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Poll: I have Windows updates set to:

I have Windows updates set to:

-- Download and install updates automatically
-- Download, but I manually install (What's your reason for this?)
-- Notify me of updates only (What's your reason for this?)
-- Never check for updates (What's your reason for this?)
-- I don't do Windows

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(NT) Not let win auto update do its thing
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Not let windows auto upgrade

I have mine set to notify me because, I run my internet thru a T..Mobile stick, I'm running Vista and when sp2 installed it totally creamed my internet connection. What I do now is when it notifies me I uncheck any thing with sp2 in. Upto now works fine hope sp3 is better. This vista SUCKS.

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Not do auto update

I dont auto update bcause it will update everything.
I didnt like IE7, so another reason. clicked for 'dont show again'
I have cut back on updates since it seems like every time I go and
get them, win runs a little slower and there seems to be little
irritations in the way some things run.
we have enough problems with every day problems LOL

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Re: Poll: I have Windows updates set to: - New!

I've seen a few times over the years where a Windows Update "breaks" something else (I remember a problem with Realtek Audio Drivers), so I prefer to be notified when they are available & then choose what & when to install. This way, if I do an update & then something quits working, I have a pretty good idea what caused it. If I allowed auto download & install, & then something quit working, I wouldn't have such an obvious starting point.

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Download, but I manually install (What's your reason?)

High percentage of Windows Update require reboot. I control when the update is applied, thereby controlling when the computer reboots - thus minimizing the inconvenience to what I am working on.

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Agree with rruss

Plus I'm more likely to review what Windows is updating if I control manually.

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Automatic Windows Updates

Automatic Updates works fine for me. I sometimes have to determine why an update didn't install and then do a manual update the next day or two after I determine why the update didn't take.

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Manual install

I like to set a restore point before any changes are made and I don't trust microsoft to always be right.
I generally use Secunia to advise of updates anyway.

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I do it manually

I choose not to let Windows do any downloads or updates for several reasons:

-There are some updates I choose not to install, such as Windows and Office Genuine Advantage, which prevents me from choosing automatic updates.

-Windows has a history of automatically installing some updates even though you specify for it to download only but manually install, preventing me from choosing this alternative.

- I do not need to be notified of updates, as I read enough postings from CNET, ZDNet, and other services, to know when there are important out-of-sequence updates coming from Microsoft on other than the usual patch Tuesdays.

-I can make a drive image backup immediately before installing any updates- if they cause a problem, I can restore to the point immediately before, and not trust that System Restore will do the job properly.

-I can hold back on any updates that any reliable online source or newsletters state may be problematic until the problems are restored.

I can see why those who do not follow such resources would choose automation, but as one who does follow them, I prefer to remain in control.

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Windows Updates set to:

I've always had Windows Updates set to automatic. Has never been a problem for me. The odd time I have chosen when to reboot, but that is all.

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I have windows updates set to

Download, but I install. The reason I do this is because when I'm at work, the boss has a type of block on our wifi that prevents guests (I work at a motel) from streaming videos & stuff, so either it takes forever to install, or will freeze up, & I have to shut down completely & reboot. And, I really hate when I'm in the middle of something & an installation starts, & either kicks me off of what I'm doing, or slows things down so that I have to close out whatever it is, & wait for the download to finish. Drives me crazy! Also, some programs don't do well with my Vista. I had a terrible time downloading SP2. It kept hanging up, but I finally managed to get it installed.

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Windows - Download, but I install

I want to look over the updates and make sure I am somewhat familiar with what is going to be installed.I usually do all of the critical updates. I want to know what is going on with my computer. Don't want any "Stealth" updates!!!

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I'm a heavy Internet user

I?m a heavy Internet user. I don?t want my Internet service bandwidth to be used without being notified. That?s why I choose ?check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them?.

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Never check for updates

Never I do check for updates. Had nasty experiences with microsoft, even at one stage had tore-install the whole HD due to Bill Gates' prying. Gates has just got to suck it up and accept that he's dealing with popular culture here, and that there's always going to be some copies around - of everything!

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Your're part of the problem...

People that don't put security updates on their computers are part of the problem on the internet. Security updates are for particular security exploits that are out there...all not installing means is that your computer will, sooner or later, become infected. Fine for you, you apparently don't care, but viruses travel between computers, and unpatched computers are staging sites for denial of service attacks, spam emailing, and launching pads for whatever the particular hacker that owns your computer can figure out to do with it. So if your computer plays a part in tranmitting viruses, trojan, etc. and spam emailing, or denial of service attacks on internet resource sites, we all suffer from that.

Please do some reading about security, and give some thought to it. Most reasonable people eventually realize that security patches are a net good thing. If you don't, you're just helping some hacker(s) get their job of disruption and control done.


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Don't be so quick to judge....

Not everybody needs updates....

The last few times I updated was 12 years ago or so when I was still a newbie, using Win 98. Almost every single time, it broke the computer in some way and I eventually had to reinstall Windows. I remember once, it caused the browsers to randomly chuck out cookies, so I would get thrown out of sites while I was browsing or working on something. Doing some research, I found out it was a KNOWN issue with the update, and I COULD call Microsoft for $69.99 per minute to fix. I don't think so. I SWORE I would never update again.

