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Poll: How much hard-drive space do your digital photos take up?

How much hard-drive space do your digital photos take up?

Less than 1 gigabyte.
2 to 5 gigabytes
6 to 10 gigabytes
11 to 20 gigabytes
21 to 30 gigabytes
31 to 40 gigabytes
41 to 50 gigabytes
51 or more gigabytes

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Reporting: Poll: How much hard-drive space do your digital photos take up?
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not as much as I thought


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A bit over 20GB

I have about 22GB right now, but since I keep my pictures on a Mac Mini server, and it backs up with Time Machine, it really becomes twice that.

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121 gig

"Properties" says I have 121 gigs in my Pictures folder, but I save in tif format which a quick check shows is 4-10 times the file size of jpgs.

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80 GB and counting

Last year I took the photos at a family wedding - 2 days, 9GB

That was with my still relatively new 50D, I tend to take photos at the "fullest and finest" resolution, figuring that that extra bit of storage space isn't costing an arm and a leg anymore these days.

And then I archive everything except the real blunders at that resolution - in JPEG. I haven't progressed to raw format work yet because I haven't taken the time yet to figure it out completely.

The 80 GB are the result of 8 years of digital photography with various cameras from 3 to 15 Megapixels and the odd cell phone photo starting at 1.3 MP. Wait until I retire and spend the first few years digitizing my slides of over thirty years.

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150+ gigs and growing....

I have been doing exactly the same thing for the past 10 years and it is amazing how much accumulates! I just retired last year, and I was going to do the same thing with my slides. Then I took down the boxes of slides and after a long look (about two days), I put them all back. (I did scan a few for some really good original wallpaper, though!)

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Digital Photo space

I have been shooting digital for about 10 years. My photos now encompass 1.5 terabytes. I just bought a custom built Asus Supercomputer with 10-one terabyte drives arranged into a RAID 1 and a RAID 10 Array to help with storage and processing 48 meg raw files. I am a nature shooter and use a Canon 50D.

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Remember when...

> My photos now encompass 1.5 terabytes

Remember when 5 megabytes was huge? We wondered why anyone would need that much storage.

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hard disc space of digital photos

Even though my note book has more than 100 Gb space, my pictures folder is less than 1 Gb. I periodically transfer my albums to CD

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utilisation of hard disk space for vedios

I am having more than 300 gb videos & pictures stored on my hard disk of 750 gb capacity.As some body expressed difficulty retrieval of old photos,day to day upgradation in software and hard ware should not be a bottleneck in viewing present day photos or videos after 10 or 15 years.

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60 gig

That includes a few thousand 35mm slides that have been digitized.

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165 GB

Mostly JPEG files.

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2 Terabytes and counting

I'm on my 6th and 7th digital bodies, shoot both raw and large jpeg and have 7 years of photos stored on CD and DVDS in addition to 3 external drives connected to either my Dell or my MacBook.
My summer project is to consolidate all of my storage, remove duplicates and generally clean up the inventory. Wish me luck

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Good luck

Good luck on that project. I use DiskState to find dups, and UniqueFiler to find pics that are similar.

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how to avoid duplicate images?

I am also having the same problem of having duplicate images with same or different file names.Can you tell me how to filter such media.What is the 'Disk State' you are talking to use it.

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duplicates from consolidating photos

I retired last year. I am scanning 50 years worth of photo albums of mine, 60 years worth of photos of the father of a friend and soon will be scanning photos from my mother's collection. I currently have used only about 15Gb on a 1 TB external drive. I moved all the photos from from every source that I had to this drive (I have made a backup, too) and have lots of duplicates and triplicates. I will look into the software suggested in this thread. Does anybody else have other suggestions? I use Adobe Bridge to manage all my photos. I sort the photos by date. Non-digital photos get put into the approximate year in a descriptive folder when I don't know the exact date. By the end of the year I expect I will have the hard drive almost filled. I save some of the photos in multiple sizes, so some of the photos have intentional duplicates.

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It Depends on the format used...

I take pictures in the Raw format, process into Tiff then resize into Jpeg for copies , email and prints. I do not keep pictures on my computer hard drive unless working with them. I store them on a 1TB external drive for secure storage.

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