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PN42C450 - Opinions?

I just came across this panel on amazon and was wondering if anyone had some eyes-on impressions to share. I'm a gamer, and while I know plasmas aren't generally the best fit for gaming, the price point is just insane. With that in mind though, I'd like to know what the burn in risk would be on a newly manufactured plasma such as this one, or if you all have any other suggestions in this price range. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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PN42C450 - Opinions?


I'm not sure I would recommend using a plasma for gaming. While the motion would be great, the risk factor for burn in on static images is pretty significant. Now, if you're willing to take that risk, more power to you.

I can't quantify scenarios, but most driving games have a static RPM indicator, Guitar hero has the Rock Meter, and many games have similar non-moving graphics that will affect long term gameplay. Last year's models suggested no more than 5% static images per viewing time each week.

Now, if you want to drop your brightness, contrast and other settings to lower than normal levels, you may delay image retention (temporary) or actual burn-in (permanent), however it may be - and is likely - inevitable if you're going to use it strictly, or mostly for gaming.

5% of the viewing time per week is the recommendation. Does that help?


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Regarding Samsung PN42C450, HT-Z320 and BDP-1600

I just bought a PN42C450 TV and got it hooked up to my Samsung BDP-1600 and newly bought Samsung HT-Z320. So far I am extremely pleased with the performance of all three components.
I mostly view movies and regular programs on the TV and from time to time hook it up to my laptop to work on a larger screen (maybe 2-3 hours per day Mon-Fri). I don't know if I should be concerned about burn in with that or not (since there are static parts on my laptop as I do quite a bit of programming).
Anyway, I tried to look up the TV on the Samsung Website and it is not even recognized as I perform a search.
I have a few questions regarding the TV and other components functionality.
I have been able to successfully use all 3 devices using the Home-Theater remote (I first connect the TV to the Blue-Ray player using the HDMI-1 source and then turn on the Home theater system without using the HDMI-2 source).
The only thing I have not been able to do is to use A B C D buttons since the Home Theater remote doesn't have those on it. So if I want to watch netflix I still need to press the B button on the TV's remote (or the BDP remote) and then I can pretty much do whatever I want using the Home Theater remote.
Q1. Is there a way I could just use the HT remote to access Netflix on my BDP or do I keep doing what I'm already doing?
Q2. I have not been able to watch videos from my IPOD on my HT system.
I try following the HT manual but it simply doesn't connect to the V IPOD, I can listen to music but the Videos are not available. I have a 5th generation ipod and its software is up-do-date. I also tried connecting an IPOD nano 3rd generation to it and still it doesn't work.
Both IPODs have the video out enable on them.
Is there anything I can do to be able to use this feature?
Q3. Some of the local channels here broadcast in HD and sometimes the picture is in a box format (i think because they are broadcasting in a 4:3 format if I'm not mistaken). Is there a way I could get the picture to expand to cover the entire screen (to avoid the risk of burn-in)?

Thank you for your help.
All the best

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Regarding Samsung PN42C450, HT-Z320 and BDP-1600


1. The Blu-Ray has remote features that require the Blu-Ray remote. Other than getting a separate programmable remote, there wouldn't be a way to use the Blu-Ray features with the HT remote.

2. The video formats may be be supported. The manual should list which formats are supported, and I believe some video formats for the iPod are not supported.

3. If you are connected via HDMI, then the picture is sent to the televisions as a pixel-by-pixel resolution, meaning that only limited, if any, picture size adjustment is possible. In short, with HDMI, it shows the exact digital signal that is input.

4. In some cases, the cable/sat boxes have picture size adjustments, and I would recommend checking those out.

As far as using the computer, there are static image restrictions listed in the manual. Page 2 notes the following:

Do not display a still image (such as on a video game) on the plasma display panel for more than several minutes as it can cause screen image retention. This image retention is also known as ‘screen burn’. To avoid such image retention, refer to page 14 of this manual to reduce the degree of brightness and contrast of the screen when displaying a still image.

So long term computer use isn't something I would recommend with a plasma panel.


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I was able to operate all 3 components using the HT remote

Well, after a few weeks of frustration working with 3 remote controls, I was finally able to operate my TV, my HT and my BDP using the HT remote control.
This requires all components to be connected using HDMI cables.
The TV and HT part is a given since it's already pre-programmed there.
To operate the BDP, there would be a need for a series of 4 buttons pressed.
First turn on the TV from the HT remote control, turn on the HT using the Aux button on the HT remote control, switch back to the TV setting by pressing TV on the HT remote control.
Press source and scroll up to the HDMI-BlueRay Player to connect to the BDP using Anynet+.
Then press Menu on the remote control, it will open the Menu for the TV. Scroll down to the Anynet+ and press Enter.
This opens the Anynet+ options.
Select BlueRay Menu and press Enter.
This opens the BlueRay discplayer menu and then we can control Netflix, Blockbuster, Youtube, Pandora as well as the menu for the bluray disk.
It's a little lengthy but for me it's worth it because this way I can keep one remote in hand and don't need to worry about losing one or the other.
It's also a good way to control my 2 year old's and my dog's (who loves chewing on my things) access to the remote control.

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