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pro-life, pro-death poll (nothing to do with Schiavo)

by trytohelp / March 26, 2005 2:53 AM PST

While some people are pro-lifers and also pro-death penalty and pro-choice people point this inconsistency out. Are these pro-choice people against the death penalty or are the just making a point. My poll is this:
Are you
1.Pro-life(Anti-abortion), Pro-death penalty.
2.Pro-life(Anti-abortion), Anti-death penalty.
3.Pro-choice(woman's choice), Anti-death penalty.
4.Pro-choice(woman's choice), Pro-death penalty.
I tried to word these lines for clarity.
If you feel this is not an appropriate question of think it is invading on your provacy, don't answer it. You can just put a 1,2,3,4 in the reply.

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Not enough options here and
by Steven Haninger / March 26, 2005 3:46 AM PST

it's also a mix of moral and legal considerations. I, for one, cannot answer your question subjectively so the reason for response is just that someone needs to go first but you've got a hot potato in your hands.;)

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Is there another option you could consider?
by trytohelp / March 26, 2005 4:08 AM PST

When I say pro-death penalty I mean do you consider the death penalty to be reasonable at all, not talking about some circumstances. Either you want the death penalty totally banned or you don't.
Same for abortion, either you want it totally banned or you don't. This is what I mean.
If I say I believe that abortion should be used only when saving a mothers life then I'm pro choice. If I say that the death penalty is good for only the worst of crimes(like Timmothy McVeigh) then I am pro-death penalty. For the clarity of this poll that is what I mean.

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I think you can find much of the
by Steven Haninger / March 26, 2005 7:47 AM PST

posture of the various personalities here on your own without asking anyone to voluntarilly pidgeon hold themselves. My own leaning on most of this is that its more of a moral and ethical thing. If forced into the political arena, I need to weigh many things before making my voting and support decisions. It's not cut and dry. Stick around and you will find these issues to be hashed over, and over, and over......

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(NT) (NT) (privacy issue)
by Angeline Booher / March 26, 2005 6:36 AM PST
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Just four choices? Life isn't that simple.
by Jerry562 / March 26, 2005 7:56 AM PST

Can I feel okay about a couple that does not want to start a family out of wedlock and still not want to provide free abortions for welfare recipients that have done this before? Many times? Give birth to a drug addicted baby at my expense? A victim of rape? A ******** person that has been attacked under coma, date rape drugs?

About the death penalty, I can support it in some cases, but if you are going to inject sanity into the penal system won't you have to take non-violent criminals out of the same jail as murders and rapists?

Have fun with your survey.

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Never Mind
by trytohelp / March 26, 2005 12:22 PM PST

I wasn't talking about money or who will pay for it. I was talking about the basic concept. But never mind this is to much of a privacy issue here. Lord knows the people of the board wouldn't want their stance on these issues known. I know they don't want to say their feelings about stuff.

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People express their feeling daily here
by Steven Haninger / March 26, 2005 9:56 PM PST
In reply to: Never Mind

and sometimes those feelings change. I find that to be refreshing but dangerous as long memories of some will note these changes or variations and cry "Hippocrit!" Get used to it. Contribute, listen, absorb and learn and sometimes eat your own words if you must. A blessed Easter to you and all here.:)

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Well said !
by Angeline Booher / March 26, 2005 10:02 PM PST
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I don't know...
by Chorus-Line A1-QMS / March 26, 2005 11:06 PM PST

I've never been in those positions yet to make those choices and I'm not anticipating for it to occur.


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That is the most intelligent answer I've ever heard here.
by trytohelp / March 27, 2005 5:54 AM PST
In reply to: I don't know...

If a picture says a thousand words, your one sentence says at least that many. Thanks, I didn't know there were still people like you out there. If everyone was like you, this world would be a much better place. And so would this message board. Your reply politely bows out of my question without chewing me out for asking it, but yet it gives tons of insite about how you feel.

