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I hooked up my new SAMSUNG LCD TV to DISH network with 30ft. of HDMI cable, i can't get a picture at 1080I & the sound cuts out what is a fix?

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First thing to do.

Move your TV to close to the Dish and try with a shorter cable. Just as experiment, of course. Then try with another TV, if possible.


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I'd start with the normal 3 to 6 foot cable.

Long runs can be problematic.

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Pic & sound quality

Any fix to it can't run shorter cable mounted over fireplace?

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Repeater? It's only 30 ft, Bob

Unless you know something I don't about the effectiveness of a typical HDMI cable, 30 feet rarely if ever is an issue- spare the rogue defective one. Although your suggestion to test a shorter one first, I've put enough of these in homes/walls for friends and family over the years that I can tell you that distance is really not the problem you read about online.

To the OP> Audio dropouts are not uncommon at all with the mass produced CATV & SAT boxes. After you have checked your settings, tried a fresh shorter HDMI cable and tested with other input/outputs, normally I suggest swapping out the sat box. Also, with the compression of certain feeds/channels the audio dropouts may stil be problematic on certain channels only over time. YMMV.

Regarding video 'not displaying 1080i' (?), do you mean that other resolutions are possible? What happens when you play other video components? Have you gone into the sat box video output settings to see if that's the issue?

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Yes I know something.

30 foot should be fine but I've seen cables that don't work at 15.

This is why I try short or known to work cables first.

Please try to help the original poster since they need the guidance on this rather than have me discuss my background of electronic designs.

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Did all the checks different cables, hooked tv to different dish box it looks like tv is the problem 1080I pic won't work?

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Now that short cables fail.

If you research this you find a few discussions about disk or cable box problems. I can't check the Samsung model but post in the Cnet Samsung forum about this and do not leave out the model numbers of EVERYTHING. Be sure to reveal if the dish or cable co has swapped out the box or not.

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TV not working

This is why I like Samsungs (NOT). I returned two.

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With all due respect

FWIW, my post *does* include information for the OP. I also inquired what he has tried, which can help get down to the nitty gritty.

Also, understand that background in electronic design is only part of the picture when you are working in the real world when these products are installed in someone's home. Without a doubt I have friends and family who are pedigreed engineers, but more often than not I get consulted once things are 'in the wild' and not working as planned per the factory schematics (LOL).

I guess I see advice that someone needs a repeater at only 30 feet as somewhat misleading given you are referring to an HDMI connection between a SAT box and an LCD HDTV. You know as well as I do which two out of those aforementioned pieces are more likely to be the issue @ 30 ft. The OP has apparently indicated as such.

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I see that you want to discuss this further. There are instances where we had to install the repeater even at this short a distance even when it made no sense.

Yes I see you mixed a reply to me and the OP.

I appreciate your input but hope that you can accept other folk's experiences in the field. That is, I share my experiences but once in a while some want to wrestle with me about that.

Fine, let's do that elsewhere.

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Sure, the exception rather than the rule

Having to deal with an HDMI repeater at 30 feet is most certainly the exception rather than the rule. I readily accept your experience in the field (clearly valid), but I will still state matter of factly that in this particular case having to use such repeaters is not common IME and O at 30 feet. We can agree to disagree though.

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The fact that short cables fail is alarming.

It points to other troubles. The 30 foot cable might be OK but that's why we did the short cable test.

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Get a new cable
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Picture and Sound

First, I would like to ask, does the picture cut out at the same time the sound cuts out?

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More information

Wow Nelly, on the brink of violence; and I am still trying to isolate a variable here?
Are we assuming the new TV is the single variable? You had an older functional HD LCD TV, before; working at shorter distance..... or what? You have HD boxes, HD service paid for, settings....all that? Or is this a case of a first HD TV, on an analog retro? B-band converter installed(if dish uses one)? I have gotten bad fiber right from the store; so if the longer cable seems to be the problem it is worth a try; but cable failure is either there or not, most of the time. I just replaced my Satellite box, because it became obsolete. If both boxes are standard def, and this is a retro; might act like this.

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