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Pray for El Faro crew to be found

Meet the crew.

Theres a debris field, but much can be washoff from Crooked Island and maybe other Hurricane related events at the Bahamas. Before the ship when silent it had lost propulsion, but seemingly had electric power and pumps were working to correct a 15 degree list to one side. It had a few hundred cars in the hold and a few hundred above deck containers. I would guess some of those containers held people's household goods too.

So far the crew has not been found, only empty life vests and float rings.

Of note is a recent freak wave that hit a cruise ship, so something similar may have happened at the El Faro too.
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Reporting: Pray for El Faro crew to be found
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Not looking good.
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Many blame personal calamities on God

Even when they know they are to blame.

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But in your case,

you pick and choose which calamities God uses to punish people?

Or does God use the same calamities such as this same hurricane to punish innocents as well as the guilty?

Is that what you in America call collateral damage?

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The Flood

When God destroyed the world that then was in Noah's day, were there innocent children who also died?

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I see what you are saying.

God decided to punish those in the El Faro for the crimes of those in SC.

That is, God decided that those in SC who chose some type of "American" or "quasi-American" or separatist or non-separatist flag over another type, needed punishment for their crimes against Him. And He decided that those on the El Faro must be punished as well.

Yep, got it now.

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Re: Got it now

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been explained several times

If you don't get it, maybe you are incapable of understanding it.

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RE:maybe you are incapable of understanding it.
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you've missed it entirely

If someone who was perfectly safe from it, suddenly decides to head into it, then it's not God doing something to him, but that person who is being foolish and doing it to himself. "Tempt not the Lord thy God". Remember that when Satan quoted a passage and told Jesus to toss himself off the high place?

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RE: to toss himself off the high place?

Off a skyscraper with a bullhorn in his hand?

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Your attempt at an explanation sounds like mumbo jumbo to me.

Frankly I don't get why God would bother himself with anyone in some minor area of a land humans call America who chooses the USof A's national flag over some quasi-American or separatist or non-separatist flag.

Are you saying that the USA is evil?

Are you saying that the confederate flag represents people who are good and just and God's chosen?

Blimey, obviously I am no expert in religious matters, but if that is what you are saying then isn't that blasphemous?

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Re: hurricane

If God sends a hurricane to punish people (see your recent post about floods your daughter encountered) why do you pray to save them, in stead of accepting Gods will? do you know better than God what those people deserve?


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collateral damage

Who knows, maybe they did something too? We KNOW what South Carolina did. We haven't any such knowledge for these. Who said there had to be death in punishment? You are really going off the edge on this Kees.

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I see.

God only punishes people who have been shamed on Fox TV so we know they did something. He's well-informed then.


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Hey, that's FOX

a veritable fount of timely information.

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I'll refrase it as a question.

Did God punish the crew of the El Faro? Or was it just His sheer neglicence or even His incompetence that they died?


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OK, I get it now, .... don't want to send a prayer up for them. That's your perogative. As for how people die, is it unusual that some die for mistakes, incompetence, their own negligence? Have you lived so long and not yet figured that out yet? You have not YET given a reason why God would want to punish them. It's incumbent upon you first to do so.

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I was just asking 2 questions.

Not stating anything.


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RE: Questions

Did God Punish SC This Week For Flag Removal?

Just asking...not saying....The Riddler?

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you believe every hurricane is directed by God?

Or do you believe God does absolutely nothing in this world?

You can't have it both ways.

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Re: hurricane

Some (like the one in SC last week) are rumored to be an act of God. Others (like this one) seem to be purely natural. It's confusing, don't you agree? How do you see the difference between these two kinds?


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never said I did

I simply asked.

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(NT) That's how rumors start.
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4 people

one thread
one prayer
none by Liberals who would rather argue the point.
Rumor confirmed.

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But there you go,

you create these contradicting threads then expect everyone to blindly follow everything you say without question.

Is that how it works in your conservative party, everyone follows each other blindly?

"To Follow by faith alone is to follow blindly"

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did I ever say "follow me"?

Who do you think I am? Christ?!
As for your silly quote,
I know He didn't make it, LOL.

God's take on who is blind.

John 9:39 - And Jesus said, For judgement I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.

2 Corinthians 4:4 - In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

As for contradiction, there is none except in the minds of those who are self deluded. We are all responsible for our actions and when we do something stupid and end up suffering for it, can we blame God for that? The captain made a mistake in trying to take on a hurricane. If you deliberately head into destruction, then don't blame God.

Remember Lot and his family, how they took the messenger's advice and fled Sodom from the destruction that was about to come? His wife had second thoughts and decided to return, she didn't even seem to have a "blind faith" in the warning, nor to keep following her husband. Maybe she decided Lot and those messengers were all acting the fool. For whatever reason, even though she'd been warned, she turned around and went back and the heat of God's punishment of the gays turned her into a pillar of salt or pile of ashes, depending on the translation.

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RE:Who do you think I am?
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Expecting anyone to pay serious attention to a commie website and what THEY think?! Why don't you move to some communist country if you like their viewpoints so much?

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I don't read anything there about communism. Just the usual leftist stuff.


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