Are you sure that the program trying to install witht the Windows Installer says: "Windows Office Pro", or is it "Microsoft Office Professional"? The installation could be a variety of things including the installation of some spyware of sorts. You'll need to verify what it's doing. Have you done any really good research on the "Wine Label" program to be sure that it doesn't contain any bad stuff?

Do you already have Microsoft Office Professional installed on your computer? If so, have you run all of the programs that are included in it? The Office professional CD doesn't install every "sub-program" on the CD, and when that "sub-program" is required by itself or by any other program, such as the "Wine Label" program you're trying to open, then it may need to install something extra. Have you tried clicking on OK and letting the installation take place?

If you don't have "Microsoft Office Professional" installed, then maybe the program is trying to install a Word program, or possibly an Excel program, etc.

Hope this helps and let us know.