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Power supply problems

OCZ ModXStream Pro Power Supply - 700-Watt
Processor: i5 2500k @ 3.5 Stock
Motherboard SUS|P8P67 (REV 3.0)
Heatsink: cooler master hyper 212 plus
8 GB of RAM (Past Memtest86+ 12 passes)Stock
Case:CASE CM|RC-692-KKN2 ADVANCED RT with 4 fans
Two 320 GB hard drives in raid
Nvidia 670 Factory overclocked New
old 8800gtx Stock

For about a year now I have had problems with the computer freezing and random blue screens. It didn't matter if the computer was running Windows office or prime 95.
I sent the motherboard in for repair and they updated the bios(which was already up-to-date)And reapplied the heatsinks to the board. Basically what this says to me as they found nothing wrong but had to put something down the paper to say they did something. I received my motherboard yesterday and installed everything. when I booted it up it crashed at the window screen not a blue screen. When it rebooted Nvidia showed a warning message about the graphics card not receiving enough power.

The logical assumption is assume that the power supply is failing. Do you think I'm correct my assumptions and does anyone know of a reliable power supply comparable to the one I posted? No more then 70$
Thank you for your time!

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Reporting: Power supply problems
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If this is a psu issue then the fix is swap the unit and test.

The 70 bucks will be a limiter.

This seems like a nice unit that should work with your machine and is in the price area.

I'll let you do the research about reviews and if it has the connectors you need.

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Actually I spy....

I see that 8800 and weep. That is, I've lost count of how many have begun to give their owners grief.

Yes, you should pop for a new monster supply which is at least a few hundred more Watts but take a look at your RAILS. Are you overtaxing any of them?

But if this was mine, the 8800 goes on the shelf while I re-test.

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I think my problems are resolved.

I accidentally bumped the one above for best answer...
I went ahead and popped in my 670 GTX and the low-power on reboot disappeared. I ran FurMark And experienced no issues for 15 minutes I plan to do a follower burning tonight and see if anything crops up.
If nothing does I will assume my 8800 GTX was at fault.

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This is only a theory.

That there are a few failure mechanisms to the 8800 and such older cards. The 9800 is newer but is still showing up now and then.

The 2 thoughts are there is the GPU itself (GPU is that big chip) and the other is the age had left the capacitors less able temper a big spike in current demand and that is passed to the PSU and you get the usual lockups, reboots and BSODs.

In the case of the aged capacitors this may be why doubling the size of the PSU helps in some cases. But what you see is that it's not a sure fix and the machine shows up again for repairs.

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