Note: It's a beta. I learned after registering for the free copy. I thought of letting you know before anyone jump to register to get a free copy.

'Two Click' Installation - Easy to download and install, get protected within minutes
Simple Security Settings - Easily tune how you would like your copy of Prevx Home to behave when it finds something suspicious
Internet Worm Protection - Protects your machine against the next fast moving Worm, without any need for you to update your system!
Generic Protection - Maintain a high protection level at all times with this non-signature approach that requires no constant updating
Spyware Installation Protection - An end to the invisible installation of all manner of malware whilst you browse the Web
Hacker Protection - Defeats targeted hacking on your computer by blocking the most frequently used hack attack vectors
Dynamic Security Setting Updates - Check for new or revised security settings for your operating system or the applications you use
Intrusion Alerts - Instantly see details of any defeated intrusion and have the option to pass details on to the PREVX team
Intuitive Interface - Access the product Preferences, Event Log and Security Settings options of Prevx Home and make changes to protection levels with easy to use controls
Attack Log - Keeps a history of all defeated Intrusions for analysis at any time
Low Overhead - Small disk and processor requirement gives powerful protection without significant performance overhead