I can certainly understand your frustration. I think I can clear up some of the questions you have, and explain where some of those answers came from.

1. The WiseLink is indeed an upgrade on the A550, and is not on the A530. This feature allows you to play music and pictures on your television (slideshow, music, etc) from a thumbdrive.

2. Price difference on the website don't necessarily reflect the prices in the retail stores today.

3. Contrast Ratio. I apologize for the misunderstanding, unfortunately it is common.

We have both LCDs and Plasmas, each with a 530/550 line, so it's possibble they were mistakenly reading the specs off the LCDs while you were enquiring about plasma units.

The LN (LCD series) are in the x0,000 (Ten Thousands) contrast ratio level. Naturally, different technologies are measured differently, so a LCD contrast ratio is different from a plasma contrast ratio.

The Contrast Ratio for both Plasma panels is 1,000,000:1, across the board of our entire lineup this year, with the exception of the 410 Series.

Here are our offical spec sheets:



Both list 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast, so essentially, the panels should offer the same picture quality.

I'm sorry this information wasn't delivered consistently. I will address this issue with both service and our online support team.

Anytime you need, please feel free to come here with your questions.

Thanks for considering a Samsung plasma.