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Poll: Are you going to buy the new Apple iPad?

Are you going to buy the new Apple iPad?

-- Absolutely! (What about it appeals to you most?)
-- Yes, I preordered it already. (What about it appeals to you most?)
-- Undecided. (What's holding you back?)
-- Not yet, waiting on next version. (What's wrong with this version?)
-- Never! (Why so certain?)

Sound off below!
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Pretty damned sure it's 'no'. I've already done the more ecosystem lockdown for me.

Plus I've got my eye on other things for what little disposable income I have these days to play with. An iPad doesn't even break into my Top 10.

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May I ask, what is your top ten?

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That I can read books on it; play games; surf the web; and it's light weight and portable.

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No need to spend another 600.00

I already have a ipod touch and it will do everything the ipad does and will do. The 400.00 price difference makes the pod a better value, plus, it will fit in my shirt pocket. If I want to carry around a netbook, then I would carry the one I have which was only 300.00. It is all a matter of economics.

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Only if...

It's gotta run Keynote, Keynote on the iPad has to be able to edit math equations, and Pages has to be able to print to pdf so I can interface with the icky Windows-only environment at the community college where I teach. For that matter, Pages and Keynote and Numbers docs I've already created have to be happy on the iPad.

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My iPhone has become an indispensable business tool. The iPad will take my business flexibility to the next level.

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it does less than an iphone. You can't call anyone!

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Want the Notion Ink "Adam"

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Never is a long time

I have no current plans to buy either an Ipad or netbook and do not really see a personal need in the future - but never is a long time.

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Not buying an iPad

I just have to second what you said; I have no need and my laptops are serving me fine for the present. If I should come cross a need eventually I will probably get a net-book.

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Nope, not yet

I just bought an iPod Touch a month or so ago (which I love), so no, I don't see the need for an iPad. It's just a bigger version of the Touch and I personally like smaller devices. Maybe I'll get one in a year or two when the price goes down and there are new versions, but right now, I don't need it and don't have the money for it anyway.

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Not getting a ipad

I travel not with computers, maybe with my vaio sometimes.
Desktop in my home office is enough.

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Are you going to buy the new Apple iPad? NO WAY!

There is no way anyone with any intelligence could ever consider one of these apple 'Toys'! When the proprietary batteries die, as they inevitably will, apple will apparently be charging around $100.00+ to replace them, this is absolutely ludicrous. Why can't they use standard N.I.M.H. rechargeable batteries? These can be purchased just about everywhere at fairly reasonable prices.

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waiting for next version

I want it to be a pen tablet. like the Cintiq. Otherwise, I have not much use for it. I know there are reasons, but not having a replaceable battery is a real turn off. I once had to change out all three of my TiBook 5hr batteries until I found a place to recharge. Of course the batteries only lasted between 2 hrs and 2 1/2 hours. I understand there are USB port batteries that can be plugged in in the event the main battery dies. I do like that apple will have a replacement plan where they will give you a new one when the battery completely dies.

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Haha, no...

Why would I want a Giant Iphone that cant make phone calls?
I'll wait for a real tablet.

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NO - definitely NOT!

Proprietary batteries.
Got caught with camera batteries.
Will NEVER buy another portable device unless it uses standard batteries.

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Apple iPad purchase.

I have 5 i pods and use them all frequently, but not sure that I have a need for an i pad. It is kind of pricey at anywhere between $400 and $800, and not much reason to buy it and put it in a drawer.

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I will never buy an iPad for a couple of reasons.

For one I can't stand Mac & their iProducts, for a number of reasons.

Assuming I was neutral on the subject, I don't really know that I would want to spend that much money on what is in essence an over sized iPod Touch, or iPhone that doesn't make calls. Nor do I have a need for one.

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No need for iPad

When a company builds something and can't even spell the name properly, I don't trust anything about the device or the company. I don't need ANYTHING whose name starts with a lower case "I".