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Nobody chewed you out for asking it........
by TONI H / March 27, 2005 6:23 AM PST

but your post suggests that you've been here in SE a lot longer than just since March 14th, your first posting here (to me as a matter of fact) and that you actually expected to be chewed out....at least by some.

Have you been here before that I don't know about to where you would be familiar with reactions? Doesn't matter one way or the other to be honest....I just found your reply to CL a little odd that a relative new participant to SE would know what to expect from other members so quickly.

As Steve pointed out....most of us have already been in past discussions about our viewpoints on certain topics and if you are aware enough of the members to expect a certain response, then you would normally also know how they feel already enough that your poll is self-evident and kind of pointless. You are entitled to ask though........


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You are right I got exactly what I expected, except from 1
by trytohelp / March 27, 2005 7:01 AM PST

You don't have to be here long to know how the people here are. At least the major players here. I used to come here a lot before I accessed it through cnet. When I got here through MSN, but when they moved here I didn't know there was still a speakeasy forum, I guess I was blind or something.
Anyway CL's reply was a complete surprise to me, as I didn't think their was anyone on this board with the same view as I. That in itself is worth the total failure of the poll, and I'm still glad I ask it.

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Thanks for the compliments. ;)and welcome to this message board. I wish you the best aboard this ship.


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I am happy for you that you received what
by MarciaB / March 28, 2005 12:29 AM PST

you feel "is the most intelligent answer I've ever heard here" - it's nice to know that SE can provide you with a positive experience.

I must ask, however, in regard to your comment: "Your reply politely bows out of my question without chewing me out for asking it..." - was the first reply you received, from Steven Haninger, not polite? I thought it was.

"If everyone was like you, this world would be a much better place." No .... it would be incredibly boring! LOL We are all different; and, like was said in the Bible (or some such place, excuse my ignorance), we need to have the "bad" to appreciate the "good." Wink

The reason a place like SE attracts all kinds of folks is because of that. If I wanted to find a place to exchange conversation based only on what I, myself, agreed with, I would find a forum consisting only of divorced, female, single parent, white, Protestant, Democrat, college-educated, rednecks.

I like it here purely for the diversity.

You asked a difficult question in the guise of an informal poll. You received a variety of answers. I was one of the ones that did not give you a direct response because, like several others stated, there isn't a simple answer/response to the questions of life and death.

Have a nice day,


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(NT) (NT) 3
by Dan McC / March 27, 2005 11:42 PM PST
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Thank you very much Dan, you are the only one to answer..
by trytohelp / March 28, 2005 6:14 AM PST
In reply to: (NT) 3

So by my poll since I'm a 4. I conclude that 50% of the people here on this board are 3s and 50% are 4s. lol And out of 9 people who replied 2 including myself actually would give an answer. So 77.8% didn't like the question and never answered it but that that they would reply to give me a piece of their mind for posting it.lol
Thanks again.

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Daniel / Lion's den. Old story.
by Dan McC / March 28, 2005 6:23 AM PST

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That's twice in the same thread
by TONI H / March 28, 2005 6:32 AM PST

that you have accused members of first 'chewing you out' and now 'giving you a piece of their mind for your posting'..........and NEITHER statement is true.

Knock off the crap zinger statements that aren't necessary and definitely insulting/flaming/baiting....


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I think it might be fair to say
by Steven Haninger / March 28, 2005 7:13 AM PST

you cannot confirm who read your poll or gave consideration to answering it except those who responded at all. Sometimes it's nice to know folks have given you time even if you did not get responses exactly as you desired. And, since typing cannot contain those subtle verbal inflections you get from real conversation, these messages aren't always easy to correctly interpret. It could well have happened that your post could sink off the page showing the # 1 all the way to the bottom. Consider how you would feel if you really had hoped for some activity and your question went without acknowledgment. You will probably find some posts here that you feel are undeserving of attention but get plenty of it anyway. That's just how it goes here...really. Just keep pluggin' away and don't let it get to ya'.:)

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(NT) (NT) Thank you for the encouragement, Steven!!
by trytohelp / March 28, 2005 7:26 AM PST
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I might have answered but.........
by Glenda / March 29, 2005 11:27 AM PST

The questions were all or nothing! I don't cpmpletly agree with the way they were put.