I got self-educated on the workings of the Win software itself, tweak it regularly, have excellent protection software, and don't go to "sketchy" sites or open strange email links in general. If anything nasty online even SNEEZES in my direction, I know about it immediately. I have not had a virus or anything malicious on my computer for over 9 years. I haven't had one bit of spam for at least 6 years of using the same email address. All family's computers are kept up the same way. No issues. No updates.

If someone KNOWS what they are doing, it's a non-issue. People who don't have a clue or don't care, newbies, or those who like to surf porn and click on every random email link/popup, those are the ones who need to update. Even then, they've still got a big blinking target on their foreheads because updates won't help with everything. They're the "drunk drivers" of the internet and get what they deserve, and will never learn and/or change their habits.

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Check for updates only and I'll do the rest.

On more than one occasion I have been in the middle of an assignment that required Internet research only to have my machine bogged down by Windows wanting to download and install updates! (Norton ticks me off for that same reason). Plus, I want to decide what gets updated, for instance I do not use any flavor of IE.

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(NT) Notify me of updates only!!!
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Notify me of updates only

Well, I have this options due to a few bad updates.
The first which made do this was an update which went wrong and crippled the computer....luckily I had back-ups. Despite this I still had to do a re-install.

The second, which has also been seen in various forums, was with the "WGA" Windows Genuine Advantage.
On my computer I have the label which gives the key for my version of Windows Xp Pro. This WGA said that my version was a "Pirate Copy"....I contacted MS for help adn to be honest they did help to resolve the problem after a very long time on the phone. The trouble was that after a few reboots the problem started again. This time I reformated, used my original key. The first update asked if I wanted to download WGA....of course I said "NO" and don't remind me again. That was two years ago and since then no problems!!!

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Updates XP & Windows 7

XP downloads Automically Windows 7 never downloads itself, I must run update and do it manually.

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Download, but I manually install (What's your reason for thi

For some reason microsoft automatic updates updates always seem to coincide with me working on my computer or talking to someone on skype, then telling me updates have been installed and i have to restart everything. So for my personal convenience I selected download, but I Choose the time when to install them.

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I dont auto update windows updates etc

I dont do auto update as I have had problems in the past with the awlful windows authentication software. Even with genuine software you can have problems.
Further there are times when you want to get on and not be hassled with updates working in the background taking any resource or occasionally needing a reboot to finish updating. But its each to there own, it does make we wonder why windows needs so many updates many of which seem to have nothing to do with security.

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Windows experiance

I have it set to download but manually install, to have an in case something goes wrong. Everybody knows that it is necessary to reload windows every 2 years or less because it gets slower and troublesome.
Most PCs are sold with short memory; 2 GB is ok for XP, not less; the poor disk gets crazy. Extrapolating, Windows 7, with more controls on accessing, requires more memory; I Would say 4 GB. I did not ty it yet. Programs run faster with data and programs in different disks. Vista was a plain failure. With all te programming power Microsoft has, it is immoral the way they force people to buy new programs,instead of separating programs in different protected memory areas; the governments should control it ... well, they allow drugs anyway.

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Notify only.

I always check for optional updates when the notice come up. There are certain option updates I never want installed. I also want most of the optional updates. The Notify only matches my needs. I will never install Windows Live Essentials or Windows Search. I have several clients with older nVidia video cards that never work with the new drivers that Windows update installs.

Only fools and incompetents allow Windows update to install automatically and include all optional updates. It is a sure path to chaos and crashes.

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
-- George Bernard Shaw

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Automagic Download Only

We have 5 XP boxes in my household. As the family IT guy, I have all of them set up to download only. Why? Because on 3 separate occasions on different machines for each, Windows update has hosed a machine. As one "for instance" is my HP laptop. WinUpdate shows a bluetooth update for my hardware. (I'd created a full savepoint prior to doing this, thank Murphy.) Said MS update ate my Bluetooth stack and were it not for the savepoint restore, I would have had to nuke the machine.

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different strokes for different folks

I have several machines set differently. Some are set for auto updates, especially if I set something up for someone else who has very basic computer skills and cannot manage the update decisions for themselves. Personally, I like to be notified, partly so I can review what and when updates are applied. Also, I like to wait a while to let the smoke clear. As most of you know, sometimes updates are imperfect and waiting a few weeks before applying them lets others be the guinea pigs.

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Notify me of updates only

Automatic update works, as it should, only about 20% of the time... although recently there's been some improvement.

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notify for updates

I have my PC (Vista Premium 64 bit) set to notify me of updates only so I can see what is available and plan the download for a more opportune timeframe since I'm stuck with Hughesnet as an internet provider and they penalize you if you exceed their artifical maximum download/upload bytes. I've had pretty good luck with the Windows download/intalls so far

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I have my PC's set to Notify

I have my PC's set to Notify me when there are Windows Updates I like to see what I'm downloading as I've had problems with some Windows Updates in the past.

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