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Although it is an interesting product I haven't done much research on the ipad or other tablet devices so I don't really know where it stands. I also like to usually wait a while after the product is released for them to fix production problems, glitches and to read real views of actual product usage.

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to many to name

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I thopught about it but likely not.

I like the tablet form factor. But after my time with the iPod touch I have grown more and more frustrated with the Apple ecosystem. iTunes hates my computer. They are ALREADY iPad apps. The iPhone experience is just barely passable of a device I intended to use as a PDA.....I am pretty sure I will want to throw the iPad through a window once I hit its limitations inabout 30 minutes. Something with mor epower (haha like a netbook) is probably a better option for me....but like was said earlier: never is a long time. And who knows what iPhone OS 4.0 will bring.

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iPass on the iPad

Besides not being one to get the hype over Apple products when you consider their penchant for high prices and the suspect service I received for the two Apple products I have owned, I own a Motion Computing Tablet and am in love with it. I have owned mine for over three years(so much for this "new" iPad concept) and it has been at my side no matter where my current jobsite is at. It has stood up well to both cold and hot weather. It is equally capable and at home in an office building, the countryside, construction site, swamp & desert to name a few of the places we've been. I could go on and on about it's features and capabilities, but this isn't meant to be a commercial spot for The Tablet that I own. My point is that there are capable, well built tablets or pads already available by companies that have been perfecting this class of computers for more than seven or so years that don't get the due they deserve for the work they have done. Apple suddenly decides to realease one, and all of a sudden people start losing their mind and act similar to the way cavemen must have acted when they discovered fire, or the wheel. I didn't realize the future of computing and Earth hinged on an Apple product to solve the problem of how do I listen to my iTunes/imovies and use apps from the iStore when I don't want to lug around my macbook, yet I need to do some computing that is beyond the capabilities of my iPhone or iPod. I'm glad to see that crisis has been resolved.

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iPad doesn't do what your doing with your tablet

Not trying to sound like a fanboi here, but your tablet is a workhourse whereas the Apple Tablet is more for entertainment, games and book and magazine reading. That is what makes the iPad special because it does all of those things. But I was hoping for a workhorse that I could actually use to draw and paint with.

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First I need to know how will it interact with my laptop

My Ipod communicates with my laptop through itunes. I need special programs to view folders and files at my ipod. Before I spend $600 I want to be sure that this device will communicate with Windows XP properly and would not need another $50 program to communicate.

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Have the 3G version on order

Attractions are the depth of application support from iPhone apps - many of which I use. I also like the GPS function that comes with the 3G version. I think it is a benefit that I can turn 3G account on and off for a month at a time instead of having a 2-year commitment with AT&T. Biggest attraction for a 64-year-old is the larger screen. Some apps on the iPhone are hard to read with trifocal lenses!

The other reason is - at my age, anything sexy is a plus!

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never why so certain

Simple. Word Apple is synonymous with arrogant and over valued under worthed. Apple, Sony, and greed run in a pack I avoid. Others will bring out mo-better stuff soon.

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It seems to be more of a gadget than a "real" computer. It appears to be pretty much a larger iphone. A waste of money if you need a computer to use for business/work, which I do.

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not only never but not even if it was free!

I never like the Idea of multi-purposed Toys a phone a phone etc, So since I prefer paper books to this new age silliness. Plus why the reverse of a good trend, big is better. When TV first tried probable tv
well it did last do to the small hard to see details screens, so now we give up seeing details for what?

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oh to feel the keen sting of NEW technology

NAH.. not big on apple products more so than mac. either way i dont feel im getting a decent value for what it is.. there are net books with dual cores for half of the best ipad's price with more "can do" power. apple will realize this soon enough as the complaints start rolling in.the biggest problem is price i mean really one can get a very nicely equipped laptop for the top of the line ipad. the second problem and i may be wrong on this BUT.. it runs a varient of FREEBSD does it not?? no pun on the freebsd community but they are ALWAYS a year or 2 behind in the new gadgets with software development. HOWEVER its the most stable platform out there. so no i-pod ipad or even thinkpad in my pad..

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