I do think you're mistaken in your posting this question here, because last I checked, neither CNet nor it's parent company CBS runs any kind of Bittorrent tracker site.

While I will advise extreme caution using Bittorrent since it IS known to the music and movie industry, and they ARE actively tracking people who use it to illegally distribute goods. So unless you know beyond any doubt that all the material you plan to download is NOT copyrighted, be VERY careful. Even better, is just take this problem as a gift from the gods, and abandon your current plans just to be on the safe side.

However, should you choose to disregard this advice, I'll tell you that everything you need to solve this problem is in the error message you got. That's all the more assistance I'll give unless you can prove to my satisfaction that you won't be downloading copyrighted content. Not that I have any particular qualms with the practice, I just feel that the price of "free" is figuring out how to solve problems on your own. Sort of like those amusement park signs that say you have to be this tall to go on a ride, you have to be this clever if you're going to pirate copyrighted content.