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Please don't buy the Droid... VZW needs to stop price gougin

by robstak / November 9, 2009 1:42 AM PST

seriously. i know many of you (including Jason) have drank the red kool-aid by now, and the text below may not even be important to you, but c'mon kids VZ is the worst nickel and dimer of all the carriers, and they are so smug about it because their network is so good. that is a really terrible attitude...

Anyway, what I am ranting about is TETHERING on the Droid will cost you SIXTY DOLLARS A MONTH. vvtf!? that's more expensive than those mifi things isnt it? lol. stupid verizon you are so fail sometimes...

Slashdot post:

""Tom Bradley reports in PC World that the new Motorola Droid smartphone will cost users $199.99 with a 2-year contract, with an additional $30 per month for the mandatory 'unlimited' data plan that has a monthly cap of 5Gb. Verizon will charge $50 for each additional gigabyte over the 5Gb limit on the unlimited data plan. Verizon has confirmed that tethering will cost another $30 per month for an additional unlimited data plan that is also limited to 5Gb. If you want tethering you will pay $60 above and beyond the monthly contract for service for an 'unlimited' 10Gb of data per month, and if you plan on connecting with an Microsoft Exchange email account you have to pay another $15 a month."

"Verizon seems to be doing everything it can to make the Droid as unappealing as possible by nickel and diming customers so that actually using it is not cost-effective,' writes Bradley. 'After all of the hype around Verizon's marketing efforts, and generally favorable reviews of the Motorola Droid, users that rush out to get the new device may be in for a shock.' Droid users will have to wait until sometime in 2010 for tethering. 'That service is on our schedule for next year,' says Verizon spokeswoman Brenda Raney. The delay is because 'the service has to be tested on the phone so until we know it works, we don't offer the service. It is not uncommon for us to introduce the phone and continue to test the service and offer it later""

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(NT) unlimited
by kwahhn / November 9, 2009 1:58 AM PST
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worse than 'map for that' claim...
by robstak / November 10, 2009 11:31 PM PST

"5GB unlimited data" is misleading to EVERYONE. that stuff is BS to the highest degree... and puting it in the fine print is BS too.

why is everyone such a-holes!? lol

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I was wondering about this...
by Slikkster / November 9, 2009 3:12 AM PST

I'm eligible for the "New Every 2" discount, since I've been month-to-month for a couple of years now. I checked online, and I'd end up paying 99.99 for the Droid with the regular discount plus the new-every-2 $100 discount.

Online it says my current plan is compatible with the Droid. Of course, it's a voice plan, only. I'm paying $39.99 for 450 minutes, minus a corporate discount. It's costing me anywhere from 48-53 bucks a month after taxes/fees, depending upon how many texts I send/receive. I don't have the unlimited text plan.

Ok, so given what you've said, I would end up paying at least $78/month just for the service alone (without tethering) and more like $108-$110/month with tethering?

All I want is a cool phone with a monthly outlay of about $50 before taxes/fees --so $60 total. Doesn't seem like it's going to happen. That's too bad, because this phone looks nice. I agree about the nickel and diming nonsense.

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For 60 bucks you could just get a MyFi
by minimalist / November 9, 2009 3:31 AM PST

that would allow you to use any wifi device with a cellular data plan... not just your laptop. Given the limitations of tethering 60 dollars is way too high.

And the extra 15 dollars a month for exchange support is just plain greedy. Exchange functionality is a standard on just about every other smartphone out there.

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Jason said on twitter you can get exchange for free..
by robstak / November 10, 2009 11:25 PM PST

just say its for personal use or something...

thats nice but only serves to prove that verizon = greedy ********.

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If you really want to send VZ a message
by nutjob / November 9, 2009 5:05 AM PST

Call them up, tell your you interested in the Droid or any phone you are interested in. When they tell you 5 GB limit state that is unacceptable and it should be a at least a 50GB limit per month. Then ask to speak with a supervisor and state the same thing.

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To be fair. 5GB data/month is an industry standard.
by minimalist / November 9, 2009 5:49 AM PST

Almost any smartphone on any carrier or any mobile data plan has a limit of 5GB per month so this is nothing new on the Droid. The iPhone does not specifically have a limit but I guarantee that if you consistently used over 5GB a month you would get a nasty letter from AT&T stating that they were exercising some right in the pages of fine print you signed to terminate your contract. 5GB is actually a significant amount of data for a smartphone. I consider myself a power user and I rarely get above 1.5 GB of data in even a heavy month.

The problem is that the overage charges are so absurdly extreme and there are no option for people who might need more and the lack of real competition in the wireless data industry means that no startup can build a business around a segment of the market that is not being served.

The additional fee for Exchange functionality is revolting greed on Verizon's part and they deserve to be publicly mocked for such a fee. And tethering plans are a racket on just about any carrier, not just Verizon.

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Have tried something similar... and OMG... FAIL
by robstak / November 10, 2009 11:27 PM PST

Seriously. I was complaining a couple years back about GPS not being free even tho the fraking chip is built into the phone i just paid for... they told me flat out: "Verizon has the best network and the most customers, if you want to leave, go ahead" I WAS ASTONISHED and so shocked i didnt know what to say at that point- half because they were right and half just out of shock.

low and behold i am still with them, i just hacked the crap out of my phone to stick it to them that way instead~ but seriously vvtf.

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All US carriers overcharge
by Nicholas Buenk / November 9, 2009 7:04 AM PST
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not even going to get started on other countries...
by robstak / November 10, 2009 11:28 PM PST

definitely feel their pain as well... travesty, really.

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Just root your phone.
by mkaug / November 9, 2009 12:44 PM PST

or you could just wait until Cyanogen has a mod and you root your phone. Once you Root your phone, tethering is not a problem. only prob would be the 5gb cap.

Just my 2 cents

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Right! but its the priniciple of the matter really...
by robstak / November 10, 2009 11:29 PM PST
In reply to: Just root your phone.

you can hack anything and that's fine, but that's not really right and you could get in trouble, lose your warranty etc....

it's really the AUDACITY im angry at, not the actual function~

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We should be angry at ALL the carriers, not just Verizon
by minimalist / November 11, 2009 12:41 AM PST

Because the more I look at it Verizon's Droid plan doesn't seem much different than any other company's smart phone plans.

The exchange dustup is really just the difference between a corporate account and a personal account. AT&T has these too (15 dollars extra). And of course the sales associates would love for you to think you need a corporate account send and receive exchange email. But they can't MAKE you get it unless your bill is obviously going to a business address.

And while the 30 dollar tethering charges are absurd, they are pretty much an industry standard as well. As is the blatant abuse of the term "unlimited".

The problem is that "industry standards" seem, more and more to be controlled by 4, very cozy companies who have no real danger of competition. They all overcharge for the same stuff. Text message charges keep going up across the board at all 4 carriers, etc.

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