PROBLEM!!! PC via HDMI to Samsung PN51E550

Trying to hook up my notebook via HDMI to my new Samsung PN51E550. The resolution recommended is of course 1920X1080 on the Nvidia setup (GT 425m). However, it only works properly when set to 1280X720.

When I crank the resolution to 1920X1080, I see the windows desktop flicker a couple of times on the TV. Stays working for a few seconds, then blacks out on the TV and says HDMI no signal.

Whats the fix? I have connected my notebook to other 1080 tv's before and the only issue I ever had was overscan issue but never flicker then no signal. It's a HDMI 1.3 cable. Like I said, it works fine on other TV's so I know my notebook and cable is working.

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Reporting: PROBLEM!!! PC via HDMI to Samsung PN51E550
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Usually a PC settings issue.

After fixing far oo many of these, I can't write that it's always the same thing. Sometimes I find the owner didn't set the rate to 60Hz, sometimes it's a driver issue. And you always carry your own HDMI cable.

There is no recurring single fix. And only those new to this will think that since it works on other sets means it's not the PC.

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Which settings?

It was set to 60hz by default and doesn't have an option to change it.

After work tonight, I'll try another cable and play with the settings some more.

Can you please suggest other settings on my PC (and possibly the TV) that I can try?

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Remember that there is no standard control panel.

So we can't share what the controls are so we go for generics as pixel counts and rate. shows new firmware as of June 7, 2012 so that's interesting. BE SURE TO CHECK THAT THIS IS YOUR MODEL!!!!

Also on page 86 of the user manual is a guide to use with a PC. I see it notes Samsung's Screen Fit option but can't find where you can name the inputs. On many Samsungs you must name the input PC in order for it to work. It's a shame the manual style changed in this model.

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works on 720 but not 1080?

The kicker here is it works fine for 720P so I assumed my set-up was okay. And considering it picks up on 720P, then most likely I don't need to name the input? It's just at 1080P where things go wrong.

btw, the "D1FXZA" part has to match too? like they are different versions of the PN51E550's?

Will check the firmware tonight. Thanks for the suggestions Bob! I REALLY need to get this thing working!

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IMany folk can't pick up on tips about naming inputs to get around issues. Please try that.

As to the D1FXZA part, again, I tried to be absolutely clear the exact model matters. I can make a bet there is newer firmware out than what is in this set, but again, your choice to update that.

If there is ANY DOUBT about the model number, do not update.

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Model code
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1012.9 Upgrade File(USB type) 2012.06.07

Looks pretty recent to me. When you see issues like this, it's one of the things I try.

However I've had great luck with the input naming yet you seem to be skipping that advice. Why?

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Will try that too..

Oh, I'm not ruling that out.. Will try adding the name as well.

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Still a no-go...

I changed the name of the input to "PC". Still not working. Downloaded the file and uncompressed it to a USB key and it said there is no valid files on the usb key. Did it with a 2nd key, still same thing. I tried the online update option and it says no new updates. Version is 1015 in there now. Anything else I can try???

Page 86 just says set to 1920X1080. 60hz.. thats what i'm running right now.

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Since the firmware failed, you get to call Samsung.

This is something I never help with. Installing the wrong firmware can result in a bricked set.

Let Samsung answer.

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No new firmware has been installed. From USB it said no valid files. Through web, no new updates available. Nothing happened in terms of firmware. So I'm still "safe".

Gonna visit some friends this weekend and borrow some other HDMI sources to try out.. ie a 1080P media box, and maybe a receiver with HDMI in/out's. Also will see if I can grab various other cables and see if any of the combinations work.

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Until the firmware is current.

My bet is Samsung will keep asking you to update it. I have to step back at that point since it's too dangerous to force it. Sometimes the member doesn't read the install procedure. I don't see you writing about that here so I can't check the procedure. And I never write the procedure for the reasons given so far.

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fixed it...

Turns out, as you did point out previously... it was the cable! Same cables I used for my other 2 TV's don't work on this one. Thanks Bob for the suggestions!

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Good find.

I have lost count of finicky cables the work here and there but fail on something else.

This has caused a lot of bad words to be exchanged between too many folk. I've learned to always carry a few spares around if I'm looking into such an issue.

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