Plausible deniability?

Plausible deniability is the ability for persons (typically senior officials in a formal or informal chain of command) to deny knowledge of

Not the first time TheRUMP has "denied" something....

Does anyone "believe" that TheRUMP had absolutely nothing to do with/no say in, the use of the largest non-nuclear bomb since Hiroshima?

Hiroshima...20 Kilotons
Afghanistan...21 Kilotons

Spicer appears to convey the message it was strictly a military decision....

Waiting to "see" IF ANY collateral damage was inflicted on "bystanders".
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Clarification Request
(NT) "Plausible"? In a post about government?
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RE:a post about government?

Perhaps "government" BT...Before Trump?...

HE was going to change things

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Change? Don't they all talk about it?

For some reason this campaign statement came immediately to mind.

"Change We Can Believe in"

For some reason, "I just want things to keep going the way they are now" doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard from a politician.

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There IS a difference

between not admitting that you didn't tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth..... AND saying the complete opposite of what you said while campaigning, and then not admitting that you made the original claim/statement....

ONE is not doing what you said...

the other is making a statement, changing your statement and then pretending you didn't make the first statement...

Double dipping on the hypocrisy....All within the first 100 days....

Trump called reporters ‘very honourable people’ — the latest in a week of reversals by the new president

Then there is NATO is it isn't...China the greatest currency it isn't.....and on and on....

It seems whenever he meets someone/some group face to face...he changes his tune...

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He seems to have definitely been acting

as he said he would by being unpredictable. I'd agree with anyone who claimed that Trump's language is the epitome of the use/overuse of hyperbole. It is however, something I expect from a person whose strength has been their persuasiveness.
Obama made many promises including to create a more transparent government and to assure people that the children of the day would not be be shouldering the burden of government's growing debt. In his first 100 days, he reportedly had closed door meetings with some of his top supporters and he began a spending spree that continued throughout both of his terms in office. I'd say sort of action qualifies as his saying one thing but doing another...and, for some reason, people still seemed to love him.

I think we should remember when we criticize either one of these people that they didn't take office forcefully. They persuaded people to vote for them. Any criticism we express needs to also be of the many millions of people who put our leaders in high office. If there's an enemy, it's us. You might consider turning you disdain for Trump away from the man and towards the 63 million who voted for him. You'll have plenty of new targets to aim at.

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RE:being unpredictable

Well that's great...

Donald J Trump AND Kim Jong Un....

2 "unpredictable" leaders..both with nuclear capabilities....

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In a game of wits.

being predictable is not an asset. Knowing that your opponent is predictable would be quite an asset. If you're a soldier under the command of a predictable leader, you'd better hope you never get called to follow him into battle. I'm just as sorry as anyone that the world has become a place of mind games and mine fields but that's reality.

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Deny knowledge of what is GOING TO HAPPEN?

Trump says he informed the leader of China of the missile strike “over dessert”.

Trump recalls moment he launched missiles, confuses Iraq for Syria

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has mistaken Syria for Iraq while describing the moment when America launched a missile strike against the war-torn country last Friday.

More proof he wasn't "in the loop"?

OR just his way of letting Syria know how insignificant he thinks their country is.

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