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Phoenix Man Dies After Being Tasered

PHOENIX (AP) - A man suspected of assaulting a police officer died Tuesday after being shocked multiple times with Taser stun guns during a struggle with police, authorities said.

The 24-year-old man had run out a back door of an apartment when officers tried to arrest him early Tuesday, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Randy Force said. A female officer caught up with the man and shocked him.

When the suspect continued to resist, another officer shocked him with his Taser, Force said. Police did not say exactly how many times the man was zapped.

The man, who was not immediately identified, went unconscious and was pronounced dead later at a hospital, Force said.

The death comes amid increasing debate nationwide over police use of Tasers. According to a report released by Amnesty International in March, there were 13 Taser-related deaths in the U.S. and Canada in the first three months of this year - compared with six during the same period last year

yup tasers are so safe huh not so seems to me

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Reporting: Phoenix Man Dies After Being Tasered
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What was his

responsibility in this incident? Could he have prevented it? Did the Police know he would die? Shouldn't the Officers or the State get millions from the man's estate?

What do you suggest, the weak female officer shoot him or get all those females and older men off the force?

Didn't he bare any responsibility at all?

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im just posting this article for the anti gunners

that say tasers are safe.

and to your questions you best contact them as you asking what i cant possibly answer if your real concerned what answers you get please post

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that say tasers are safe.

Are guns "safe"?

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yes guns are safe

mine never drives drunk, takes drugs or kills unintentionally like it seems tasers do.

guns dont kill people people kill people

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guns dont kill people people kill people

tasers dont kill people people kill people

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(NT) (NT) well dk says tasers are so safe talk to him
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I understand, what I'm getting at is

no matter what goes wrong, the taxpayers pay. If the cops shot him accidentally, the tax payers pay, if the taser did it, the tax payers pay, if the do nothing, the tax payers pay.

I'd like a smarter jury that says, sorry we can't give you ten million dollars because he was a contributing factor in the death.

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i understand

if you do what i will do to any unlawfull intruder is to kill not wound and thats the bottom line

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It's a good thing

When you and your buddy were practising his "lock picking", your other buddy wasn't sitting in the living room and startled by an intruder.

A someone could be on the way to the morgue. Wink

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well as it was in nj the state where criminals carry guns

and the law abideing citizen isnt allowed to

and as it was his work office we were ok

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Why do police carry weapons? Which one to use?

In order to protect themselves and citizens, and to prevent a crime.

In order to carry out these objectives it may be necessary to restrain an individual.

Restraint might be accomplished by simply overpowering the individual with sheer force, (by weight or number of officers), by hitting with a baton, tear gas, mace, tazer, pistols, stun grenades, shotguns, machine guns or whatever armourment is available.

The idea is to accomplish restaint with the least amount of "injuries" to all parties involved. With the priority being minimal injuries to the police.

Ideally, the restraint attempt will be attempted with the minimum amount of force, and if not successful, it will escalate up the risk level.

One example would be, if you can "restrain" an individual without getting close to the person, by using a tazer instead of a pistol. A tazer has the ability to render a person incapacitated with minimal or no damage to internal organs. A pistol will cause internal damage and there is a much higher risk of serious injuries.

No weapon is guaranteed not to cause death. If you hit someone with a baton in the wrong spot or hit someone enough times with a baton they could die.

As the "power of the weapon" is increased the chance of death is increased. A taser is less powerful than a handgun, but in many cases it is capable of "getting the job done"

If (number of deaths/number of times weapon is used) is a criteria for "safeness" of a weapon, then a taser is "safer than" a pistol.

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it depends on where you get shot

if a cop wounds you in leg,arm you wont die.
but with a taser its a whole attack on nervous system hart stops maybe you will die for sure

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if a cop wounds you in leg,arm you wont die.

Are you sure?

Do they aim for the arm and legs?

