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Reporting: Poll: Is Google Glass something you'd be interested in?
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For it! ****** bag alert

Just like bluetooth headsets, Google Glass will help with my identification of ********** from almost any distance.

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Yeah or Ney to Google Glass

I don't mind being photographed....when I KNOW I'm being photographed. But I mind a geat deal when I don't know I'm being photographed. While I am aware of the greater scrutiny by government when it comes to security cameras, et al., there is a certain amount of privacy that I feel should be inherent in society and Google Glass could, and in all probability "would," compromise that privacy. So while I think Google should be commended for such an advance in technology, I wouldn't like it, endorse it, or buy it!

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Rubbish opposition
Grin All the people on hear say the similar thing and yet I bet you all have smart phones that take pictures and recordings and some have been taken that you do not know about, it is absolutely ridiculous you say this as it is no different. I can understand if it eves drops on conversation but does it actually do this from a distance. Lets face it the newspapers already do this and yet no one says anything about that. If you got nothing to hide who cares. Bring it on GOOGLE Wink
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wrong! I don't have a phone. I can't use one. I can't use my arms. Which is why the glasses with the voice control would be awesome in my situation

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(NT) key issues r privacy & freedom
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For it

I suppose I'm for it, although I don't know what I would do with such things. I'm for them just for the sake of supporting new tech.

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It's somewhat interesting but

I'm afraid it will be yet another way for those pityful facebook addictees to flood the internet with their worthless videos, parties and "*******"-type behavior. Remove the "share" option from the glasses and I might be for them.

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definitely yes

I am all for it and cannot wait for it to come out on the market. As a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the shoulders down, I really honestly believe this will change the quality of my life in many positive ways. Finally, I can take pictures and video myself instead of having someone take a picture and then showing me and then me saying whether I like it or not, or if they can take it from a different angle. All with my voice I can work these! I cannot wait, you can bet I am definitely going to purchase a pair!

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I can see no good use for this

I see only cheating on exams, photoing credit cards and atm cards, seeing others computerpasswords and a host of other spy related activities
I really do not see a plus side. If you forget to turn it off or purposely leave it on when entering a private establishment such as a cafe or a nightclub you would be breaking laws by photographing people without permission.
Pediphiles will have a grand time at schools and playgrounds.
How about restrooms and locker rooms?

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It's probably a crime in Mass.
The electronic interception of a conversation, in Massachusetts, is a violation of criminal statutes. Maybe Google is a new "make work" project for some of the unemployed lawyers.
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Welcome to the borg collective.

Resistance is futile. When are we finally going to get those brain implants instead of half azz gadgets?

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Since I don't know what it costs or when available...

... I'm pretty sure I'd have no use for it. I didn't see any prices or availability dates on that link you posted, Lee. It looks rather silly to me and I bet it's not cheap. I still haven't figured out why I bought a tablet. Mischief

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Not for me but i'm for anyone else

While I'm not interested in Google Glass for my self I'm for them for same reason I'm for a big brother society. Lets get the show on the road!

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I was going to say no until I read Munkypoop99's post and that made me change my opinion. I really don't see me using them. It's just a shame that all the "Bad Guy's" in the world will be using these for bad things.

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Google glass; another REVELATION ?!?!?

For those who it can REALLY help them because of physical or mental challenges fine; for the 'est of us' NO
These so called smart phones are designed for the LAZIEST and STUPIDEST of people on planet Earth
(Unfortunately a majority of the population)
Not a one can add or do long division or multiply BY THEMSELVES with pen and paper!
If the Technology stream CRASHES; they are done
Cant even 'wipe themselves' without a smart phone telling them how!!!
Win 8 is a GREAT example of a P.O.S. for the 'IDIOTS AT LARGE'

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It seems like you're into irony:

You say :"smart phones are designed for the LAZIEST and STUPIDEST of people on planet Earth".......

........when clearly you haven't a clue as to how they work, what they are for and the benefit they represent to society in such as major productivity gains.

Oh, and if I need to calculate something in 2013, I'd much rather do it on a smartphone than searching for a newsagent, buying a pen and paper and walking back to the original location to do the calculation.

But feel free to write your urgent message, walk to the post office, post it and have it arrive in 3 days. Most of us prefer to get the information in 30 seconds. I don't know, somehow it seems more efficient?

Hint 1:

Here's a starting point, the calculator on a smartphone is used about 0.0001% of the time compared with the rest of the functions.

Hint 2:

Lets see if you get the same amount of work done calculating using pen and paper as someone with a calculator. (Take three guesses why calculators were invented.)

Answer: So we could drag ourselves, screaming, out of the dark ages..... .....well, most of us that is!

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true! I remember before I became paralyzed and worked at the mall. There was one day the cash register would not work so we had to do it all on the paper receipts in figure out tax and figure out everything with a calculator or on paper. No one can do it except for one person and myself. And no matter how much we tried, we could not teach it to the other employees. It was ridiculous. I would love to get these classes and be able to do things like take pictures and whatnot on my own again. I miss that

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I am glad to see that! Usually people are stubborn on their own opinions and can't put their selves in someone else's shoes where it would really help someone else. So thank you

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Innovative but useless gimmick gadget

For me, I would avoid anyone wearing one and I certainly wouldn't stand and talk with them while they were wearing it.

The truth is, I see the people using this in two categories:

1. People who like gimmicks and would use it a lot initially and then it would end up in a box for eternity.

2. True voyeurs. The very people who shouldn't have access.

I looked at the Google video and thought, yeah that would hold my attention for 5 minutes.

Other than voyeurism, what is it really good for? Are you going to wear a chunk of plastic on your head all day in case you might want to know a direction once a week or to avoid taking you're smartphone out to read the weather (the weather you only look at if you get a phone call)?

