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Poll: Which version of Windows are you running?

Which version of Windows are you running on your main computer at home?

Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Windows 2000
Windows Me
Windows 98
Windows 95
A version that is too embarrassing to mention.
I don't do Windows.

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This is the last version of Windows I'll ever intentionally buy. I have one dedicated WinXP machine for legacy work, two Linux machines (one Mint, one multi-boot with Mint, PCLinuxOS, & Puppy), and my netbook which dual boots WinXP and Linux Mint. I briefly had a Vista laptop, but I gave it away to my granddaughter - good riddance!

I still maintain Windows machines (WinXP, Vista, & Win7) for others, so at any given moment, there's likely to be one or more Windows machines (along with other Linux machines) in my house. But, I'm done with them for my personal use.

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Poll re Windows 7

Computer came loaded with Vista and somehow everything is Windows 7 for more than several months. I find Win 7 is too invasive and hate it. Don't like it....but stuck with it.

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Windows 7

I am trying to figure out why Windows 7 is portrayed as an improvement, it is to intrusive I am stuck with it but still feel Windows XP was user friendly and prefere that version, Vista was a total flop.

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PC Operating Systems

What I do find offensive is when buying a new PC you are left with no choice of operating systems. I currently have Vista (not by choice) but for me to have Vista removed and XP installed was going to cost me extra $$$. That I do find wrong and nothing but a money grabbing scheme by retailers . When buying a new PC we should be allowed the choice of systems. And judging from the poll results XP still has the majority, and this is something Microsoft should take note of.


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You're not really stuck with Vista

Replace it with Linux Mint. It's free, secure, and reliable (all much more so than any version of Windows). Only one of my computers runs the OS that was shipped on it.

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PC Systems

I am use to Vista now but I still find the fact that we have no choice a disgrace. And I don't know enough about Linux to be honest.

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PC systems

lizwilliams definitely it is a disgrace that with the Vista pc there are no choices. I will go further and say that our pc's are compromised and it is because....maybe I am paranoid.....but I think that it is to keep tabs on all of us. And, I don't mean only the government (which must be that way for security) but all the others, such as advertisers and hackers and the like.

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"I don't know enough about Linux to be honest."

One of the nice things about most Linux distributions (a distribution is just a "flavor" of Linux OS) is that they're available as LiveCD's. A LiveCD is a bootable CD that will let you run the OS without actually installing it. If you like it, then you can install it - either as a replacement for Windows or as a dual-boot installation where you select the OS when the machine boots up. I usually recommend Linux Mint ( or PCLinuxOS ( for Windows refugees. Both will seem instantly familiar. Download the .ISO (CD image) file and burn it to a CD-R. After burning it, leave it in the CD tray and reboot.

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I dont know enough about Linus to be honest

Definitely, don't know anything and don't trust the ads. Look at what Windows 7 ballyhoo got me. Nothing but disgust. It is like I don't own my own computer.

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Thank you for the URLs. Excellent post

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Linux Mint

I have no clue where to go to get 'free' Linux Mint. Also, is this a case of 'the devil we know vs. the devil we don't know'?

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Mint, where?

"I have no clue where to go to get 'free' Linux Mint."

Download it for free from Use the CD image (.ISO) file you download to burn a bootable CD-R, then boot Mint from it (i.e. leave the CD-R in the drive, then restart your PC). That will give you the chance to try it without installing it since it will be running entirely from the CD. From that point, you can install it (either replacing Widows or creating a dual-boot machine) just by clicking the "Install" icon on the Mint desktop.

"Also, is this a case of 'the devil we know vs. the devil we don't know'?"

Of course. However, by using the LiveCD to try it out, you can make an informed decision as to which devil is more evil. If you decide that Linux isn't for you, you remove the LiveCD and restart your PC - Windows will then reboot as if nothing had ever happened.

