When I hooked up the monitor the first time, win98 said it was a PnP monitor. I noticed via the use of the on screen status display and the head aches from too low a refresh rate (anything less than 70Hz) that the monitor was not working at spec. I installed the monitor as SVGA 1027 x 768 (which changed the driver win98 was using) and was able to get more to spec screen rates, over 80Hz. This monitor did not ship with a driver file and was purchased in 1996. I used the monitor for years at the wrong refresh rate because no driver was supply and no info on how to make it perform to spec using generic drive supplied with the OS. The documentation that packed with the monitor stated a refresh rate of 85Hz for resolutions of 800 x 600. This is a situation where the PnP monitor or OS did not report/understand the correct refresh rate. CTX now supplies a drive for this monitor and with the drive installed the performance of the monitor is what it should be.