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problem accessing the internet

hi, i jz upgraded my windows frm XP to 7 yesterday. i lived in a student hostel where every1 shares the line from a cabled router.

previously whn i was still using XP, evrytime i login to windows i can straight away surf the web without having much trouble. bt after i upgraded to windows7, i find that the network icon is always showing the "yellow with an exlamation mark" symbol on the network icon and i cant on9 even thought i've plugged in the cable n there's nothing wrong what-so-ever.

i will have to disabled my network device n enable it back only i can have internet access. its so troublesome.. does any1 kno y i hav dis kinda problm? is it i nid to set anythng b4 i can hv internet access automatically evrytime i login to windows7?

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Reporting: problem accessing the internet
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Could you repeat that

Could you repeat that, and this time actually spell things out instead of using a bunch of texting speak? I can only speak for myself, but I suspect there are plenty of others who would agree, that we're not going to spend 20 minutes trying to decipher what you wrote. We volunteer our time, all of us, and so will generally move on to another post if we run into something like yours where it takes us 2-3X longer just to figure out what you said.

When you're talking to friends, and it's understood that kind of shorthand is acceptable, that's one thing. But coming to a place like this and using it, that's a whole other. If you want our help, it's in your best interest to make things as easy for us as possible. Right now, again speaking solely for myself, it makes my eyes hurt trying to read your post. I'm feeling generous today, so I'm making this post. How you respond determines whether I simply move on or see if I might be able to help. I'm guessing I won't be the only one.

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Repost: Problem accessing the internet

Sorry about my previous post. I was in a hurry to attend lecture. Let me tell my problem again:

I just upgraded my Windows from XP to Windows 7 yesterday.

I live in a student hostel where everyone access the net via a cabled router. Previously, with XP, I can surf the net straight away without having much trouble after I login to Windows. But since I upgraded to Windows 7, I find that the network icon is always showing the symbol (yellow with an exclamation mark). I could not access the internet although there's nothing wrong with the modem or anything. I've checked with my other housemates and they don't have any problems. I'm the only one that get the yellow symbol along with the network icon everytime I boot and login to Windows.

I will need to disable and enable back the network device then only the yellow symbol will disappear and I can have internet access. It's quite troublesome to have to disable and enable the device everytime I login to Windows.

I would like to know is there anyway that I can solve this problem? Is it anything to do with me not installing the network driver correctly? I've look up the device manager and it says the network adapter is working properly.

Please help, thank you.

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RE: Problem Accessing the Internet

I suggest you make sure you have the most up to date motherboard chipset drivers installed on your PC, windows 7 does not always have the most current driver loaded by defalt when Installing or upgrading from XP. If your Motherboard is a nVidia Chipset you can download the drivers off just be sure to select chipset and not grafic drivers though you may want to do those as well while you are there.If not go to your manufacturer's website and download the drivers for your specific motherboard (the ID will be printed on the motherboard usualy next to the video card slot or the edge.
If that does not solve your problem make sure you have the right settings under the "Control Panel/Network and sharing" yours should show you has being on a "Home Network" then below that you can use the Diagnose network problem link and if the problem is your PC it should help you fix it or do it itself automaticly.
If the above doesnt solve your problems let me know and we can go deeper into solving it.

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you can not upgrade from xp to windows 7. in theory yes if you have 8-10 hours. i can surmise you have some older networking equipment as well so this will play with the ipv6 issues. i would first try the drivers for your interface card. you will need to completely remove the card from the system as in uninstall not physically. before you do however get the latest driver. power cycle the machine and try to manually install the driver for your card. if this fails try removing the ipv6 protocols alot of the older equipment does not support this.

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