The femoral artery is in the leg and is one of the largest arteries in the body. It would not take mauch time to bleed to death.

Did you ever hear of someone "bleeding to death" from a gunshot wound? (I have)

Did you ever hear of someone "bleeding to death" of a tazer attack? (I haven't)

People can go into "shock" after being shot.

When someone gets shot they usually have to take them to the hospital and have the bullet removed. This involves ambulance, medical work in a hospital and doctors and nurses. Another expense you as a law abiding citizen may be saddled with..

A tazer in most instances is a case of removing the leads, and handcuffs, perhaps an EMT.

Someone else mentioned about police officers testing tazers on themselves.

How come they don't fire bullets at each other to understand "what it feels like"?

TOO Dangerous? Wink

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and did you ever here of an emt

as in ambulance.

i would tend to think you might have heard of them.
you apply presure directly to wound and control bleeding.

have you ever had your heart stopped from electric shock i havent but a taser can and has.
ty ill stick to safer guns i wont trust my life on a taser

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Yes EMT's do come in an ambulance


They don't necessarily need to transport the person that has been tazered to the hospital in the ambulance. they may just remove the leads and bandage the wound.

Whereas a person that has been shot will certainly need an ambulance and surgery.

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OK and JP what would you do if you get attacked

by more than 2 people?
teasers I'm sure at the moment only can shoot 2 times and if your busy with the 1st your a sitting duck.

also what would happen if the attacker is wearing a heavy down filled coat?
taser leads wont penetrate.

ill stick with a gun guaranteed to penetrate and knock down perp.

plus if perps on PCP you best use a heavy round.
other wise tour gonna eat taser

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C;mon, Mark!

The very fact it's news shows what a rare event it is. The issue isn't if a taser is 100% safe -- clearly it isn't. But if you had to make a choice, would you rather be shot in the chest with a taser or a .45?

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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Re: C;mon, Mark!

First, I'd not be doing something that would make me want to choose whether I'd rather be tasered or shot. These are people breaking the law!

Second, apparently it's not so rare. The article states 13 deaths in 3 months. That's over 1 person per week dying from the use of a taser. No small potatoes.

Speakeasy Moderator
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That you're not engaged in

criminal activity does not always protect you from unwanted constabulary attention.


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(NT) True enuff.But less chance if you're not criminally inclined
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or hanging with bad people in areas know to be know drug sit


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Not in Houston, Cindi

(A separate article a couple of weeks back showed that 90% of all those tasered in Houston are black or brown...)
HPD use of Tasers in "verbal aggression" cases debated.
(Chronicle login:; pw= speakeasy)

>> Police saw an "imminent" assault, but activists say free speech rights violated. The "verbal aggression" incidents account for about 7 percent of all Taser use between Dec. 3 and March 24, according to a Houston Police Department summary report. The 50,000-volt stun guns went into widespread use by HPD officers on Dec. 3. <<

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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The opinions expressed above are my own,
and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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(NT) (NT) What did they do to whites and asians?
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ands in time how many will die from tasers no matter

what race

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Typical DK non sequitur.

>"A separate article a couple of weeks back showed that 90% of all those tasered in Houston are black or brown..."

Yeah, so? What we need to know is what percentage of violent offenders in Houston are black or brown.


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Neither, Rubber bullets would be better.
would you rather be shot in the chest with a taser or a .45?
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a girl recently was shot with a rubber bullet

shes taking a dirt nap now

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i wont place my life or my famiallys

on a 2 shot taser.

but most cops are trained to shot you where dave?
if shot in the arm will you die?
but with taser whole body is affected and if you have a heart prob sin loi

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Poor choice but I'd take

the taser. Cops not on drugs shot themselves with tasers and pepper spray, they don't die.

My first choice would be to resist fighting with a heavily armed LEO.

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Idiotic premise.

I don't get to choose the type of weapon a criminal will use against me. I only get to choose how I will respond to threats of various types.


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