Please help me with my new M507-G1 TV and soundbar setup

Good evening. I just purchased a M507-G1 Vizio Quantum yesterday and I am having some issues with linking my soundbar. If anyone has any thoughts I would appreciate it.

I have an LG LAS551H and a SK6Y sound bar. The SK6Y is the newest and I had both previously hooked up via ARC to a Samsung 49MU6290. I had great sound on both and the LAS551H would sit at about level 12 and 30 out of 100 would boom. The SK6Y would usually also get to level 12 and boom at about 27.

Yesterday I purchased the Vizio Quantum and connected the SK6Y via ARC. The sound comes out a lot more muted through both bars, as I tested both, than they did on the Samsung. The LAS needs to be set about 25 and the sound doesn't change much up until 80 now. The SK6Y needs to be at 24 to be where it would normally have been at 12, and that tops out at 40. This happens when using my DVR and my Samsung Blu-Ray player.

I contacted Vizio last night and they told me to call LG as they could not help me. I called LG and they said since both bars worked on my Samsung fine, and I also have a Panasonic Viera (goodness, I'm getting old) that it worked with also that it must be something with the Vizio. I called Vizio again and they said they could not help as they didn't want to 'mess up' the settings on my bar and that was it.

Here is where it gets weird. I have a Nintendo Switch hooked up via the input on the soundbar and that is fine at about 14. I watched Youtube via Smartcast and suddenly the 14 boomed! When I went back to normal TV, though, as well as through the Blu-Ray the sound was muted.

I am confused by this. I have good sound directly through the bar (switch) an through the apps but via any input into the TV I get low volume. I tried changing from PCM to Dolby, changing to an optical cable, changing HDMI cords (as they are all high speed cables with ethernet and all worked before) and the only thing that made a difference to get where I am now was to change to PCM.

I contacted Vizio again this morning and the gentleman I spoke with did a 180 from the woman last night. He was helpful, professional and took the time to go through some steps. He determined that they would send out a repairperson to see what could be done.

The closest I came to any issue such as this was when I hooked the LG bars to the Samsung TV when trying to use Hulu (or any app) through Samsung's smart TV itself we had volume issues. Samsung's techs replaced the main board and it still happened which they could only attribute to the bar and the TV not communicating well and causing a hiccup.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. While I admit I am no audiophile I never had trouble and always did fine connecting equipment before. The TV was exactly what I wanted (as I needed 4 HDMI ports and have had zero luck with switches over the years) and the price was good to boot. But especially considering I just purchased the SK6Y a couple of weeks ago and I'm not getting good sound I'm not sure what to do next.

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Reporting: Please help me with my new M507-G1 TV and soundbar setup
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1. Make sure firmware is current on all devices.
2. If that doesn't help, consider:
a. Try AVS Forum.
b. Tell Visio that if they can't fix it, back it goes. Other sets work so it's their problem and you don't want their problems.

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Getting back to you

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly I appreciate your time. The TV is up to date and there is no firmware software issued for the new bar. I have the Blu-Ray and DVR updated as well.

I actually reached out to AVS and the response I got was to try to go to bitstream from PCM. I am going to give that a try this morning. I will update with that after. I bought it 2 days ago now so it still gives me 12 days to return it to Best Buy. Depending on when their tech arrives and what he says I may have to return it before I know 100% if it works or not.

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I just tried to switch over the audio. PCM is the loudest, then Dolby D is less and finally Bitstream provides the lowest volume of all 3. I'm not sure what the issue is but somehow I don't think I just got a bad unit and I wonder if there is a problem with the interaction between the devices.

Also for the heck of it this morning I tried a factory reset on the TV. There was no change at all. Thanks.

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AVS is really good at this.

It is very likely Visio did not test for this when they made this product.

As this is important to you and Visio's responses have been almost dismissive that's why I brought up "back it goes."

I don't want to upset you but you have what you want laid out by you and this set is not working as expected. Visio and in fact almost all makers have proven to be very unresponsive to "bugs" which is why I write often that a return is best. And yes, it feels at times we are the product testers.

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Getting back to you

Thank you for your help and no you haven't upset me in the least. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Since it worked so well I regret getting rid of my Samsung on Tuesday for this one but I needed the extra HDMI inputs. I paid $399.99 for it and there doesn't seem to be any others out there in that price range with 4 HDMI ports. It's either a LG or Samsung with 3 ports but better reliability. I found the LG UM7300 or the Samsung RU7100 to be the closest to what I originally had as I need around a 50".

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For more HDMI ports

I went with a HDMI switch box. It was dirt cheap.

Now for another setup we have the usual RECEIVER which most have 4 HDMI ports which is a much better setup for home theaters as it rarely hiccups on audio issues.

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Getting back to you

I did try a couple different HDMI switches. The first one never worked and the one I just back to Amazon would switch audio but the video took around 10 seconds to start back up. Sometimes it would not come back and I would have to turn the TV on and off.

I don't have a receiver and I am not that techy nor interested in getting that involved. I might just take it back and get the Samsung. Here is a question you might be able to help me with, though.

the MU6290 I had gave me the option of PCM or DTS Neo for sound. My LG bar supports DTS Neo. The 7100 says it does not support 5.1 DTS through Optical or Arc but the MU6290 did. But should it support DTS Neo on the 7100? Not sure how that works but the bar is a 2.1 channel and I do not have a dedicated 5.1 setup.

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That area is a rabbit hole where my summary could be wrong. I'll try and if I'm wrong, folk will correct me.

OK, when it comes to HD Audio certain ones have industry mandated restrictions such as "HDMI only." A few might be technically limited about optical or ARC bandwidth so the whole thing is an Escher maze. Start here, and wait, why am I here? and other articles point out this is likely a chip solution and as such you have to check out the product to see how that is handled.

As to the MU6290 and DTS, well sure but with only 2 speakers my bet is that time and time again you might find it to outright fail or require a pullback to stereo or PCM to get it to play. And I didn't look up if there is an issue with passing this from the HDMI input of the TV to the soundbar. (keep reading.)

A lot of TVs DO NOT PASS HD AUDIO when the source is HDMI.
What does work most of the time is when the source is an app on the Smart TV. You can bet that most consumers are beyond confused by this.

I'm not sure if I'm helping with all this in this reply as that's a lot for the new owner to digest.

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Getting back to you

Ok I read through the article and while your explanation is a little over my head I did get the gist. The one thing about the Samsung I never understood was that for available options to connect the bar it was only PCM or DTS Neo, the Dolby options were always grayed (greyed to some) out and not accessible.

I wish it was just an issue with the TV and something that could be easily fixed. If I have the 12 days left I am wondering if I should wait for Vizio's tech to look at it. I doubt he can do anything but it stinks because it has the 4 HDMI, a good picture and Dolby Vision which many others in this price range do not. Maybe there is a correctible issue but I doubt it.

The part I hate is having to take it apart, repackage it and return it to the store. They always make it so hard to just return it and want to get you to take another model. I have my older Panasonic I can use for a few days and then instead of feeling rushed I can take my time looking for the model I want.

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