From what you say it could be a 'browser error' just as well as a 'printer error'. So it's time to start experimenting:
- Can you print from Notepad?
- Can you print from your favorite word processor (MS Word or Open Office Writer)?
- Can you print from your favorite picture processor (MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop or so)?
- Can you print from another browser (Firefox in stead of IE or the other way around)?
- Can you print from your pdf-reader (Adobe reader or Foxit reader)?
- If you copy/paste such a 'report or article' to your word processor, does it print?
- In that browser, how does Print preview look?
- By the way, what kind of document is that 'report or article'? A html-document (webpage), a Word document, a pdf-document? If Word or pdf, can you print a simple html-page?

More info:
- what printer?
- what version of the driver?