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Poll: Are you buying an iPhone 5?

Read the CNET Editor's iPhone 5 review here:

Are you buying an iPhone 5?

-- Yes! I've already preordered one.
-- Yes, when it is available for sale publicly.
-- Yes, but it's for someone else.
-- I haven't decided yet.
-- No, I'm going to stick with my current iPhone.
-- No, but I will be upgrading to the iPhone 4s.
-- No, I'm going to wait for the next generation.
-- No, I will never buy an iPhone.

Place your votes here:

And discuss below!

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Made In China - Why Buy One At All?
Hi Everyone,

Look, I am not normally protectionist nor nationalistic BUT there is far better manufacturing and technological capabilities right here on the North American continent. Why buy a product primarily manufactured off-shore when the profits do not go back into making our world a better place but simply end up in a big cash hoard that has amounted to a cash rich company with a high stock price but is not very helpful to North America?

You would be better off buying a RIM product!
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Friends don't let friends buy things that start with 'i'...

'nuff said. Cool

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^ ^ ^ _OOPS!!!_ ^ ^ ^
Blush ...somehow I managed to get that in the wrong spot. DRATT!!! Blush It's actually a comentary on the general subject. LOL! Laugh Blush
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I agree with you 110%, BUT, I would like for you to name just one name brand electronic that is actually made here - Lock, stock and barrel. Can you please do that? Confused Just wondering.....

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the manufacturing cost for each iPhone is roughly $8

to IHS iSuppli, the cost of the materials itself is $199 and the
cost for each iPhone is roughly $8 so find someplace
here to make them for $8. The price of the unsubsidized iPhone 5? $650, or roughly three times the
cost of the materials and manufacturing of the smartphone. (*according to However look at the profit Apple is making.
As a corporation they have the right but it is the idiotic consumer
who keeps buying these things at atrocious rates like little lemmings
under the apple tree. If I ever buy a smart phone it will never be an
apple. I support Chinese in my own way. I go to the $9.95 all you can
eat buffet and gorge on the broccoli and beef, kimchi and spring
rolls. After all china needs the cash and I need to feed the diabetes.

Eat more nutria before the Chinese eat them all
da swamprat da original

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iPhone5, no way!

After the Apple/Samsung court battle I will never purchase any Apple product.
That was like Sony telling GE they can't produce a TV/Radio set because they look alike
and show the same image.

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yeah, that was pathetic!

So you aren't allowed to make a tablet computer that has four corners, just like, you know ... and even worse if the corners are a bit rounded?

Next, someone will have a patent on alphabets with 26 letters and 10 numbers? And no-one can make keyboards anymore?

And Apple, of course, invented the mouse? And the icon based user interface?

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I agree 100%. There will never be an Apple product in my family. In fact, as a consultant I have informed my clients that I will no longer recommend Apple products or provide assistance if they have a problem with one. No Apple spoken here!

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iPhone5, no way!

I fully concur with this view point. Apple has grossly undermined the free choice of the cell phone buyers. The aggressive court battle against Samsung and eventually other cell phone competitors will leave a bad taste in the mouth of discerning buiyers of cell phones. .Touch sensitive screen is an old hat and was being used in metro ticket vending centres and to confirm rail reservation all over the world. Just because iPhone brought out excellent handsets should not mean that the competitors are wiped out of the mobile scene.

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Android phones are vastly better!

Apple technology has ALWAYS been too little, too late. Android phones are better technologically and are better quality products.

That said, I have to add three things:

1. Apple always tries to kill the competition with frivolous lawsuits instead of creating better , more competitive products........... After the latest lawsuit, I would NEVER buy another Apple product!

2. Why would ANYONE want to buy a product that tracks what you do and where you go and reports it to the US government???

3. Why buy a product made by SLAVE LABOR in CHINA!!!????

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I agree with 1, 2 and 3 ..BUT.. is Android not simply an open source Operating System by Google for smart phones made by several different manufacturers? Confused Like from HTC, Samsung and Motorola, just to name those? .

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I should never say never ...

... but I just did. But that was due to the way the options were presented. There wasn't one to say "I refuse to be dragged into this hype."

I don't tend to get overexcited by the kind of hype a new Apple product announcement tends to create. But I can't promise you that I will never ever buy an iPhone - whatever model. Aple products have never been at the top of my wish list.

But when I realized that your generic mp3 player had its limitations I found that there was a thing out there - and it had been out there for a while at that moment - called the iPod classic that could actually hold all of my 3000 CDs and with its interface could handle that much music, sort of. Then I discovered, not too surprisingly, that it was anything but perfect and that the iTunes software that you need in order to feed it is even less so. But it is a purpose-built device that works reasonably well. Maybe I would go for one with solid state memory instead of a spinning hard drive, but so far they aren't offering one.

One nice thing is that in my country of residence there is no iStore yet, so my way of feeding the beast is purely by showing it all my CDs. That way I don't get exposed to any of Apple's censorship.

