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Windows 8 -- Probably not at least this year

There has been a lot of hoopla about W8, but I have two computers running W7 that are working great, and unless I can see some good reason to go to W8, I will likely stay just where I am. If somehow I have to buy a new computer, then W8 will be a fact of life. By the middle of 2013, there should be a pretty good indication of how valuable an upgrade would be, and that is probably the time to make a conversion. Unfortunately during the first 6 to 8 months of most O/S releases, there are usually a significant amount of problems showing up. In the past few years, I have had XP, Vista, and now W7 on a computer, and I can say that in my case, Windows 7 is the superior operating system. Vista was probably better than XP, but a lot of people didn't like it. For me personally Vista was fairly good, but it did have lot of problems as they were developing the O/S. Windows 7 had been out for a while before I bought a new computer that had it installed. It was a Lenovo i7 with 8 gig of ram which has turned out to be the best computer that I have ever had. I had a Lenovo Desktop that I bought for about $300 that had Vista on it, but they had a low cost update to W7, and I opted for that, and it was a better computer after W7 was installed. I finally gave that away to someone, but bought a Lenovo Laptop with an i7 and 6 gig of ram for about $630, and at that time that was a pretty good deal. I still have that one, and use both my i7 Desktop and i7 Laptop each and every day, and they have been pretty reliable for me. When you have smooth running computers, doing an Upgrade isn't too appealing.

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Lets get serius!

I have the "Windows 8 Release Preview Evaluation copy, Build 8400" on my computer right now. It has a split personality. You can access and interact through two different interfaces on the same operating system. One interface, I call the Windows 7 interface everything since July 5 2012 has performed the same way my Windows 7 Performed and I have had no system failures while using this interface. I have however lost all my free card games like Freecell, spider, and solitaire since I switched. (It is possible they will be returned with the full version.) The second interface is like the interface you see in the cell phone commercials. I have had several blue screen seizures and the interface does not function the same. The interface has also shown to have problems reallocating memory. I could be the interface or it could be the programmer. The web browser in the Windows 8 interface will not allow certain things to work, like enlarging pictures or text unless the web site allows it. Most links are broken so following a news story is very frustrating. Windows 8 browser will let you switch to the regular Windows 7 browser, but the Microsoft apps for news may or may not let you switch. I absolutely hate the email app for Hotmail and MSN. All the apps are written by amateur programmers even the Microsoft ones. I played a video game that was a simple page turner and it caused my computer crash. I complained to the author two weeks later they fixed the crash problem. Missing my solitaire card games I tried the only app written for cards it will let the user make illegal moves and if you get bored with the animations you will discover you can interact with the animation and the result sometime cause buffer overruns with you score. I have caused my score to go from 3000 to minus 10000. The Widows 8 interface itself is cool and different, but I don't see the kind of software support required to make it a hit. I feel sorry for the phone users that are using Windows 8 cause they are seeing the same apps I do and my Android phone apps a far and away superior. The only reason I will upgrade is the hope that I get my solitaire card games back.

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This is Windows?

To me, "Windows" means a particular way of doing things that has improved over the years but has essentially stayed with a familiar interface. Windows 8 is not the old, comfortable, familiar Windows I know and (mostly) love. It is more like a stained glass window -- ornamental rather than practical. Maybe it will grow on me in time, maybe not.

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Are you looking forward to the release of Windows 8? No

It goes to show many people out there think like me, when it comes to this new Windows 8. I was one of these people who looked forward to a new Windows OS until Vista came along and the damage that it did (most hardware and software would not work on it). Windows 7 should have been free, as it is what Vista was never. Windows 7 and XP will always be remembering as the best OS Microsoft has ever produced for PC.
Things have moved on from Microsoft OS PC. The new generation of PDA phone coming on line soon will have auto update OS system with projector keyboards and display systems, where by laser or wireless, time will tell. That is the future and the PC OS of past will not be of any interest, it will be out of our hands. We will not worry about OS; it will be about who has the right to access all this information, what protection in law will you have and what new safety system your cell phone will have to protect you.
I reckon encryption software will be the next big thing. As your little phone could do, a lot of harm to you if someone accessed it. Your phone now is capable of carry everything in your PC. That your, ID, passwords, medical records, e-money, pictures and that not mentions all the hardware it will also replace, remote controls (TV, Gate, garage door & so), GPS, camera and music, you name it, it can do it. Slowly we will all follow onto this way of doing things for the simple reason it will make life much easier. Am I looking forward to Windows 8? No. It is already out of date.

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I voted No

After the fiasco that was vista, we finally got something resembling stability in windows 7. I takes up 1/2 my drive space on my lap top (although only 4 years old it appears to be a dinosaur) so I imagine that win 8 will be the same or worse for space. The only reason for keep bringing out a new os every couple of years is to make money on new machines, and thats fine, but if we are going to have a situation where microsoft start blackmailing their users of older software to upgrade to this one or find support going down the pan in the same way they did with XP then they will be shooting themselves in the foot. Users have long memories and just now, empty pockets. From what I have seen of 8, the program is designed for a specific market anyway, and it doesnt appear to be desk top users, so no, nothing is going to be making us upgrade in this house, whereas when 7 came out we had it on pre order, just to get rid of vista from the new machines we bought the previous year.

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Tried Windows 8 for a few months - the preview version

I personally don't think that I benefited enough from switching so, I have recently gone back to Windows 7 - Windows 8 will most likely be enjoyed more by people with touch screens - I feel like I have more flexibility with Windows 7 - I am an educator and an IT network security specialist in training. I do not own a tablet PC yet.

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I voted no also

Its just about a year that I had upgraded to Win7 and now 8? There was a time when one had to wait more than a couple of years for a new Window, now it seems every year a new one appears..and I still have XP on my desktop and love it.

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Absolutely not.

I'll definitely be picking up a lingering 3-pack of licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium before the release date. If I buy a new PC that has Windows 8, I want to be able to wipe that crap right off. Getting rid of the whole interface and scrapping it for a tablet interface is simply stupid. I don't care if it really is 3x as fast as Windows 7, it's ugly and unusable! Windows 8 = DO NOT WANT!

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Windows 8, no thanks

Yet another mucked-about windows programme is inevitably going to cost money and so long as XP keeps working fine, there seems absolutely no point in foisting a new programme on us except to line the pockets of some obscure bloke in CA

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I wasn't, but now I am.

I wasn't looking forward to Windows 8. I tried it on an old laptop, and although zippy and functional, I couldn't get used to the Metro interface. Then I bought a cell phone running Windows Phone 7.5 and it all started to make sense. I like it on my phone, and when I started thinking about the cursor as an extension of my finger tip, I started to experience it on my PC as it was meant to be experienced. Windows 8 will come into its own as touch screen devices become more prevalent. Microsoft is convinced that in a few years touch screens will be the primary input device on the vast majority of PCs -and other devices. Win 8 wasn't built for the PC you bought yesterday, it was built for the next PC you'll be buying, and Microsoft believes it will have a touch screen. It will be a world where a PC isn't simply an object on its own, but rather an interface built into the surface of many objects, and in that world mice and keyboards will just be in the way. You wouldn't want to use a mouse and keyboard to check the freshness of the milk in your frige. Visually it will look a lot like Star Trek - The Next Generation, where every device imaginable had a touch screen interface, and in Microsoft's version of that world, Windows will run all of them. That's what Windows 8 is all about.

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People said...

The same thing about the automobile. It would never replace the horse and buggy.

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