To be honest I'm no entirely sure what "Pre-paid Broadband" is. Google didn't help define it too much. What do you think it means?

You see my problem is I understand broadband to be an "always on, always available" internet service, and so all I have to do is switch on my computer, load up Windows, (Or Linux, Mac, etc), and the computer is logged on and internet ready. That's partly what we pay for.

That's unlike a pre-paid phone where you pay as you go and if you use up your minutes and don't purchase any more your phone is dead.

There are flexible broadband plans where you can pay only for what you use. So if you reach your download limit in any month the speed of the broadband is then reduced for the remainder of the month. If you need more speed for that remaining time you can purchase top-ups. But that is still a "plan" where you pay a basic amount every month, whether you use the service or not.

Have a look at to see what I mean.

I hope that helps.