Please please can someone help me out? Many problems

Hi, I am in middle of end of term coursework exams and my computer is unstable! I have Win 7, and have had problems since trying to install Service Pack 1 about 2 months ago. Basically it won't install. I tried everything recommended by Microsoft and other forum postings, but nothing worked. I can't get past 8% when it restarts, it hangs all night. So I have to manually restart and then it reverts back and undoes the install. I had to leave it like this as I had work to do and it seems to work ok, albeit a bit slow. All was OK until this week when my external harddrive could not be recognised. I frantically tried to do a backup on another harddrive but I got a bluescreen with long message which disappears quickly on reboot, saying there is a problem with "the driver or WPD filesystem volume driver. Now I can only use my computer in Repair Mode/Safe Mode, which is what I am in writing this. If the computer starts normally I get the crash and bluescreen. I have followed advice to reinstall device drives and in device manager the WPD devices have alerts, but un-and reinstalling each device makes no difference. I have nothing connected to the PC now, the drives are showing but when I connect something it is not recognised. I thought it was related to Service Pack 1 so spent ages on trying to figure that out again, renamed software distribution folder and other stuff as advised (and eventually as last resort downloaded manually (oh, windows update does not work) the service pack 1, burned to a DVD, but just had the same result with hanging at 8% on restart.
I know I am going on, and I hope I am making sense, but I have spent 3 days trying to do this by myself with advice from the internet and now am at a loss as nothing seems to work. I can't remember everything I have done/changed, but if someone mentions it I can say if I've already tried that! I can attach a log which I generated that lists all the exception codes, windows error messages and something 'bucket' code that was suggested? if that's any help to someone? I hope someone likes a challenge - I do usually, but I have exhausted everything suggested that should fix it.....

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Reporting: Please please can someone help me out? Many problems
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Let's try Grif's advice.

First, backup what you can't lose to DROPBOX, USB sticks or anywhere but this PC. The WPD message was noted back in Vista days where a security update whacked some WPD drivers that were not well written but let's move on to trying Grif's hunt for malware.

Read and do -> 7726-6132_102-5098912.html?tag=posts;msg5099421


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Hi, thanks for quick response! Backup is not great problem, as I do it regularly, but anything I attach to the USB drives is not recognised, so I can't anyway. The first thing I did days ago was to do a full virus check and also ran Spybot S&D twice - nothing.
Here are log files which might shed light, for those who understand.....

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no virus

Oh and I have Malwarebytes already. I really don't think it is malware (indeed could be bad ware) but I don't think I have a virus, at least nothing has been found - (I have Bullguard, Spybot and malwarebytes)

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Ahh that title. As you may have read it is possible to create toxic combinations. I suggest you remove Spybot and Teatimer and check that no overlap in what protection software remains.

Then I'd repeat the method Grif gave to be sure there is nothing there.

The reply above is badly formatted so I could be wrong but it looks like a heat or bad ram, bad part issue.

As we only have what is told in this forum about this machine I can't offer much else except to GOOGLE that WPD message for other discussions.

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Well, while waiting, I tried to use another external drive and as we speak I am backing up a few odd files. So I think it was an error with another older expansion drive which was corrupted. Could this have caused the drive error messages/WPD errors? I don't have Spybot running at startup, just installed and I ran it separately.
I think I have two separate issues here, one is a problem with my external expansion drive which has corrupted somehow and caused device problems, and secondly I cannot update to Win7 Service Pack 1 which means I do not have the updates I am supposed to. I am happy here in Repair Mode, I can do everything I need to but it is obviously not ideal! It seems to update itself although I cannot manually use Windows Update (when I click on it nothing happens).
I tried posting WPD messages and followed advice to other posters, but it is not the same as someone asking you the right questions as each case could be different? I have tried everything everyone has suggested. One forum suggested transferring admin rights for everything on c: drive, which said 'would sort it out', but it didn't and now I am not sure how to roll it back - is it a problem?
Please, would you like to help? Blush I will certainly go away if not. I usually only read forums not post. I may not be making much sense to someone who knows more than me, but truly I only ask for help when I have tried everything myself (3 nights now), and I am at that point now....

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I did try to help and it appears you are not open to suggestions such as removing an old title or using other discussions for ideas.

Let's see what others contribute as I have unsubscribed. Good luck and good hunting.

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