Portable music player - suggestions please.

I'm trying to find a good music player ("MP3 player") that fills the bill in these points:
1. Good sound (they almost all are) - inc. Equalizer if possible.
2. Intuitive UI - specifically one where the displayed info is taken from the metadata, not showing the filename as the track title, for example.
3. Flawless Bluetooth - no little clipped track beginnings, beeps or suchlike.
4. Good battery life (not a deal-breaker, but at least a couple of hours even with BT working).
5. Gapless play supported - even with Bluetooth.
6. Support for lossless files - FLAC etc.
7. Slot for micro SD card up to 128GB

Other things like proper album art display are a bonus but not essential. For instance, I don't need a built-in radio, voice recording, alarm and so on.
I know the above things are a bit of a big ask, but since the AGPTEK player I have at the moment fails in all but Nos. 1, 6 & 7, I'm searching for something better. Oh - and a budget under £200 would suit, though I'd consider more expensive players if they're really worth it. I'm not against Apple devices except that they can't fill No. 7
I'd welcome suggestions from personal experience. I'd be over the moon if someone can point me in the direction of a player that fills the bill!

Cheers. Graham

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Re: portable music player

Quite a few people nowadays use their smartphone to listen to music. Did you check that none of the player apps that are available for your Android or iOS phone supports more than 1, 6 and 7? A smartphone certainly is portable.

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Re: using a phone.

Oh, yes - my iPhone 5S is great for all that - except for No.7, of course. With an internal 16GB memory, which is pretty crowded already because I have Satnav maps etc. in it, there's no room for ALAC lossless music files, or even more than a few MP3's. I have considered buying a (relatively) cheap Android phone just for use as a music player, as I know there are a lot of good apps that will do the trick. I think this may well be the route I take. Thank you.

Additional - the other advantage of using a phone as a music player is the fact that you get WiFi, so you can use cloud storage as well, plus streaming while at home, at any rate. Looking more attractive all the time. I'm off the the local cheapo phone shop to have a browse.....

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I have that 5s 16GB phone.

And caught a sale on the 64GB iPhone 6 so I don't have to watch my memory use so much. Yep it wasn't as cheap as other phones but it was time to move the Apple phone up a notch.

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Yep - that's an option

If I could find one like that at a reasonable price, I'd go for it, but so far I haven't found one. Ah, well. The other good thing about going with an Android phone is that I could also get a smartwatch without it being an Apple watch (which I hate)

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My Android phones
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I used to have one of those. It's a tad too big for use as an occasional music player, and to be honest, I hated the stupid positioning of the on/off button on the back.

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The OTHER way to turn on the LG G4

I can thump the screen with a heavy finger.

ALSO, that deal on the iPhone 6 sounds just like the one I picked up. Since the 5s is the last model that has the latest iOS and we demo apps it was a cheap move to keep the demo unit current.

Yes, we are cheapskates.

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Oh, Wow!

I've just seen an iPhone 6 - 128GB (refurbished) for sale at less than £160 (210 USD), so that would be VERY tempting. However - somehow I just love the shape & size of my 5S so I don't want to actually change that, and using an iPhone as a music player has the disadvantages that come with the iOS - such as "where the heck does it store stuff" and the fact that you have to use iTunes for everything, which I find frustrating (but that's a whole new discussion that I don't want to get into now.)

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Great little Chinese MP3 players on eBay and other sites

eBay (and other sites, too) has some great little Chinese-made MP3 players with, I believe, all of the features you want, such as this one: I have a similar one, only with no Bluetooth, since I prefer plug-in headphones, and it's the best MP3 player I have ever owned (and I'm pretty picky, being a professional musician.) I agree with you that anyone who seriously listens to music (or downloaded podcasts, or downloaded audio books, or exercise music, etc.) really needs to have a separate MP3/music player. The 128GB storage capability is a good enough reason alone for that! Good luck in your search, and best wishes.

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Looks interesting

The one you linked to is very like the AGPTEK one I have. ( )As I said, I am looking for flawless BT and gapless play. I can't tell if that one has these features, though. Perhaps you can tell me about the gapless play, but as yours has no BT, we still won't know about that unless I buy one. Got to look for it on the UK site. I don't really want to buy another that will be basically the same as the one I've got, though. Thanks for replying, anyway, and thanks for the link.

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MOTO G6 + microSDXC Card

MOTO G6 is an outstanding phone for a very reasonable price. Good quality 128GB microSDXC cards have recently come down in price, probably cost $25 - $30. (Be sure it's a genuine Samsung, Sandisk, etc. not a cheap knockoff. If the price seems really low for a big name brand that usually means it's not the real thing.) ALAC and FLAC at their default/standard settings can sound almost as good (read totally-as-good for most listeners) as uncompressed .WAV files.

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I concur

The only thing is RGS mentioned doesn't want big screen size for occasional music player. But...
I have the Moto 4G and use it for music play as well as phone. works very well as both and has Micro sd slot inside supporting up to 128 G.
As for 6 & 7 I don't know. The rest can easily be done with the default Android player.

I record and edit my own music and have 1-2 second gap beginning and end of each so it goes from one to the other seamlessly.
In playing music fully charged battery will last 6-8 hours.

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Thanks for the info

I see I can get a G4 for between £100 and £130, which is certainly in my budget. I will research it to see if gapless play and a 128GB SD card are supported.

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Thanks for the input

That MOTO looks good. I see I can get a G6 sim-free for around £200. Now, that looks like a reasonable proposition if I was to make it a replacement for my regular phone, but a bit expensive for just a music player. Worth a thought, though.
SD card - I have a Kingston 128GB card that works fine. Had no problems with it in my MP3 player so far. I always go for either Kingston, Samsung or Sandisk SD cards.

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Another requirement

Not really essential, but one good thing about many MP3 players (like the one I already have) is that they can have physical buttons for, say, skipping tracks etc. Now, that is useful if I'm in bed at night and don't want to disturb my wife by lighting up the screen to see what I'm pressing. A phone would need to be lit up in order to access the controls. I know I'm being picky but this is something I'll have to think about if I go for a phone rather than a dedicated MP3 player.

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Final word

Okay, I've been using my AGPTEK player for a while now, and I'm pretty much used to putting up with the fact that the BT is more or less useless (tiny gap at the beginning of each track plus massive battery drain) and no gapless play etc. So what I've done is dump a few apps on my iPhone to make room for some music, and that's where I've put the stuff that really has to have gapless play. In the future when I can afford it, I'll probably buy an iPod. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

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you can definitely use smartphone for this purposes. But I recommend you iPod.

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