Just a "thought"

Reboot the computer into the MS-DOS mode one of two ways:.
A. If you're in Windows, you can click on Start, Shutdown, then Restart in MS-DOS mode.
B. If you're starting the computer after it has been turned off, start tapping the 'F8' key as the computer starts up or hold down the left CTRL key.
1. This should give you a Windows 98 Startup menu.
2. At the Startup menu, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select option number 5, Command Prompt, and press 'enter'.
3. This should get you to a MS-DOS prompt.
C. At the DOS prompt, type in 'scanreg /restore' and press the enter key.
D. This should give you a blue and grey menu screen.
E. On the menu there will be listings of the registry for different dates.
F. Use the arrow keys and highlight the oldest copy, then press enter..
G. The current registry will be backed up and Windows will try to restore the copy you selected.