Just keep calling, and document every time you call, so if you see it billed to your credit card, you can dispute the charges with the credit card company and say that you requested they turn off the automatic renewal on these dates. Get as much info as you can too. The time you called, every person you spoke to (ask for some kind of employee ID number), and any other minor detail that will help make your story sound believable. You PROBABLY won't need it, but sometimes companies get a little pissy when you dispute charges and will decide to not allow you to buy something in the future. So if you can say you called on this date, spoke to these people, requested the automatic renewal be turned off, which never happened, leaving you no choice but to dispute the charge with the credit card company, it will probably greatly enhance the odds of you being successful. Also, if you start asking for an employee ID, it's less likely someone will "forget" to process your request, because they know it can be traced back to them.