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Political popup ads for local candidates

I rarely use IE and don't have a popup blocker for it but noticed today that it's been featuring ads for local candidates. The latest was for the incumbent governor who's in danger of being ousted. Suddenly he's on my screen asking for my vote. I know that our IP addresses are traceable but never thought politicians would use that ability to target internet users. Here I thought the internet was a place to hide from the political hoopla that keeps the phone ringing, the mailbox full and the front porch cluttered with leaflets. At least it will be over in the next couple of days and they'll all disappear into the woodwork for a while. Happy

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Reporting: Political popup ads for local candidates
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On any given page, it seems about a third

of the ads are 'aimed'. I believe the server address gives it away. I haven't seen any politicals, but I'm always getting "[nearby town] woman makes $5700 a month!" Just the transparency of the deception is annoying enough.

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(NT) Another reason to not use IE.
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This isn't about IE

I'm sure it would happen in FF if I didn't use a popup blocker.

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(NT) So why aren't you using a popup blocker in IE?
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IE is a bug

If you're not careful it could mess up your whole system.

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Not sure I understand.

Did this popup appear immediately you opened IE, or were you visiting some page or other?

Does your IE Home Page have political ads?

It would surprise me, even in America, if anyone accessing the internet using a browser is likely to receive political ads just like that. That suggests some sort of sniffer software being used somewhere to check out when US IP addresses are online, and targeting the users with advertising. I doubt that is legal in the US.

Possibly some rogue IE Add-on?


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Maybe I'm using the wrong term

Since I've been using FF for so many years, I forget what a true popup look like. No, these aren't the one's that suddenly appear mid screen or float around. It's more probable that these are normal ad space windows that my ad blocker takes care of in FF. I'll jump to IE occasionally while in FF is running as I don't used tabbed browsing. I was just curious (and annoyed) but the presence of political ads for local and state candidates. I know and expect that I'll see ads and that's how many worthwhile sites keep in business. Having been inundated by phone calls, postal mail and TV commercials related to the upcoming election, I thought the internet was an escape from such unwanted content. This seems to be something new. I didn't have this happen during the past election.

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Ahh I see

And when I use IE occasionally I'm surprised the amount of ads I see on each web site.

It looks like there's plenty of political advertising money around on the internet. Sad


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I don't think I could live without tabbed browsing...

and AdBlock Plus.

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Don't want to get into a product war,

and I'm not $-connected with any product, but I like AdMuncher, an Aussie product. It can be fine-tuned to block or not block just about anything, by keyword, pixel size, etc. I it's about 25 bucks (either currency). I used FF exclusively when we had dialup, but I believe it works with IE. The website has continuous updates including custom code scripts to block the latest annoyances.
I've heard good things about AdBlock but I've never used it.

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I like it 'cause it's free...

Does what I want.

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AdBlock needs to be trained

It takes some work to get it properly "tuned" and then it's a piece of cake. Sometimes I think its database can get a bit bloated and cause some sluggishness. The price is right, however. A tougher one to deal with is Flash. I want it when I want it but don't want it pushed on me but Flashblock can be a pain. I got rid of it in FF. IE has it's own Flash blocking utility built in but I've not worked with it since I rarely use IE anyway. My needs are simple. I just keep sending my contact information to Nigeria in hopes that one day one of those promises will pay off. They sure have a lot of wealthy dead people over. Happy

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I'd like a program that controls some of the flash abilities, block just those, such as not allowing sound unless I clk ot allow it, also not allowing it to spread across a page just because you moused over an ad.

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(NT) Ah, the eternal optimist.
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Dear online advertisers, stop following me. It?s creepy

When I noticed an online ad promising ?The Secrets to Long, Lush Asian Hair? recently, I rolled my eyes. I already have the secret to Asian hair: be Asian. This ad, however, would not be avoided. I saw it on every site I visited, on Facebook, news sites, Google. It began to wear me down, so I clicked on it, briefly perusing its vague claims. Later, I was casually chatting about it with a colleague, laughing about the content. ?You haven?t seen it? This ad is everywhere,? I said. ?Maybe the ad is following you,? he replied. ?No, no,? I said. ?It?s on different, unrelated sites I visit ...? Pause. ?Following me??

I love Firefox, Ad Blocker, No Script, Ghostery

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