I won't be wasting my money on one because it's obvious, for the day to day limited use I would get out of it a smartphone is vastly more practical.

I already know I wouldn't want to look like a looney voyeur wearing it in the street constantly so I would have to carry this chunky piece of awkwardly shaped plastic so I could put it on only if I need it. And if it's for a video, clearly I could take that video with my smartphone much faster than putting on that gadget and powering it up.

Obviously the Google video has to make it look fantastic but analyse that video, how often are you really going to be doing things so fantastic you're friends are going to be eager to watch live and that you are unable to use a normal camera? That would be about 10 minutes a year it you're really, really lucky. (And we can see from FaceBook shares how much people really are into watching their friends every move.)

Directions? How crumby are those directions going to be? On your smart phone you expand them contract them, rotate them. What are you going to do, in reality, on this kiddy toy as well as, let alone better, than your smartphone?

Oh but wow, you can see directions whilst looking straight ahead, well, no you can't, not at least if you want to follow them and not fall over, because you're concentrating on the directions not what you're about to walk into 2 feet away.

So, to summarise: You buy it, excitedly try everything out then after about a day, you're thinking... mmmm, what next? And, if you're not a voyeur, you spend the next few weeks wondering how much you need to use it (before you put it away for eternity) to make it appear you didn't waste your money. On the other hand, if you are a voyeur, you excitedly buy it and after getting caught the first time (the first time you try yo use it) you realise that you're wearing your spycam on your head and everyone can see it so it's rather ineffective.

To be honest it appears to be an innovative but useless gimmick gadget.

Interesting to see if the police come up with a reason to ban it while they are fining you.

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Google Glass
Today is the first time I read the words Google Glass. I love technology, but at this point, I am not interested in it. Even if anyone can learn all about me as a result of Google Glass, that is all right as I have nothing to hide. If it gets to be something popular and I can't do without it, I will then think about whether or not I want to know more. I am always interested in learning, especially when it comes to technology. I am enthralled with learning.

Thanks for inviting me to write a few words,

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How to get yourself killed 101

It does sound quite cool and the videos look great but Google appear to have forgotten a major problem. If these things are super satellite linked and fitted with all these cool gadgets, it'll become a bit like driving. People will spend so much time not actually looking were they are going, they will walk out onto the road laughing and talking to their glasses and get obliterated by a passing articulated truck. Ooh, ain't that smart? How would it be to lose your daugter or son because of one of these. Next they'll invent something to stop us being human, listening, speaking, breathing, walking, eating, pooping, peeing... (Do I sound a little paranoid or what yet?)

Secondly, it'll turn out like the iphone. It won't understand an accent unless you have an American accent (And a classy American language at that) and will tell you, when you ask it where the nearest pizza shop is, the nearest place to buy used pantyliners! This could be said to be probably one of the worst idea I've heard of late!

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If I could afford it on my SSD I would buy one...

..because as an individual aging with Post Polio I am having some days with tremors in my hands, muscle spasms, etc. and at those times I cannot take a decent photo to save myself, and there is no way at all I can make video other than using a web cam. I do understand the privacy concerns people have. However, in today's high tech world a person can have their credit card accounts, bank accounts, email, etc. hacked into even with good security software, and when they're following what is considered "safe" practice online, etc. I'd buy one, but I very much doubt these glasses are going to be affordable for most of us, and definitely not for working-class folks whether disabled or not. Sad

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I am definitely getting them. I can't use my hands, paralyzed. So they would definitely help. My quality of life. They are projecting the price at $1400

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Is Google Glass something you'd be interested in?

People need to read the question asked. It asks if YOU WOULD INTERESTED in Google Glass, AGAINST it.

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Sorry I didn't proof read my reply

People need to read the question asked. It asks IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED in Google Glass, not AGAINST it.

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Read the question again stupid, The question asks

Yes , No, or Undecided. What's the cw stand for ? can't wonderstand?

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(NT) along with smartphones the glasses are an asset and an issue
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I see lawsuits in there future

I can see it now, Teen killed while distracted using google glass while driving.
This is probably going to be worse than texting and driving.

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maybe, maybe not

no matter what it is, there are bad with it. I've seen people reading books or newspapers while driving and getting into accidents. I'm looking at the good things with these. Like I've said over and over again; with me being paralyzed from the shoulders down, I honestly feel this will help my life. I can finally do some things on my own like taking pictures and whatnot, which I have missed a lot. And calls and web and everything without having to have someone else do it for me. Or take the 15 minutes it takes to set me in front of my laptop. Plus, when I am outside I can have those to take pictures of my favorite nature places which I have been wanting to do for a a while now and I won't have to have someone else do it and then check with me if I like the picture or if they need to do it a different way. I think these will help people who are in the same situation like myself in more ways than anything else out there right now. Or at least I haven't found anything with the hours and hours and hours and hours of searching for products. I cannot wait for them to come out. I will definitely own a pair and constantly use them. There's not many things I can do on my own, but those will allow me to do just a little bit more and give me a little more independence. Which means more than anything, if you ask me.

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Poll: Is Google Glass something you'd be interested in?

Humans, on the whole, are afraid of what they don't understand. With this new technology we will have to become much more aware of who is around us - so when it comes to some one recording you PIN number - Just shield yourself against this potential threat. We've already been through this with ATM's and mobiles - so what's new!

When it comes to being photographed unknowingly - for people who have been living a sheltered life and are unaware of current realities of life, well we are constantly being photographed, scanned, etc. - so what's new!

Otherwise, Google Glass should be considered for the benefits it offers mankind (or manperson) as it would be a fantastic tool for e.g. education purposes (e.g. interactive training) and it will free educators hands to show how something is done without having to worry about focussing, adjusting camera angles, etc.

What about remote medical diagnostics, etc.

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