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vizenos also makes a good point

As noted, if any particular Linux distribution (a/k/a "distros") seems close to, but not quite what you want, there are other Linux options. Mint is nothing but cleaned up Ubuntu, which makes it a generally safe and popular choice, but it might not be for everyone. For someone looking for the most Windows-compatible look and feel, I'd recommend PCLinuxOS (download from If either of these gives you any installation problems, you might want to look at Mepis ( For those who want the perceived security that comes from experience in a corporate environment, you might want to check out Fedora (from Red Hat - see, Open SUSE (from Novell - see, or OpenSolaris(from Sun - see

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Linux Mint

To download Linux Mint, go to the following webssite
and click on "Direct Download". This will get you the ISO file for Linux Mint 8, main edition (the most stable). Burn the ISO file to a CD (using Roxio, Nero, or whatever disk-making program you prefer,
then put the resulting CD into your optical drive and reboot. You should get options including install, run from your CD drive without installing (this is recommended, so you can see if you like the Linux Mint distro). The process is the same for any linux distro; just go to DistroWatch, click on the linux distro that interests you, and you'll get an info page that tells you, among many other things, the link to where you go to download the free version (if any; some linux distros don't give away anything for free).

If Linux Mint turns out to not be what you want, go back to DistroWatch and try another brand of linux. I'd strongly recommend
Ubuntu (for those who prefer the Gnome GUI) or Kubuntu (for those who, like me, prefer the KDE GUI).

Bear in mind that every single linux distro is SOMEBODY's favorite, but may not be YOUR favorite; so keep the URL (link) for DistroWatch <> for future reference--you'll be glad you did. Grin


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There is a choice

I'm not sure about other manufacturers, but Dell offers a choice of operating systems, even including an option of XP in an Inspiron line as of today. It costs "... only $120 more" than Windows 7.

Were I to buy a new computer today, I'd probably go with Win 7. I'm glad, (for my own needs, to each his own) that I skipped Vista and paid extra for the older OS, XP at the time, shortly after Vista was officially released.

Interesting that a geeky poll such as this still shows XP as the leader. I guess that many of us are happy enough with XP and intentionally skipped Vista, but when we replace our old computers, Windows 7 will be good enough by then.

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Popularity of WinXP

"Interesting that a geeky poll such as this still shows XP as the leader."

It's not just here. Every market survey I've seen shows that WinXP still holds over 50% of the Windows market. Outside North America, it's even more dominant. M$ tried to kill it, but then netbooks came along and they pretty much had to keep it.

A large factor is simple economics. Low-end PCs and netbooks now sell for under $400 - sometimes under $300. Since the development costs of WinXP have already been amortized, it's the only OS that Microsoft can sell on very cheap machines without losing money. They're continuing their campaign to kill it off, but the nature of the low-end hardware where it's most popular makes it an uphill climb. Win7 is a significant improvement over Vista (what wouldn't be?), but it still needs more powerful hardware than WinXP in order to match WinXP's performance.

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My shortcomings

I use Vista Home Premium and have been quite satisfied. Browsers are the problem. IE7 was a mess. Went to IE8 and still experienced pot holes in the road. So, I switched to Firefox and things smoothed out. Now, it's Comcast with all their crazy stuff. Looks like nirvana is beyond reach. Maybe Mac is the answer.

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"Maybe Mac is the answer."

In what universe does trading one evil empire for another make sense?!? Linux, like Mac OS X, is based on Unix. However, it's free and runs on any PC hardware.

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Maybe Mac is the answer

dear rbsjrx - just lately I have been so disgusted with Vista and Windows 7 that my son offered to buy me another computer. The reason is he shares my computer and has Ebay and the like for his personal stuff. He knows I no longer enjoy the computer since he bought the HP with the Vista program.

He said a friend of his at work, an engineer, advised him to buy me an Apple computer and I probably would enjoy it again.

Perhaps, I have gone off the subject but do you have any thoughts?

Sure would appreciate hearing from you.

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He said a friend of his at work, an engineer, advised him to buy me an Apple computer and I probably would enjoy it again.

Perhaps, I have gone off the subject but do you have any thoughts?"

Macs have a lot to recommend them. Like Linux, Mac OS X is based on the international POSIX standard. Like Windows, but unlike Linux, it's still a proprietary OS. Worst, it only runs on Apple hardware. If that's OK with you, then he's probably right. I have a grandson in San Jose who just traded his PC for a Mac and is deliriously happy with it. OTOH, I just migrated his mother to Linux and his sister is now using my old Vista laptop.

