First, it's easier if you only post in one forum at a time. It allows folks to follow responses better. You've also posted in the "Computer Help" forum at this link:

IN the meantime, you probably need to install the grahpics drivers again. There are a couple of ways to go about this, but try uninstalling the video card, then allow Windows to reinstall them for you. Try doing it this way:

In Windows 98, RIGHT click on "My Computer", choose "Properties" from the menu. When the Properties window loads, click on the "Device Manager" tab. When that loads, click on the + sign next to the "Display Adapters" listing. A specific graphics device should be listed.Click once on the device to highlight it, then click on the "Remove" button in the lower part of the window. Choose "Yes" when it asks: "Are You Sure?". You'll now need to restart the computer.

When Windows restarts the computer, it should "re-recognize" the video card and install the correct drivers.

If that doesn't fix the issue, then go back into "Device Manager", highlight the video card, then click on the "Properties" button. Look at the "Driver" tab and write down the "Driver Provider/Manufacturer" and the "Driver Version" and the "Driver Date". You can check "Google" for the manufacturer and download their current driver and install it, or you can post the information here and we should be able to help.

Hope this helps.