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Poll: What is the reason for you reinstalling Windows?

What is the most common reason for you reinstalling Windows?

-- As part of regular maintenance (even if there is not a specific problem).
-- Corrupt Windows Registry.
-- Deletion or corruption of system files (not the Registry).
-- Hardware failure.
-- Malware.
-- System running slowly.
-- Upgrade to a new Window version.
-- I've never reinstalled Windows.
-- Other (What is it?)
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What is the most common reason for you reinstalling Windows
My hard drive was making a lot of noise and my system started doing strange things. I decided to not wait for the crast, and went ahead and replaced the hard drive. After running Windows System Recovery, reinstalling all of my programs, and restoring all of my files, I find that everything is great again.
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Why I've never reinstalled Windows

I clean the disk, registry and defreg every 3-4 days to 1.5 weeks depending on the amount of program downloading and removing I do. I also run a deep scan with 2-3 malware removal programs, I use Ad-Aware, MalwareBytes and Spybot Search and Destroy, to make sure nothing has slipped past by my defenses. I also monitor upgrades to all my programs with Secunia to ensure everything is up to date. I also regularly check for new BIOS and drivers and update as required. If I have notived any slow down, this usually cures it. I have something in excess of 8gb in my tool kit. If not I dig till I find conflicted programs or other causes. All this keeps my computer running fast and smooth. I will replacing my 2.9ghz dual core Athelon with a 3.0 quad core Phenom Black 64 and Win7 Ultimate 64 bit in a couple months. After that I'll install 2-4gb 1066mhz RAM boards, after removing the 4-1gb boards, then adding 2 more 4gb boards later. I may even try overclocking. My Gigabyte MoBo had an EasyTune utility for that and can store up to 8 different settings for the BIOS. Making it easy to switch from one to the other. I do wish it would accept DDR3 RAM. Oh well, next computer, lol.

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I Don't Reinstall Windows

My husband and I both have Macs. Never reinstalled windows.

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Malware / Viruses are the most common cause of poor system performance, in my cases. Currently, it says most people have not reinstalled Windows, and I can easily see that. Most of the time, if they have an issue with their computer, they will sell it on Craigslist, and just go out and by a new one.
As for Hardware failure, why? Can't you just call Microsoft and tell them and prove them that your hardware changed?

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Reinstall & freshen things up

Can be a pain, so I make a ghost copy of the system to a drive. I only use WD drives, & have enjoyed this feature for years. About every so many months (usually a year +/-) I'll reformat the drive & copy the back up to the computer. It already has the core software I want on it, doesn't have countless caches & hidden temps or things of that nature. No oopses from bad installs. Everything is fresh & clean. I just need to update the AVP, install any programs that haven't made it to the permanent copy & get going again.
It's just good maintenance for the computer, plus this is the time I really clean out the fans, coolers & all of those little spots.

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Why I have reinstalled Windows

Win 95 & 98 needed every so often cause they would loose their minds.
Since 2000 only because of malware and hardware issues.

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I have Reinstalled Windows

In the past, I had to reinstall Windows 98 for hardware issues. Years later Reinstall Win XP because of errors I made during a registry "Clean Up". WhenI upgraded from Vista to Win 7, I had to reinstall Win 7 because of a software problem, but that was within the first week of my upgrade. I am pleased with Win 7 and satisfied with MS Updates.

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Not done a full reinstall since Win 98

Hard drive imaging has, so far, prevented any such need and restoring an older image has happened no more times than I can count on one hand.

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What is the reason for you reinstalling Windows?

My reason for re-installing Windows is that I had a pirated copy installed before on my desktop.
(I had no knowledge of this before).<div>
Then I decided to install a LEGAL copy and my computer, since then works fine now.
</div>In the past 6 months I have never seen any problem, Microsoft up-dates are installed automatic and so on.

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