That is probably the biggest turn-off for me, that Apple want to decide what I am allowed to have on my phone and what not. GO AWAY!

So it had to be a fairly open platform for me, one that even if the current supplier turns evil (see above: never say never ...) will continue to be an option. You know, like when Open Office got hijacked, there suddenly was Libre Office. Or when FREEDB was created to counter the grabbing of CDDB ... speaking of which ...

You see what I mean?

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Am I buying an iPhone 5?

This poll response tells a lot about CNET readers, and nothing about iPhones. Look at the numbers. 2 millions pre-orders in 24 hours? SOMEONE is buying them. They just aren't reading CNET. Wonder why? Maybe because of so many people who have negative opinions about the phones. If they don't suit your needs, or you fancy, buy something else, but why go out of you way to trash what a LOT of people obviously think is great.
If I wanted a phone that took up half an acre of space, I would get the Galaxy S3, but I want something that fits in MY hand, not Kareem Abdul Jabar's hand.

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Yes, someone is buying them but

they are not being drawn into this melee.

Nice to see that some people actually read Patent dispute accounts, he says sarcastically, it wasn't just rounded corners.
I'm not sure how you can take a look at Samsung's products and say, with a straight face, that they are not almost exact copies of Apple's stuff.
Not just the look, at lot of IP stuff too.

That said, trashing the other users choice of phone has always been a favorite pastime of the more avid Android user.
I suspect if the same poll were to discuss Android phones, there may be an equal response.

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Apple vs Android posts

MrMACfixit: "That said, trashing the other users choice of phone has always been a favorite pastime of the more avid Android user. I suspect if the same poll were to discuss Android phones, there may be an equal response."

I say, "Bring it on." I don't have a problem with Apple products , and in fact I have a Moto Driod Bionic that I hate. However, a company with banks of lawyers determined to slow down the industry is no friend of mine. I was working for Tandy in the early 80's, and when the IBM PC came out with a proprietary system we figured it was just another shark (wearing dark blue suits) in the tank. Then IBM opened up the PC market to clones and open operating systems and the micro-computer business responded like it was shot from a cannon. If IBM had done what Apple has done all along and guarded patents on everything except air we would not be here today discussing this. There can be no argument that Apple is good for Apple, and certainly a valid choice for those who believe in the product, but it is no friend of the computer industry or consumers in general. Do you really expect the type of person attracted to CNet to be big supporters of proprietary systems? I doubt that you will find many deep thinking consumers in here. Apple supporters already have their mind made up and few choices to consider.

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look at Samsung's products

And you have never driven a car with 2 or 3 peddles and a lever to shift with and a steering wheel with a windshield and say with a straight face they are not at least close copies of one another. Cars are designed the way they are because that is what the public wants. I will be amused when Fiat uses the stolen equity in Chrysler to claim patent infringement argument over GM selling small cars. After Fiat had em first. Round corners, really apple is that the best green fone argument you got?

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(NT) Nice to see someone with a firm grasp on Patent Law
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Yes, I am buying iPhone5 this XMas! Presently I m using Samsung SII but i am not satisfied with this, Now i will decide to buy this new iPhone5.

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So are you going to become a pretentious snob at Christmas when buy your iPhone 5?

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I have seen no mention here of the mess that Apple has made of their new map app as a replacement for Google. I really wish Apple would allow any app that a consumer wishes to use. Screen them for virus - yes, but don't ban them because you might not get another $1 in income or not.

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keep is simple stupid

I have a phone. It is a flip phone and all it does is make phone calls and take lousy photos. I have a camera for that. There are many ways to waste, property taxes, electric bill, overpriced toy with an expensive monthly charge just doesn't make economic sense.

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NO, I will never buy an iphone.

Simple. I do not want technology to control ME, against my will, and for the benefit of those who have no right to exercise control over me, through my personal use of technology that I purchase to own and operate! I don't want to be tracked, I don't want have my privacy **** on, and this is basically what the iphone does! It's a persistent, negative option violation of your constitutional rights! NEVER! BOYCOTT! It also has a tendency to turn people into mindless zombie who wait outside stores for days to buy a piece of **** that needs to have it's battery charged every day or more. Garbage!

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Buy an iPhone?

No, I will never buy an iPhone.
I don't need an overpriced toy that I will never really have ANY use for.
I use a simple, basic cell phone to stay in contact with customers, and my family.
It's all i Phoney Baloney

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I used to have an iPhone, but recently got a Galaxy S3. It is so much better, and I wish I went Android sooner. Android encourages users to get the most out of their phone, whereas Apple says what you can and can't do (or at least try to). Apple stuff is overpriced for what you get, especially the iPhone 5 since there's almost nothing new about it.

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Instead of a 4s

I have owned a 4s since November. I'm disappointed on several points and will trade it in on another android, but not Motorola as their support was non existent.

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Are you buying an iPhone 5?

Android phones better technology and better quality products

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