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Pressed Ctrl+Alt+NumLock adventitiously..

Since then Num pad is not working.Any settings I should work on?

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Reporting: Pressed Ctrl+Alt+NumLock adventitiously..
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Just wondering.

I've read many posts from you and your troubles never end. While tapping numlock corrected that here, why isn't System Restore working on your machine?

What happened to cause you and your machine to have so many troubles?

Just wondering.

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Bob dont be a *****!

BOB, Hey why are you such a *****? If he has issues at least he is asking for help rather than messing up a machine that he has invested time and money in. Whats it to you?

If you want to gripe and complain do yourself a favor, dont reply or read the post, then you wont have anything to complain about.

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He's not

He's not. This guy has posted dozens of different issues, and he never bothers to listen to any of the suggestions given to him. This is at least his second account with the same MO.

His basic posting profile is to complain of some problem, people will attempt to help him with that problem, then he'll come back with about 3 new problems, and you'll never get him back to the original problem. He'll just keep posting new issues, and sometimes a comment that seems to come from the parking lot about 2 miles past left field.

But you don't have to believe me, go read some of the threads this guy has posted and see for yourself. His system has some very deep seated issues, but he seems wholly uninterested in actually finding the root cause of these problems. At some point, you have to stop beating your head against the wall. I reached that point a while back, looks like Bob is just now arriving.

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Jimmy Greystone

Well if I'm having problem in the solution provided by you then why should I keep quite and leave the thread by saying thanks?

Tell me.

I saw you offending my post earlier also and there I told you to get lost.Okay.

It behoove you to stay away from my post in near future.

Got it?

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No, I don't "got it". I will read and respond to any post I feel I have something to contribute to. Given your posting history on this, and your previous account, I won't likely feel as though I have anything worthwhile to contribute to your posts. Like I said before, if I run out of walls to beat my head against, I'll let you know. However, unlike when I'm responding to your posts, I have a plausible insanity claim if I'm beating my head against a wall.

You never listen to anything said, you clearly have larger issues with your system that get in the way of fixing the smaller things you come here to complain about, and your poor english skills hamper communication. I'm not faulting you on the last one, but Cnet is an english site. So also as I said before, you'd probably be better served at a site in your native language.

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Think about your reply.

Will that attract help?

Yes I have questions about what is causing your machines to be so troublesome. Why not figure out what's at the root of all this trouble?

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R. Proffitt

You just get lost from my post if you have any problem,okay?Don't try to get near to my post in future again,is that clear to you.

And let other people help me,got it?

It's my personal problem,you are no one to interfere me and tell me what should I do.

Don't think that you are a moderator so you can do anything.

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R. Proffitt

Yes my trouble will never ever end because now I understood that people like you are not here for providing help.This show's your overweening behavior and haughtiness.

Don't be proud of being a moderator of the forum,okay?

This can happen to you also in future.How would you feel then if you get the same treatment that you gave me just now?

I would like to know the answer by you soon.

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I offered help.

I asked questions so we could find what is causing your machine's pain.

I think it best if we all apologize.

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No settings to work on.

If num pad doesn't work again after power off and reboot, try replacing the keyboard.

What, by the way, is ctrl-alt-numlock by default? And - if applicable - what special meaning did you add to it?


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Well the light is on on pressing Num Lock button.But it's buttons were not working.

After pressing ctrl+alt+shift I was able to move the cursor with Num Pad.But I could not get back to the original state.

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Sorry, but that makes no sense.

What is this keyboard combination CTRL+ALT+Shift?

It is not mentioned in either of the two Microsoft "Lists of keyboard combinations" I have linked to below; and

Is this a PC or a laptop? So far you have not told us, neither have you said anything else about this machine in this thread.

What does, "After pressing ctrl+alt+shift I was able to move the cursor with Num Pad" mean? Move the cursor with Num Pad? I've never heard of such thing.


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Re: numpad

Hi Mark,

My numeric keypad types numbers with numlock on and home/pgup/end/pgdn/ins/del and the 4 arrow keys with numlock off. As all those keys are neatly on the left of it (between the alphabetic and the numeric pads) I've always considered that a most unusual feature. But it works. And apparently it works with S_a_D also.


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Yep I agree

but I'm confused with the key combination that S.A.D mentions, CTRL+ALT+Shift. never seen that before, and also the use of the cursor with the number pad.


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My Laptop.

I've now got myself a laptop. My super-dooper Alienware system failed just after Christmas and I had to send it back, so I got this laptop with Win 7 installed as a stop-gap measure.

The laptop is different. The number pad also has the End key on it, as well as others I believe. I am constantly pressing that damm key for a number, and losing my place in the text string as the cursor whooshes off to the right.

I really dislike that laptop keypad! Happy


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Quick notes...

1.) Mousekeys, enabled by pressing Alt + Left Shift + NumLock (not Ctrl + Alt + NumLock as the OP reported doing), lets the physically impaired control the cursor without a mouse. Also handy for the computer tech when the mouse driver malfunctions.

2.) The user can disable MouseKeys by pressing Alt + Left Shift + NumLock again, then re-enable NumLock by pressing NumLock.

3.) A confirmation dialog is displayed when enabling Mousekeys. If that is what he pressed, it's hard to miss.


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I'm leaving this thread..

Thanks to those who want to help me.But because of some arrogant people like Jimmy and Proffit,I'm leaving this thread.

I don't need any help from you people and will think while posting any thread in future.

Good Bye to all helpers!!

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And I'm locking it.

It was getting much too personal.


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