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Poll: Have you ever accidentally clicked on a browser pop-up and got infected by malware?

Have you ever accidentally clicked on a browser pop-up and got infected by malware?

-- Never (Good for you!)
-- Once (What was it and what happened?)
-- Twice (What were they and what happened?)
-- A few times (Didn't you learn form the first and second time?)

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Clicking on a browser pop-up

I clicked on a pop-up that was supposedly from Microsoft to upgrade Internet Explorer. I got a virus...all I did to repair it was to recover the hard drive back to factory specs using the Recovery Disks.

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Let us clean the malware - Malware

This is a slick one. It breaks through all pop-up blockers and happens when you are clicking on a legitimate button. It drives you crazy and consumes your screen with or without browser up, telling you that you are infected, yada yada. The only way that I got rid of it, was to run the MS Malicious software tool AND my AVG suite AND my IOBIT malware suite. I was resolute not to reset to mfg. Just too much at stake. 12 hours later, it was back to normal. Then my Grand Daughters laptop got hit, same thing from a Yahoo site. UGGH.

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I did click on one a long time ago. It was back when Windows ME was new. I do not remember the name of the malware as it was 10 years ago.

It was pop-up city on that computer. It was hard to run any thing. I ended up on this site on a search. I did what was recommended for removing malware (Spy-bot, Ad-aware, and one other program that I do not recall at this point). The removal worked.

After that I started to take steps to prevent this from happening. I installed a Firewall and an anti-virus. I know that it is the user that is the treat. That Security programs can only do so munch.

As it a shard PC, I warn my relatives about it. I told them that if a pop-up for a "FREE Anti-virus Scan" to go Ctrl-alt-delete, close/stop the program. Also I told them that they should not click on any pop-us. I made sure that the PC was fully up to date (OS, security programs).

Personally, I have not experience anything like that again. I did have to remove the malware a few times as my relatives were tricked by the pop-ups.

Now only I could get my co-worker to stop click on every pop-up that she sees.

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Poll: Have you ever accidentally clicked on a browser pop-up

Yup the very next day I changed to Linux and haven't looked back .I was dual booting prior to my virus attack . By the way I have not had ANY popup ads like those using Google Chrome either.

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Haven't had a problem with infection via pop-ups

I had severe problems with Vista. Very unstable. Although I finally got an update that fixed that, I had something else going on before that update.

I now use Firefox as a browser. Oh, I almost forgot. I now am running Ubuntu Linux. I only use Vista to get updates for Vista should I ever have the inkling to go to that side of the hard drive. I have a lot of programs (including amateur radio digital mode programs) running under Linux. It is a (so far) bullet-proof operating system. I can be engaged in chat, have my mail open, plus a few windows open in the Internet and update at the same time, with no problems. Even a 2 GB download to "upgrade" Linux proceeded with no hitches (other, of course, than a necessary reboot).

My neighbor got hit very hard with XP. Couldn't even get into safe mode. Amazing what an ISO disk with Linux can do. Nothing could survive. And her kids love Linux now.

All my best,

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pop up malware

I probably clicked on a popup and was infected by malware -- one doesn't know about the nalware until later, n'est-ce pas?
I currently have (probably) malware in my registry because I'm constantly redirected in my search efforts. As a non-techie type I'm almost afraid to change my user status from administrator to ...what?
Win XP Pro. IE 7 and I'm old (86), so if you answer, be tolerant -- write slowly.

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I Haven't But My....

kitten has!! If I get a browser based pop-up, I immediately use the alt+F4 to get away as I know any button could be lying.

In this case I was cursor over the pop-up trying to see what URL it linked to, when my kitten leapt on to the desk,landing on the keyboard more specifically the enter/return key!! Saved by Tea Timer (Spybot) and some other manually disabled routes preventing deep access.

Other problem came right after closing of a security site I was member of (Castle Cops, I think). It closed later the same night I was there and before I knew it had closed (2-3 days?) I received an E-mail from them thanking me for my loyal following and including a link for a free year of McAfee Pro A/V as a thank you. Apparently, within a day of cosing, someone got hold of the membership e-mail list and sent out a thank you trojans!! Shades of Yahoo! Thank You 4 10 years Tennis scr. trojan!!! I've never trusted "Yahoo!" anything since.

Again as above and with a A/V run to boot along w/ a SFC run & I was fine again. BEWARE Of Trojans Bearing Gifts!! LOL! Sandy Grin

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Clicked on pop-up once; got malware

Got the pop-up about needing to update antivirus defs; was tired and simply clicked on it. It gave me the Anti-Virus 2008 Trojan. When I researched it, there were complicated instructions about editing the Registry. Upon further reading, I noticed that Malwarebytes was recommended to get rid of it, so I chose that option.

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Never been bit.

I've never been bit by clicking on a pop-up, mostly because I rarely click on one at all. When I have, it was when I was at a reputable site.

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I have never clicked on any popups!

