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Picture settings for Vizio D Series D650I-B2

First post here and could really use some help with my new 65in vizio. I bought this on black friday from Wal Mart and have been searching all over the web for calibration settings for this new model with no success. I am especially confused as to what the Professional color tuner settings should be as there are many options. Thanks in advanced

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Reporting: Picture settings for Vizio D Series D650I-B2
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Vizio D series 65

I also have this model. I used the settings in this forum suggested for the E series and had good improvement but I'm sure it could be better. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Vizio d650i-b2

I also bought this tv and am using the calibration from the e series but would like calibration numbers for this tv also, thanx

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e series settings

Can anyone post the link to find the settings for the e series to try to calibrate my d650i to those settings to see if that helps? Im thinking about returning mine to walmart to see if they will exchange for e series since im hearing the e series possibly. Has better picture. Thanks

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My settings

As I cannot find settings anywhere I have tweaked my set for hours. Here is in my opinion the best picture settings:
Picture mode custom 1
Backlight 85
Brightness 50
Contrast 75
Color 60
Tint 0
Sharpness 15

Advanced picture settings
Color temp computer
Black detail low

I have all the color tuner settings at 0 as I found these to hard to tune with the human eye. Any others with settings would be great! Let me know how these look on your set. Made a big difference for me.

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Vizio D650i-B2 Suggestion

Hello. I am in the same boat with the black Friday special. Here are the settings that I have found to be the best. It is a combination of a basic THX optimizer, personal preference, and researching calibration settings for similar televisions. I have not messed with any of the professional settings though, but am keeping an eye out if anybody posts anything.

Custom 1
Auto Brightness Off
Backlight 40
Brightness 45
Contrast 80
Color 50
Tint 0
Sharpness 50

Advanced Picture
Color Temp Computer (seemed like a happy medium between warm & cool)
Black detail Off
Reduced Signal Noise Off
Reduce Block Noise Off
Film Mode Auto
Picture Normal

I have always read that it is best to turn most of the televisions "extra" features off, as mentioned above, because the tv is adding unnecessary extra processing to the image and alters the way the original picture was intended to look.

Hope this helps and if you stumble across any other info, please keep me posted.

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color tuner

Has anyone found the optimal color tuner settings besides all at 0?

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HDX settings

Used the HDX app with iphone plugged into Vizio - basically same settings as above with slight modification:
Everything else the same as above

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RE: e series settings

Here's a link to the preferred E series review and calibration setting:

Preferred Settings
Backlight: 75
Contrast: 69
Brightness: 49
Sharpness: 8
Color: 55
Tint: -2
Color Temperature - Normal

Advanced Settings
Noise Reduction - Low
Color Enhancement - Off
Adaptive Luma - Off
Film Mode - Off
Smart Dimming - Off
Ambient Light Sensor - Off

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Black Friday D Series D650i-B2 65 inch

Does anyone else here that bought this television think the picure is beyond horrible on this thing? This black friday special tv is just a giant headache. It looks horrible. Perhaps I got a bad one? I can't see anyone else being satisfied with the quality of this tv. Am I wrong here?

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There are some reviews out there. found some issues with it. There are other reviews but none seem to slam the colors. The most common complaint I hear is with SD content. Also, the speakers are not worth using.
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Yea....its pretty bad. I've been able to tinker with the settings to make it tolerable, but its still not the quality I expected. I knew it wasnt an E or M series, but still didnt expect this. Also, I was REALLY upset when I found out that it is only 60hz refresh rate instead of the 120hz that was advertised and I thought I was buying. That would have been a deal breaker for me if I had known. I'm tempted to pack it up and take it back.

I did purchase the 42" 5.1 sound bar which is really impressive. Very happy with that addition.

Like one other person was saying, the SD is really really really BAD!! This purchase replaced a 42" vizio and the SD on that one was really good. In fact, it was so good that I really purchased HD streaming content but that is no longer possible with this 65".

All I can say is I'm very disappointed and unhappy with this purchase.

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Can't take it anymore.

I tried several different settings on this thing, and it's just beyond fixing IMO. What bugs me the most is the bright edges and discoloration. I recently played some "Fireplace for your home: Winter Wonderland" on Netflix, and in some shots you can see a blue or green outline around some of the snow. The picture is a little grainy as well.

For those that are wondering, the return policy is 90 days. If you got the extended warranty, you got 30 days, then wally pro-rates after that.

I'm returning this thing tomorrow. I've spent too much time trying to fix this thing.

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Settings Suggestion Updated

Got the Disney WOW calibration disc for Christmas and here is what I got so far.

Backlight 45
Brightness 42
Contrast 85
Color 66
Tint 2
Sharpness 50
Color Temp Computer
Everything else:Off

Content from PS4 and the WiiU look great.

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Brightness setting

I turned my brightness to 35, that got rid of the light on the sides. When I turned it to 37 the sides lighted up. Hopefully someone will do a professional calibration . I have been using some settings I found for the E-series for now.

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also purchased this TV

I experienced horrible light bleed as well as cartoon looking faces with the 3 advanced settings on high. Vizio was more than happy to send out a replacement TV. Light bleed isn't an issue with the new unit. Same deal with the advanced options, but for $648, I can't complain. I just turn those to low or off.

I also picked this up on black friday.

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on my third one, calling Vizio to complain

I bought one on BF as well, brought it home and had a screen defect. Looked like a thumbprint, but was definitely a panel defect. Brought it back and the next one had bad light blooming in the lower right hand side, then last Friday noticed a pixel that wasn't working properly, not dead but only would go green. When off you couldn't see it (like in a dark scene) but then would be staring at horrible light blooming. Obnoxious. Brought it back for a third, and this panel looks great, minus the dead pixel almost dead center. ***. Calling Vizio today to see what they have to say, likely this TV is going back and will just get a real TV, not one of these one-offs for BF. Sucks, cause I don't hate Vizio and honestly can't really blame them, but I definitely am not paying for a TV that comes defective. Thrice.

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Vizio 650i b2

Vizio is sending me a third tv replacement . All three had the same problem of the dark scenes being green and pixelated really bad. I can't return tv to Walmart since it isn't the original tv and vizio will only replace with same model tv. This will be my last vizio tv.

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Most of this was discussed in AVS forums.
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Same issue

Having the same issue as you. Dark scenes are horrible and green pixels. Did you find a fix?

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Same issue

I found no fix. Vizio sent me a third tv Wednesday and it was messed up out of the box. The screen had lines down the middle of screen. I called vizio immediately and they are finally refunding my money. I'm probably going to spend extra money and go with Samsung . I hope they can help you

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I spoke to Walmart today and they said they would give me full refund as well. I am going with the Samsung as well. the funny thing is when I got the 1 hour guarantee I thought it was for the Samsung. It wasn't until I got to work when a friend told me it was for Vizio. Stupid on my part. Good luck.

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Same Issue

Try turning the brightness down to 10.

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Standard Def vs High Def

I have come to accept the fact that standard def does not look that great, but when I go back and look closely at the same pic on another TV, it looks the same. The larger screen just makes the crappy pic more noticeable. Also a lot of the issues are from the compression from the source material that make things look blocky. So far blu rays and next gen game consoles look great on this TV. Disney WOW disc also helped with adjusting the pic.

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