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please provide me the correct answer

Dec 10, 2010 6:11AM PST

hello everyone
I have a question please provide me correct answer.this question was asked in odesk test.below is the question please provide me the correct answer.

you want to provide a form field to the user for writing lenghtly comments on the quantity of the service provided by you.which of the following tags will you use?

a) <textarea rows ="8" cols = "20"> your comment....</textarea>

b) <textarea row ="8" col="20"> your comment.......<textarea>

c)<textarea row = "8" colcount ="20"> your comments.....<textarea>

d) <input - "text" maxlenght ="100"/>

thanks alot

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Why not
Dec 10, 2010 6:15AM PST

give us the whole test, then we can do it all for you and you can then just copy/paste.

Sorry, we don't provide help for such things here. The test is yours and it is your knowledge and skill that is being assessed.

Locking this discussion.


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Why not try it yourself.
Dec 10, 2010 6:26AM PST

All you need is webbrowser and a text editor like Notepad (if you're on Windows). That's easy, isn't it?