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Serious yes

I'm pro choice with limits.
Folks can argue about where those limits should be set.
I don't run around with my head up the Don's butt saying we must have a wall or zero abortions.
NY set their own limits and they lit up a building, that has nothing to do with me or you.
If you don't like their limits that's tough.

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And there it is, Bob....

Liberals still believe that because something happens in one place and nobody elsewhere complains about it that it's a green light to do it again somewhere else.....the camel's nose under the tent theory. If Conservatives sit back and allow it to happen ONCE, it happens EVERYWHERE. It has EVERYTHING to do with me and you. The difference is that YOU are ok with it and I am not. And I suspect that it's headed to SCOTUS to set down a new amendment restriction on RvW in the near future and will slap NY down.

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I'm ok with it

Unless it exceeds my limit.

Haven't you got enough of a zoo going on in your state?

You need to stick your nose into what's going on in some other state?

If it hits the courts we get to see what they say about it.

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What happened in NY

ALMOST happened in MY State last week, Bob....Yes...I need to stick my nose into what's going in some other State. Isn't that obvious?

And yes...our State IS a zoo that the Democrat party isn't even paying attention to......hardly mentioned the murdering of babies, but jumped all over the 'blackface' crap (which they now have to rethink regarding their "resign" calls), again are ignoring the "me2" outrage they showed with Kavanaugh when it's the second in command here being accused (just as they ignored the Ellis accusation in Illinois) because it involves a Dem, and now the 3rd in line is again admitting to a 'blackface' incident. ALL are Dems, but by a draw of a name in a hat, the 4th in line is a Republican. How do you think those calls for 'resign' are going to go NOW? Sometimes there really IS humor in this world. The ONLY way out for them at this point is to have our Governor (a total POS) resign as a Dem and declare himself an Independent, which the Dems would applaud at this point because it lets them off the hook, and not let that position go to a Republican. But I suspect that there will be an outcry here for a recall election and sweep the board.

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What's obvious to me is

You need something to carp about otherwise your not happy.

As a result you search for this something and then carp/carp/carp.

In 2020 when some left wing loony is the prez that should make you very happy.

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Excuse me? Am I the one who is in here

DAILY like you, JP, and drp CARPING about Trump? Many times NUMEROUS times daily?

You don't think that killing babies is something that SHOULD be carped about?

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Did you notice

That some of us are focused in one area.

You on the other hand go random and find some subject of the day to carp about.

BO/dems/babies what's next?

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So what are you saying, Bob....

If I don't carp or complain about Trump as the SOLE topic in SE, NO other topic can be complained about? Issues ARE random....but I can't help it if liberals give me so much ammunition to work with and make you unhappy that I bring them up as they appear.

Take the 'green deal' now guaranteeing people who are UNWILLING to work an income...….

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What I'm saying is

Your a chronic carper.
Your not happy unless your carping so you go looking for stuff.

AOC is a nut case.
I suppose she makes good media content.
From what little I have read about this green deal my first thought was 'how are we going to pay for this'.

Yes I read something about paying people who are unwilling to work.
Sounds goofy to me.

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Sounds 'goofy'?

And yet, let ONE liberal State pass that crap into law, and more will follow....then what? If people, not just me, don't start 'carping' immediately, the liberals and socialists win. Camel's nose under the tent syndrome, Bob.

I will continue to find garbage liberals want to pass and complain about it, just as you live to find something about Trump to carp about daily. MY carping is nowhere NEAR the amount YOU and others in here do daily.

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If my state passes that stuff I'll express my opinion at the polls.
If some other state passes that stuff that's their business.

I'm sure it must be painful for you to see so many people post about the Don being a misfit for prez.

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For every post you can make about

Trump being a misfit, I can find you ten more proving liberal Dems and liberal media 'professionals' are misfits in their own skin.....and I'll keep

Note: subject line corrected by moderator: very changed in every.

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Let's see

Any more?
As a said....chronic carper.

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As I said...'chronic Trump carper'

and most have to do with his personality and not his policies. At least mine are consistent against liberal Dem and media policy agendas.

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Management style

You can't run the gov by the seat of your pants.
Why have advisors if you don't ask their advice or take it?
Why have staff who are trying to do what you want but what you want changes hourly?

Why jump on twitter and tweet something and make a jerk out of yourself and then toss it to the staff to straighten out the mess?

Yes the dems can be a little nutty and this new bunch will try to push it to be nuttier.

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Trump actually seems to be

running this government quite admirably and well considering Republican never-Trumpers and Obama/Dem/Liberal holdovers are doing their damnedest to stop him. If that means taking matters into his own hands, so be it. BO did that, too, and nobody ever said a word or tried to stop him....could it be because they were all afraid of that machine that chews you up and spits you out in pieces if they EVER said 'no' to BO....while Trump doesn't HAVE to have a machine to get the job done?

As I said...you complain about his STYLE, but NOT his POLICIES. I have ALWAYS complained about BO's POLICIES because the ONLY style HE had was the ability to LIE with a straight face every day and corrupt his entire cabinet and dept/agency heads.

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The Don

Does not have a cabinet or dept/agency heads.
What he has are temps.
I see he is now hiring from white house south members to fill slots.

You complain about BO if it's too hot or cold outside.

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And you never complain about him at all

Even though he is STILL out there hammering away at his radical agenda....

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BO is not the prez

I try to stay focused on who's driving the bus today.

You/we better hope this new batch of lefty's in congress don't gain traction.

The country will be going left of left.

It will give you a fresh batch of stuff to carp about.

It will make BO look like a conservative.

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