xslb can)?
- Where is that Excel icon that has that exclamation mark? In Windows Explorer?
- What happens if you click that exclamation mark? Sometimes that gives an explanation.
- Where do you 'have' those files? Local hard disk, network share, Sharepoint, OneDrive, USB-stick?
- Does 'Save As' to new file of same filetype work?
- Does 'Save As' to new file of other filetype work?
- What is different between the computers where it works and the computers where it won't work?

It makes sense to answer questions like this before you call Microsoft support. And maybe it leads to a solution without even calling them.


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Oh sorry I didn't explain everything :)

Well the OS is 7 on each computer and all are using MS 2010. So there's no differences between the computers.
File type is "xlsm". I read somewhere if I change the file type to "xlsx" the exclamation mark will be gone, it happened when i changed! but the files were not working anymore!
also nothing actually happens when I click on the exclamation marks! and there's even no explanation Happy
The files were in a DVD and I copied them on share folder on our server and also on my hard drive. the files work perfectly on my own computer, the only thing is Macros are not working on the share folder. but that's not the problem! they work file on my hard drive!

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Re: macro's not working from share

That seems to be the default setting. But you can use the Trust Center to tell Excel to trust that share enough to execute macro's from it.
Don't you love that security?


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A few thoughts on Excel Problems

Sometimes, Excel will hang due to a bad printer installation. I know this sounds strange, but Excel looks for the default printer driver before saving or closing a workbook. If there is a bad printer installation, an error can occur. To resolve this you will have to uninstall and reinstall the printer.

A. Find the printer: On the Control Panel go to Programs and Features. Most printers should be listed here. If it is (listed that is), right click on it and left click on "Uninstall". If the printer isn’t listed, go to the Windows START button and click "Devices and Printers". Find ‘Printers and Faxes’ and right click on the applicable printer and then left click on "Uninstall".

B. Right click on the printer and left click 'Remove Device'. This will uninstall the printer.

C. Reinstall the printer.

This may fix it.

As far as the exclamation point, this is typical of excel files with Macros. If you trust the document and you created the Macros, it should be fine.

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well.. i'm not sure if this is the problem! cause 3 of the computers don't have any printers and they hang at closing the files.

this is how it hangs..

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Re: printer

Then define a printer on those PC's and make it the standard printer. Does that help?


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didn't work

this also didn't work Happy

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There's a clue in that read only.

Why is it read only? And maybe Excel does hang like this on read only files. I don't see all the details yet but could be what Excel does for version of OS and Excel?

"The files were in a DVD" is your clue. Those would be RO and you need to remove that.

Not much new here. But a lot of new IT staffers struggle with file attributes.

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well it doesn't matter if it's read only or no.
i just tried to take a fast screen shot, but i also tried to open in in read only mode and also not as read only! both result were same at closing it, it hanged on user computer but mine!
well i try to work more on it!.. i think the problem comes somewhere from the macros, but i don't know how to solve it! Happy

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Be sure to check the old Excel Safe Mode method.

If that doesn't pan out check the event viewer.

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Safe Mode didn't work

I tried with safe mode, it didn't work too.
and I'm not sure where in even viewer should i exactly check.. would you please tell me more details? Happy

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Sorry no.

For me I clear the Event Viewer, crash and then look at the results for clues. There have been many fine clues to this point the best being the copy from DVD which should result in odd read only file save problems.

This is pretty basic IT stuff yet I find IT (most new ones) that are not into Windows. That is, the Event Viewer should not be foreign to support staff. Yet it can be.

Maybe it's time to call in Microsoft?

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haha thanks!

Actually it's just one month I'm officially having job experience! I think everyone must have an start someday somewhere!
but thank you I'm working on it Happy and try to find out more about Even Viewer,
and if it didn't work, I'll call Microsoft Happy

Thanks everyone for helping me and giving me ideas to the way of solving my problem.

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