The advantage of POSIX OSs is that they were originally designed for multiple users and support multiple file systems. By being multiuser form the ground up, they suffer few of Windows inherent security vulnerabilities which date back to its days as single user MS/PC-DOS. Windows only supports FAT and NTFS file systems, which are 30 and 20 years old, respectively/ The multiuser nature of POSIX not only makes it more secure, but coupled with the ability to use modern file systems means it doesn't experience the fragmentation problems so common to Windows systems. Most modern POSIX file systems (e.g. ext3, ext4) also feature journaling, so even a catastrophic power failure during a disk write will result in minor and recoverable data corruption unless the disk is physically damaged.

Arguably the biggest advantage is that POSIX doesn't use Windows' bizarre and unreliable registry system (AAMOF, no other OS does!)

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If MAC is the answer, it was a stupid question!

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So it's VISTA that is screwing up my IE. I, also, had to switch to Firefox. I'm actually running two computers off one monitor and keyboard, and believe it or not, it is Win98. I have a DOS program that I refuse to give up until every avenue is exhausted, or until somebody re-invents Managing Your Money. Quicken and Microsoft Money do not do the job, and I haven't been able to find anything that does. Thanks to Andrew Tobias for answering all my email and helping me out.

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Mac the answer?

<<I use Vista Home Premium and have been quite satisfied. Browsers are the problem. IE7 was a mess. Went to IE8 and still experienced pot holes in the road. So, I switched to Firefox and things smoothed out. Now, it's Comcast with all their crazy stuff. Looks like nirvana is beyond reach. Maybe Mac is the answer.>>

That could well be, but what was the question? Wink

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Poll: Which version of Windows are you running?

I used Win98 ever since it came out. In the last month or so, I got a new computer that came with Win7. Talk about a culture shock -- I believe I missed FOUR versions of Windows in between 98 and 7! I feel like someone who went from taking the bus to driving a Rolls-Royce! I'm still not too sure what I'm doing, but every day I learn something new, and I plan to be checking these forums a lot more now. Thanks!

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Windows versions

Each newer version of windows is an improvement with the exception of Vista. Windows 7 is nice, I've been using it since the beta was released. I was one of the lucky ones that pre-ordered 7 for $50 a copy and wish I would have bought about 20 copies instead of only 3.

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Windows 7

Some friends who have 7 said they like it but for the fact that some programs are not Windows 7 ready. I do know others who waited for Vista for that same reason and yes some are happy with it and some aren't. At the moment I will stick with my Vista while I learn from others about Windows 7

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Windows versions

I have used all of the window programs,I still use XP it is now a great program,I also have vista it is slower than XP or windows 7 on the same computer.I also got in on the 50.00 deal,and it was a great deal.Windows 7 is the way to go,If you have vista you won't go wrong getting it.

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Remember Windows ME

Not every major revision of Windows is an improvement. Don't forget the awful Windows ME!

That was smart of you to pre-order Windows 7 for $50 a copy.

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The horror of nostalgia

Ah, Windows ME... It's the one Windows release that firmly fixed in my mind the sucker punch feeling in my gut that I can get from Microsoft when I have to pay for something "new and improved", only to find out that it's neither. I'd gotten the same feeling from previous Windows releases (Win3.0 and Win98, just to name two - Win3.1[1], Win2k, and WinXP gave me the least trouble), but WinME is the one that finally cemented Microsoft in my mind as an Evil Empire. What's worst is that every time M$ "upgrades" a product, they try to assure that the previous version will be crippled, thus forcing the upgrade.

OTOH, I immediately recognized Apple as an Evil Empire after Woz left.

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re Vista

I went from XP to Vista Home Premium (unwillingly) when I bought a new laptop, but I've never had any problems with it. I use IE8, and Norton 360 keeps the laptop clean and "lean."

Google Chrome was the only program that gave me any trouble ( couldn't open some attachments or links ) but that was resolved once I uninstalled it made IE my default again.

I've always been quite happy with Vista.

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