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Everybody here knows I'm a 3 but I'd be more inclined to
by Ziks511 / March 28, 2005 7:26 AM PST

lock people up and throw away the key until we had reason to re-think the verdict either because of new evidence, or because the inmate had proven himself rehabilitated.

I think child molestation is a lock the person up and throw away the key crime. There is no rehabilitation. But it has to be an actual physical contact deliberate sex act crime, not a computer crime. God knows what is on the computer hard drive or who is responsible for it or how it got there.

I got the computer back from a repair shop several years ago with cookies and web-sites saved on it that nobody in our family knew anything about. We could have been in trouble. The repair shop denied all responsibility. How can I be so sure? I knew what was on the drive before we sent it off, to have its first modem installed !!!!

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But Rob
by Steven Haninger / March 28, 2005 9:37 AM PST

you wanted the techs to check it to be certain it would be 100% operational, didn't you? And you wouldn't want "McJobs" for these techs but ones they enjoy, right?]:)

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Solid, Steve.
by Ziks511 / March 28, 2005 9:57 AM PST
In reply to: But Rob

Thank you for putting a human face on an issue that's been bugging me for a long time. Wink

Actually I was expecting police at my house for months afterwards. Can't tell you how many versions of Evidence Eliminator I downloaded to clean up the hard-drive.

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My wife and I were asked by a couple
by Steven Haninger / March 28, 2005 10:12 AM PST
In reply to: Solid, Steve.

from our church to help fix their Dell which was getting slow and quirky. I grabbed my pest control software and we paid a visit to their place. They have 3 boys in the house (see where this is going yet?:))The parents and the youngest (about 14) were watching over my shoulder. The anti spyware stuff got a workout which was no surprize. When we found the links to "naked Olsen twins sites", the afternoon got interesting. My wife and I smiled all the way home trying to imagine how the evening would go for the boys when they all got home. Our friends later thanked us and said everything was working much better at home....even the computer.;)

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Was that Naked Olsen Twins
by Jerry562 / March 28, 2005 6:30 PM PST

(dot) com or (dot) net?


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(NT) (NT) How much is it worth to find out? :-)
by Steven Haninger / March 29, 2005 10:58 AM PST
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Thanks Steve. Great story. Ohh to have been a fly on that
by Ziks511 / March 29, 2005 10:48 AM PST

particular wall !!

Yep, I run AdAware and SpyBlaster very regularly. Its amazing what it finds that you don't even know you've visited. My son has his own computer which I sweep with the above much less frequently. I don't know if I should be depressed by or proud of the relative benignness of his surfing. Guess he's finding his girlfriend stimulating enough.

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if your running xp
by Mark5019 / March 29, 2005 10:53 AM PST
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Sad thought I'd have to upgrade OS
by Roger NC / March 29, 2005 11:06 AM PST
In reply to: if your running xp

and maybe hardware to try it.

But for those that have XP, it seems a good thing to try by all reports.

I know many computer experts find ME inadequate to say the least. And I know having a system that the restore only restores to OEM delivered condition instead of actual software installation is considered bad by the same.

But if I upgrade to XP I have no idea how well my machine will run, and it runs now ok, even with a few bugs maybe.

Oh well, I use to read and try to virtually keep up with the bleeding edge in computer ware, even if not in reality, but I'm quite content to get along now.

I'll upgrade sometime, my laptop is XP home, but I'm about too lazy now to build a system hardware, OS, and applications. And it's bloody expensive for the apps too if you do it properly (properly = legally).



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