The DLP rear projection sets go dark when you are above or below a narrow range on the vertical axis. However, I have seen the 2005 Samsung 720p DLPs and there is considerable brightness along the horizontal axis, again as long as you are sitting. I can also get a 56inch 1080p Samsung DLP with two HDMI inputs for less than the price of the 50 inch plasma (Samsung has 1 HDMI). The Pioneer 5050 has a beautiful pciture, but its aspect ratio is 15:9. But I agree that the 768p plasmas look so much better overall than the 720p DLPs. As some lucky members will soon have the 1080p DLPs, it will be interesting to read their comments and see if there is a perceived increase in quality over the 720ps.

Since I am so much on the fence, I might wind up getting whichever TV is available first, the Samsung hl-r5688w DLP pedestal or the hp-r5072 plasma.