First, let us know more about your computer such as make and model, processor speed, RAM, things like that.

Next, because it appears like there are programs running in the background which are bogging down your computer, start by uninstalling any programs you don't need. (Such problems are frequently cause by two antivirus/security programs running which conflict. If that's the case here, uninstall all your security programs, except for one.) After that, prevent unnecessary startup programs from running in the background by pressing the Windows key + R, at the same time to bring up the "Run" line. Type "msconfig" in the Run line and press the Enter key. Once the System Configuration Tool loads, select the "Startup" tab, then UNCHECK the boxes next to some of the unnecessary programs running in the background, the click on "Apply", then OK and restart the computer. To determine which ones can be unchecked, click on the link below and search for any startup items you have questions about:

Of course, because this could be malware related, you probably should perform some scans with the tools listed in the link below. Click on the link and follow the steps to the letter.

“Expand” the post titled: "Please try this" at the link below:

Hope this helps.