Private life with internet

Jan 16, 2020 8:37AM PST

I would like to know if the server manager can read messages from users.
If yes, the deleted messages can be read too?

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Re: messages
Jan 16, 2020 9:36AM PST

Depends on the site. For example, the forum manager can see deleted posts. And, in fact, the whole world can read all non-deleted posts.

But messages in Whatsapp are encrypted and nobody but the adressee can read them.

What do you mean with "server manager? Since you post in the ISP-forum, let me tell you that the ISP can't see messages on devices of the sender or receiver, but in principle, can see everything that passes his webserver, unless you use https: protocol or the equivalent for ftp. That's true for e-mails also, e-mails aren't encrypted.
But, then, using the word "deleted" doesn't make sense. Since your ISP doesn't store them there is no possibility for anybody to "delete" it there.

Maybe make your question somewhat clearer?

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Private life with internet
Jan 17, 2020 1:36AM PST

Thank you for your kind reply!
In fact, my English isn't fair. Will be easy for me to write in French.
But i will try to explain my question.
I work in a public service, we have servers where data are stored
Firstly, i am interested to know if the computer scientist that manages the servers can read all the messages of the user in the service. For example, emails, messenger messages, Facebook private message, WhatsApp messages; etc.
Secondly, if i deleted a message from those plateforms (Facebook, messenger, WhatsApp; etc.), is it always possible for the scientist that manges the servers to read messages sent or received by the users of the service?
Thank you so much for your help.

PS: I hope, you will understand my poor English.

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Re: private
Jan 17, 2020 2:36AM PST

The IT-staff of your company can see:
1. Everything that's stored on their servers. But you can encrypts an document that's in your personal folders, if you prefer. Your Facebook data isn't stored on their servers, but on Facebook's servers, so that's safe from their prying eyes.
2. Every incoming and outgoing e-mail, except encrypted attachtments.
3. What pages in internet you are viewing. And the content of all pages you look at without using https:

What you do on phone is private, since it doesn't pass the company servers. So if you want to look porn, buy drugs or discuss your next terrorist attack better do that on your phone in stead of on your company provided PC.

In some countries there's a kind of employee protection, meaning that they are only allowed to look inside e-mails if it's a published policy agreed on by the employees or by whatever gremium the law requires.
But don't count on that if you live in China and a lot of other countries. And even in the USA or Europe you never know of the company and all manager adhere to the law.

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Private life with internet
Jan 17, 2020 8:27AM PST

This answer is more helpful, thanks.
But i have another questions.
If i use Sumsung smartphone or an Ipad with the internet connexion of my company, are my data stored on the servers of the service?
If i use PC provided by the service but with another internet connexion such us Orange, my data can be read par the IT-Staff of my company?
Thank you again.

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Re: private life
Jan 17, 2020 12:13PM PST

If you your a phone or tablet with the company WiFi or Ethernet cable, it goes via the company server. They are not supposed to keep any record of the data, but they might see in their logging that you were connected. Only the company IT staff can tell exactly.

And surely, everything you read or send can be stored by the service you use. That's why you send it. You wouldn't like Facebook to not store the pics you upload to them, would you?

Facebook (a typical service) doesn't provide PC's to its members, so your second question is a non-question.

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