Microsoft Updates, I prefer to go to the site, same applies for Adobe. I don't want to take any chances. Darrell

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Never had one since March 1 2010

OCT 23
I have inadvertently hit the Red "X" on a popup and got some Malware as they where harder and harder to clean. Using a free antiviruses (Avast, Alvira, AVG Parento etc. i got them). But I went out and made an investment in the paid Trend antivirus and I never got anything again. It is the single best thing to get great protection for your PC from viruses, Malware, spyware etc. So I suggest to all, is to "buy" one. The freebies are OK - but a small investment for the protection I get is great. Trend does not clean nasties, but that is OK, as they never get past the Firewall or past my Trend protection, Malware is now a thing of the past with my $ 30 dollar investment... So "Buying one" is the best bet...

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once-stop mozilla

was browsing with mozilla firefox and got a green pop up with warning i had been infected and should install STOP-MOZILLA which i did then got msg that i would need to install full version to fix whiich i didn't and with in three days of this as computer got worse and worse i was locked out of my system- got back in by letting battery discharge and went to bios etc and found that priveleges had been elevated for stop mozilla and i could not remove - paid for full version and it gradually gained most of control back but then relized allall security had been disabled and i was so infected i had to wipe and start and from scratch.

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Have you ever accidentally clicked on a

browser pop-up and gotten infected by a virus?

Yes, several times. The last one happened when I had a mind block and pressed the key anyway. I was infected by Security Master. I could not get rid of it until I downloaded Emsisoft malware remover. I tried their emergency malware remover, but the program wouldn't delete the offending software until after I paid for the full program. I had read on your sight that the emergency program would remove the virus for free, but that was not the case. Emsi-soft does a really good job, but it is almost too good.

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pop-up clicking and browsers

Firefox users were often more aware of the risks of clicking on any pop-up form, and some switched from IE to Firefox to take profit of efficient pop-up blocking (this is my case).
The golden rule was "never click on a pop-up form or mail from anyone you do not know". Now, with forged mails from your very own accounts, The golden rule is "never click on a pop-up form or mail you did not ask for yourself".
Bruno, from Orleans the old one.

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not with the Mac

Basically never with the Mac, in part because if I ever clicked to close them in the past it would not have infected the Mac as these malware seem to be PC oriented.
Nonetheless I have learned from previous discussions on CNET that one should never click anywhere on these popups, so for the past year or so I have generally brought up ForceQuit from the Apple menu on the far left and forced the browser to quit without clicking anywhere. About last February I found a lot of sites dealing with car spare parts and advice were infected with such popups.
-When I borrowed a PC running Vista once, I might have been infected with such a popup but cannot be sure as the owner had never before put on anti-malware programs. I did so and discovered a couple of Trojans that might have been there for some time beforehand. The cleanup was easy.

What worries me most is the proliferation of advert type sites that don't allow you to quit them unless you click on the popup that appears when you try to quit, asking whether you are really sure you want to quit them. You have to click on a choice of Cancel or OK. Killing the browser every time becomes a bit of a bore and so this clicking could be exploited to plant malware. Has anyone ever caught malware from one of these advertising sites that demand this verification before quitting?

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one for me and one for my wife

Almost ten years ago I fell victim to the "fake X". I rushed too quickly to close an obviously fake system message. I purposely avoided the "OK" button and clicked on the "X" on the upper right of the message. Just as I was clicking, I realized that the "system message" was actually a picture of a system message inside a larger pop-up browser window. It didn't sink in at first, that the system message was XP-styled when I was running '98. Literally, just as I was clicking, I realized what I had done, but too late; my fingers were already in motion. Next thing I saw was "thank you for installing so-and-so's daily horoscope or some-such nonsense..." The system became unuseable, doing nothing but showing popups as soon as it was turned on. I did manage to get it cleaned up, but the system remained fairly unstable despite my best efforts. Ultimately, I had to resinstall everything from scratch.

More recently, my wife clicked on, not a pop-up, but a link on Facebook from one of her friends who had been hacked. It wasn't too hard to clean up, but, man, Facebook is filled with perils for the unwary. Once, we were instant-messaged by one of her friends who had been hacked. The hacker was trying to get us to wire them money at the airport in some foreign country because they had "lost their wallet, passport, and luggage". We laughed as he answered questions about the wife and kids that our friend didn't actually have.

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Touch wood, never.

I use Firefox and block pop- ups as much as possible.

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It happened once but two pieces of malware installed

I have no idea how it happened, but Firefox closed revealing a popup advertising a proxy, which I closed. Three programs said I had viruses, two of these programs were rogue. AVG found the malware but couldn't get rid of all of it. Both rogue programs, Security Tool and ThinkPoint, forced me to let them install themselves. After restarting the computer in safe mode, ThinkPoint started up and wouldn't let me stop the fake scan. Then, after I logged on, Security Tool started, but I stopped the scan every time. Neither of them would let me do anything except stare at my screen and thousands of notification popups saying that I had malware and needed to buy both Security Tool and ThinkPoint to get rid of it. Not falling for the scam, I went into Advanced Startup and selected Repair Windows. I had to resort to restoring to factory defaults, which erased everything. F#$% you, malware.

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I have Norton 360 installed and it tells you if it is safe to install or not by a green pop up window or orange or red pop up (then it just wont let you install it even by mistake!

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