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Poll: What do you think is the biggest threat to your computer's security?

What do you personally think is the biggest threat to your computer's security?

-- Viruses, Trojans, or worms
-- Spyware and adware
-- Spam
-- Phishing attacks
-- Hackers
-- Rootkits
-- Insecure wireless networks
-- Instant messaging and P2P applications
-- Lack of user awareness
-- Other

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My Biggest Threat

I would have to say that I'm my biggest threat, the only time I have ever had a virus was when I opened some spam in my e-mail. Now if I don't recognize where the mail is from , it goes right in the trash. The only time I had a Trojan is when I went to a web site and downloaded some lame toolbar so now I'm careful about my downloads. I now use WOT and no problems.......Digger

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I'd have to agree :-(

I didn't take into consideration how impulsive my grandkids could be with my computer as the sites they would visit had all sorts of items to click on for games, etc.
The most insidious items which got downloaded and installed were and bing search, neither of which I would ever use and had the most memory consuming pop-ups which slowed the on line performance to almost 1/2 speed.
It took a rigorous cleaning and reset of Norton and XP popup blockers to exterminate these, I also make sure that Spybot stays up to date with current vaccinations.
Grand-daughter has her own PC now, courtesy of TxMicro; upgraded with a spare 80 gigabyte HDD and some DDRAM which was left over from an upgrade. Since she's now responsible for keeping her PC clean she's more sympathetic about my former rants....BubbysGrampa

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No threat to me.

As licensed Windows and Security Essenials from Microsoft, I never get hacked or virused. I don't know why others have problem about it?

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How do you know you haven't been Hacked?

I've heard that WSE wasn't that good. (I have no experience with it myself). How would you know that you were never attacked? Just because WSE didn't tell you?

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Biggest threat = Windows

Poll: What do you think is the biggest threat to your computer's security?

Microsoft Windows is the biggest threat to computer's security!!!!

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Windoze itself..

The biggest threat to computer security, assuming you're running Windoze, is Windoze itself.. it's a petrie dish for growing all those things you named.. it has so many vulnerabilities, and ways for evil jerks to get into it (especially if it the machine is on the InterWeb.. duh..).. you have to buy one piece of "respected" bloatware (like Norton.. the software you don't own, but you "rent" for a year, then you have to pay for it again, and again, and again, and didja notice the price goes up every year?..), ya hafta use other software (like MalwareBytes).. there's no one single solution to all of Winblows' security holes.. if I had to pick one off your list (above), I'd choose "hackers".. and now, if having to deal with this at home or the office (assuming you still have a job) wasn't bad enough.. car mfrs. are putting Winblows in some models of new cars' in-dash thingies.. and underhood, underseat, under everything black box computers that control so many critical funtions, the average new car buyer doesn't even KNOW how many computers are in his / her car, and certainly can't work on them when something goes haywire..

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I don't believe that ANY OS is immune. If you do your reseach, (such as on Symantec's site or, better, NIST's website) you will find there are a lot of vunerabilites in APPLE OS X. They have security patches out for Apple users too. And Linux.. there are some malware items out tfor that too. It's all a question of bang for the buck for the people who create this stuff. Of course, Apple attacks went down after Russia arrested the hacking group that was active last summer.

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Regarding poll: Biggest Threat.................

The biggest #1 threat is "LACK" of user awareness! PERIOD!! Yes all the others combined "are in fact relevant" BUT they all are part of user awareness or actually lack thereof!!!!

If, small word HUGE meaning, people were/ are aware of all the others threats than they should/ would be running some sort of anti virus/ anti malware and a very good fire wall at the very least.

Now, couple that with a dose of common sense, don't just blindly click on links, don't just blindly provide user information at the drop of the hat, etc., etc., etc.!!!!! "All of this, IMHO, falls under "Lack of User Awareness"! PERIOD!!

I've talked to people, my own son included, that said "I've been had/ infected or whats wrong with my computer, etc." to find out that, "IF" in fact they had any anti what so ever, it was totally out of date(two or more years old) or they hadn't updated the signatures for months and had NOT scanned their computer for threats! EVER!

The internet is /was/ has become, much akin, to the worst street in the baddest part of any town in the world. Would you walk down that street if you didn't have to?? Anymore anytime one logs on to the internet that is exactly where you are whether you realize it or not! If you had to walk that street, I'm sure you'd feel much safer if you were armed or had an armed guard escorting you. Yet some people log on to that street with nary a care in the world! No protection what so ever!!!!! No anti virus, no anti malware, no firewall! God it's grand to be naive!

Now some of the responses so far are saying it's Windows/ Windoze fault. To that my response is "BULL S#!T!!!!!!! If you think your Apple or Linux OS is "Totally, 100% Secure", your living in a dream world!!!! There is "NO 100%, TOTALLY SECURE OS"!!! PERIOD!!!!

Maybe they haven't targeted you yet but keep bragging. Apple did and got hit with, I believe, 2 pretty impressive attacks with in a couple of months! Keep flapping your yaps!! Maybe then some of the heat will be off Windows for a change!

I, personally, run Norton Internet Security 2012. I won't claim/ brag that it is the best but it has less system impact than Norton 360! It has a firewall, anti virus/ anti spam. Along with that I've installed Malwarebytes Anti-malware free, only drawback is manual updates and scanning but it works! Also Secunia PSI to stay on top of all security updates. If that isn't/ wasn't enough, I've installed File Hippo Update checker and CNet TechTracker to insure "All My Programs" are up to date! Oh, btw, I'm running Windows 7.

Am I paranoid??? I don't think so! But I'm cautious AND keenly aware of "Security Threats!!!!" Remember, the data, computer and personal information you protect IS YOURS AND YOURS ALONE!!

The internet is chock full of villains, evil doers, hackers, and ID thief's. As, I believe, Ben Franklin said;" An ounce of prevention is better a pound of cure." Truer words were never spoken! Anything, free or bought, is much better than absolutely nothing at all! Some are better then others but hands down absolutely beats nothing!

You wouldn't leave your home with the front door unlocked/ open would you???? Why would you not try to lock/ secure your computer/ data?????

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