It's entirely possible to turn your PDA into a cell phone as well by using a GSM/GPRS CF card. Using this method you can also connect to the internet from anywhere, prodivded you have a data plan with your cell phone service. You can read the review of one such card by clicking here. The downside is that the reception isn't quite as good as with a cell phone, PocketPC phone, or smartphone, and it can be fairly pricey. For instance, the card from Efora costs $229, and the optional battery (pretty much a requirement) is an additional $50. Personally, I'd take the $279 and buy a nice new cell phone instead of accepting the poorer reception quality and having to carry around a PDA with rather large attachments sticking out all the time. (You remove the card and you no longer can accept/make phone calls.)

Just a little multiple option feedback. Happy