- Is it a printer you already had, or did it come with the computer (in a package from Dell)? USB or parallel?
- Did you install the right printer driver? Was it already installed?
- If both are new (and Dell) it seems like a warranty issue. But you don't tell enough to see if that's the case.
- If it's an old printer, do you still have your old computer to check if it might be a problem with the printer itself? Those things happen with printers.
- What exactly do you do in those ten minutes to get it back online? Might be interesting to know.
- What did you with your new computer (like reformatting, cleaning) you don't tell about. Sorry if it's an out-of-the-box problem, but sometimes members just forget to tell essential info like this.
- If the printer is online, does it stay online till the next reboot, or does it go offline immediately after finishing the print job?